Google PageRank: We May Never See Another Update


It's almost a year since Google last updated PageRank toolbar and this has been a much discussed topic. Webmasters who started their websites after the last update have been waiting for an update and those whose ranking dropped last December too have been looking forward to an update that's very unlikely to happen.In October 2013, Matt Cutts announced that there would be no more update for the year but surprisingly, PageRank was updated two … [Read more...]

How to Create a Bootable Flash Drive to Install Windows


We recently wrote an article explaining how to install Windows 10 Technical preview and made mention of how you can easily do this from a pen drive. Following the article, we received a question from a user asking how to create a bootable flash drive, not from an ISO file this time, but from a Windows OS disc.This may be needed if you have a netbook with no DVD-ROM or the DVD-ROM on your notebook is damaged already. You can always get … [Read more...]

Buywela Wants to Make Online Shopping in Nigeria Less Frustrating


Deals and product search startup known as launches, set to help make online shopping less frustrating and easy. The platform gives you easy access to numerous deals from various trusted and reliable e-commerce websites in Nigeria.Buywela simplifies online shopping by aggregating the best deals and products from popular online stores like Jumia, Konga, Kaymu, adibba and others, allowing you to view, compare and select the best … [Read more...]

MTN iPulse Relaunches: Lowest Data and Calls within Nigerian Campuses [Press Release]

mtn ipulse

With the increasing desire among youth, especially students in Nigeria tertiary institutions, to have access to faster and affordable connectivity, through voice and data services, MTN has repackaged its iPulse offering to match the popular yearnings among the population. This is seen as an improvement of the Pulse introduced a couple of years ago as it gives special priority to ‘iPulse Zones’, in other words, all campuses in … [Read more...]

Android Viruses: How Your Device can Be Infected & Protected Against Them

android malware

Android Viruses isn't a topic which many people discuss in my locality but there has really been complaints which some people I had met were not even able to describe. Picking up their devices I discovered they had been attacked by one form of virus or the other, that's why I had to bring us this walk-through.Around October 2013, Viruses were released which affected some users of the Operating System.  Well, these mostly included  … [Read more...]

Changing Your WordPress Domain Name Without Losing Traffic

move wordpress files

Earlier this year, I decided to changed this site's domain name from to what it is right now. I successfully did this without losing traffic and all the link juice on the former site was transferred to the new domain. There was no significant drop in traffic since I made sure the 301 redirect worked perfectly and I did notify Google about the change in address.Instead of explaining how I did it (since I do receive messages on … [Read more...]