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  1. Hi!
    I am the supervisor of an Iranian political website which provides you with the latest news & views so I am badly in need of an uptodate bypass proxy everyday .
    so if you would like to help humanity and freedom all over the world you may send your last versions of that to my Email because they will soon filter our reach to this webpage now I am in.
    with thanks.

  2. Hey. thanks for dropping by, I've e-mailed you. Proxyway does just that. Click here.


  4. A CGI (Common Gateway Interface) proxy appears to a user as a web page that allows the user to access a different site through it. It's useful if you've been denied access to certain websites by your ISP, school, employer, governmen etc. All you need to do is type your URL in the address bar and your network administrator won't know you've found a way around the blockage.

  5. NICE ONE, my free has never work before wat can i do?

  6. Don Caprio says:

    I didn't get you, bro.

  7. I'm using opera mini on my phone with a cgi proxy to browse for free, but got blocked by my network provider, how do i get another working cgi proxy & ip. I'm in nigeria. Thanks

  8. Yes am a nigerian too and my network provider as also blocked my cgi cheat.Pls help me out.This is my email address temi4meand@yahoo.Com

  9. Google them out. Just use a search string wit the right keywords like inurl:nph-proxy.cgi
    intitle:start using cgi

  10. What are the step by step method of using capriofile in Nigeria with my mobile. Pls I av no idear.

  11. Pls my freegate nd ultrasurf has stopped working,i cant browse wt my pc pls help

  12. pls am in nigeria and my freegate no longer working, please any way out

  13. Pls are the cheat they posted in @cgi new proxy@ workin 4 opera 4.2 ?

  14. Pls i'm a Nigerian i need the settings for laptop(freedom,ultrasurf,freegate e.t.c) and phone(opera e.t.c) e-mail is belqua01@gmail.comTnx

  15. DonCaprio says:

    @anonymous1. visit
    @Anonymous2, 3 & 4. I'm pretty sure they've been blocked by your operator. try your-freedom client. New freedom servers which your network operators might not be aware of are now available. ems25-30. get the full settings at my mobile forum
    @Wizkon. visit http://wap.capriofiles.comforum

  16. the only web gater i hail u oh. the cheat u give do nt instal d handler 5.2 in d wap site

  17. Anonymous says:

    Pls can u guys help me wit skyp settings u can sms me on 08130760808 tanx

  18. DON CAPRIO, WEL U TRY SHA….. Na Your Guy VMAN!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Caprio pls am new nd i dnt knw aw 2 register here pls help me out cos i love dis site or is it an open site dat doesn't register its members. Pls reply 2 princeyoung69@yahoo.Com

  20. Anonymous says:

    Am in love with dis site bt i dnt knw how 2 b a

  21. Anonymous says:

    pls mr c.p.f my opera has been blocked by my operator i need help or just text me the steps in creating new cgi cheats 4 mtn etc in naijeria

  22. Don Caprio says:

    I might add a login here if u need it but I don't think it's necessary though since all contents are open.

    @last search remains the best search engine. u can write start using cgi inurl:nph-proxy.cgi in google search box

  23. Don Caprio says:

    Better still, u can check my recent CGI PROXY LIST most of them work for MTN Nigeria.

  24. Sammy Terroz says:

    pls doncaprio update d cgi list till august cause if not all d oda ones hav been blocked.i beg u in GODs name.

  25. I really want 2 knw hw 2 create cgi tricks.pls cn u help me don caprio

  26. hello pls capriofiles what is ur wap page designed with i mean the

  27. I really want to know how to create cgi tricks. Can you help me doncaprio. My email is

  28. all i can say is…AWESOME

  29. hai.
    im from malaysia.
    can u find me for new trick for my operator,celcom?
    the past freegate, or are block or maybe something wrong..pliz..

  30. @Anonymous 27. check this post.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Pls oga don,i'm in nigeria plz help me with mtn operamini5.1 cheat..My e-mail is

  32. says:

    @Anonymous32. pls check forum. It's loaded with mobile tricks

  33. tiffanygood says:

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  34. Anonymous says:,0,3,0,13.html

  35. 么样子来说道理 says:


  36. Thanks for giving us few links for browsing using Proxy of different country. Especially USA. They are madly helpful for me!

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