How To Create A Free PHP Proxy Site

If you read my previous tutorial on how to create your personal CGI proxy, you might want to have a PHP proxy too, so I decided to post this tutorial on how to create a free and reliable PHP proxy server. Free proxy servers are all over the internet but they are generally unreliable, so getting your own free PHP proxy server isn’t such a bad idea especially if you have been restricted from visiting certain sites.

With your own PHP proxy, you can unblock sites blocked by your school, employer, ISP or government. It’s easier bypassing internet restrictions and firewall with your own proxy site and there is also the added advantage of securing your internet privacy. Nobody gets to know what you’re up to online as you will always appear to be only visiting that proxy site.
Are you restricted from facebook, myspace, youtube and the rest of those sites you love to visit? Or are you just concerned about your online privacy? Then follow this guide and your proxy site will be up and running within one hour.

The following is required:

1. A hosting account: This can be a free or paid hosting account.
i. This hosting account must have PHP Compiler. This produces optimized stand alone applications, libraries, and Web applications from standard PHP source code. Almost all free web hosts has this so I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem. PHP scripts runs on almost all free web hosts

ii. The hosting account too must have safe mode turned off in it’s php.ini configuration file.

safe_mode = Off
allow_url_fopen = On

This allows your web proxy server to connect to other servers since this is exactly what you want it for. You can check out these free hosts or run a google search.

2. A domain name or sub-domain: Some free hosts offer a sub-domain along with every free hosting account while some expect you to already have a domain name.

You can get a totally free domain name for your proxy server from these sites:

3. The PHP proxy script: You can download the latest PHProxy version from the link below:

download now

Now I believe you have a free hosting account with a domain name, right? It’s almost complete…unzip the contents in the file you downloaded earlier.
Now login to your hosting cpanel and upload to your domain root (www folder) or create a folder in your domain root.


That’s all you have to do and your free PHP proxy server is set up. Launch the address in which you upload the files and your PHP proxy server site loads. Enter your destination url in the box and you’re good to go. Any problem? Leave a comment!

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  1. mcpaddy says

    i did as u said but i want u to specify the real place to upload when using this v2 cpanel accelerated by objac and how to access it

  2. says

    Just upload the files in your domain root. (the www folder)
    the proxy will be available at

    and if you decide to create a folder, say a folder named proxy. The proxy server address will be
    provided you didn't rename the scripts

  3. Anonymous says

    Does this script work for secure sites (where you need to log in like for ex)
    I tried and it doesnt.
    Do you have any suggestion?

  4. says

    @Vignesh and Devil's blog. I'm sure it's a problem with your webhost. my personal PHP proxy is still up and running.

    @Anonymous3. Yes. but you must have open ssl installed on your server.

    @Peter and Mcpaddy. You can upload it to your public_html folder

  5. Anonymous says

    i did it,but there is a problem:
    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /proxy/PHProxy.class.php on line 162

    Warning: fgets(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /proxy/PHProxy.class.php on line 172

    Warning: fgets(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /proxy/PHProxy.class.php on line 172

    i dont know whats the problem,here is the url:

  6. says

    don carpio may i ask about unlock my imei zte using mobily modem but they asking about port how i should do this anf to fine that they putting about that the computer is not regognized the other sim i cannot connect pls help me mr don carpio to solve this thank for bieng genius to this site

  7. dwnldmn says

    Hi Don Caprio Your Tutorial is nice, it rock! but i have a little probleme: What feature is needed for a website to support reverse ip? I entended to use your tutorial to bypass my isp filtering. as i created the webproxy at, I made a request in my web browser with the URL and the browser is configured to use http proxy which is the webproxy i created. I tried many times with others free hosting servers without success…Please tell me the receipe

    • says

      Thanks for the compliment 😉 To use the proxy site in reverse IP, the URL must resolve to a unique IP address. It probably won’t work on shared hosting and you need to buy dedicated IP for this.

      • dwnldmn says

        Hi Don Caprio thanks for the support! but I’m not at level of having a credit card to purchase a dedicated IP. In cameroon we use only PHP proxy site for reverse ip to have free internet access. At this time none of the we proxies in the world couldn’t help us to have free internet except one that i intend to build for this purpose. this PHP proxy Site show be placed in a directory so that it match the file tree of the free homepage of my ISP (for exemple the php proxy should be located at the directory /cgi-bin/wap/xhtml/ in the root of the sever. then is use reverse ip). Is there any other free hosting server you know that could do this? another alternative will be welcome…

  8. says

    I’m excited to uncover this page. I want to to thank you for ones time for this particularly fantastic read!! I definitely appreciated every little bit of it and I have you book-marked to see new stuff in your site

  9. says

    Hi , Great post, i should have seen this a year back, i would have built my proxy sites much easier, i’m now trying to build proxy sites from word press platforms, any suggestions? would come back again very informative keep up your good work

  10. says

    Hello , First of all i would like to thank you for such an informative post.I would like to add a few points though 1.Glype is an up to date web proxy script you could have talked about that is fairly easy to install 2.SSL is recommanded for web proxy as it helps to bypass advanced web filters

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