How To Flash Your Nokia Phone Through USB

In this post, I’ll be explaining how to flash your Nokia phone or update the firmware using just a usb cable without any flashing box like JAF, Cyclone and the rest of them. All that is needed is a usb cord, two softwares and an internet connection. I previously made two posts on servicing nokia phones. One was how to read nokia phone security code using usb and the other was how to reset the security code back to the default code.

A lot of people often hear about “flashing mobile phones” without knowing what it actually means. Flashing a phone means re-installing the phone’s firmware files, that is, re-installing the operating system of the phone. When a phone’s operating system files are corrupt due to incompatible applications, virus attack and so on, flashing might be the only solution when restoring factory settings doesn’t work. Apart from this, flashing a phone too can be used to update the firmware to a newer version, install a cracked firmware, “wake” a dead phone, etc.
I have to emphasize that flashing a phone shouldn’t be done just for fun as it might be useful and dangerous at the same time. Yes, flashing a phone can wake a dead phone, so also flashing a working phone can kill it!

You should also note that flashing a contract phone such as phones on T-mobile prepaid phone plans may not sit well with your operator and make you lose any warranty you’re entitled to.


To flash your phone through usb, you need these:

i. Navifirm – to download the phone’s firmware
ii. Phoenix Service Suite
iii. Nokia PC Suite
iv. A good USB cable

1. Install Phoenix. This might take a pretty long time if you’re using a slow computer but you’ve got to be patient

2. Run Navifirm but be sure to have a working internet connection before doing this. It connects to the internet and loads all available Nokia phones firmwares. This too also takes a long time and requires a steady internet connection so you need some patience here too.

3. Be sure your phone’s battery is charged to at least 50% though flashing should take less than 10 minutes.

4. Select your phone type under Products. It is located on the phone just beneath the battery. For example, N97’s product type is RM-505, RM-133 for N73 and RM-596 for Nokia N8. (You can as well check it by dialling *#0000# in standby.)

5. Wait till it loads Releases. From here, you can see all available firmware versions. Select the latest you find there.

6. It now loads Variants, select your desired product code from the list. You can also check beneath the battery to find the original product code.

7. Now select all the files and download. Select Download with IDMM (Internet Download Manager) if you have it installed it on your PC. If not, select, Download with program and choose the destination folder.

8. Go to C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products
Create a folder with the name as your phone product type.
For example, for Nokia N97, the folder will be named RM-505
The firmware files you downloaded will then be located in C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-505

9. Now run PHOENIX and connect your mobile phone in PC Suite mode. If phoenix detects your phone automatically, skip steps 110-14.

10. In Phoenix, click File > Manage Connections > New.

11. Now select the type of cable you are using. If you are using DKE-2, CA-53, Micro USB cable, select USB.

12. Click Next. It will find your product and say FOUND. If it doesn’t find any, you can try changing your cable type by clicking Back.

13. Click Next and then Finish.

14. Now your cable type (USB) appears in the connection list. Select it. Click APPLY and then CLOSE.

15. Now select File > Open Product.

16. A list of RM codes will open. Select your phone’s RM code.

17. Now select File > Scan Product.

18. Your phone’s firmware info will appear at the extreme bottom of the Phoenix Service Software window.

19. Now select Flashing > Firmware Update. At this point, Phoenix will automatically load the firmware files we talked about in step 8. If it doesn’t, make sure you named that directory accordingly and please go over step 8 again.

20. If everything up to step 20 goes well, select “Refurbish”, wait until the “Successful” dialog box appear (DO NOT touch or disconnect the phone or USB cable during the process). Press OK, phone will disconnect and restart.

At the end Phoenix will tell you to disconnect your phone as the flashing has finished butome phones may not boot up automatically after the flashing has finished. In those cases, remove the battery and then insert it and manually start the phone.


The procedure is almost same as above but with litle differences.

1. Start Phoenix. Connect your phone through USB Cable (we are flashing a dead phone so the phone is off)

2. Click File > Open Product. Select your RM code from the window that appears. Click OK.

3. Click File > Manage Connections. Select No Connection. Then APPLY and CLOSE.

4. Now select Flashing > Firmware Update.

5. Check the option “Dead Phone USB Flashing”.

6. Click Refurbish and the flashing process is started.

7. After some time, flashing will pause asking you to turn on your phone.

8. Press the POWER button of your phone until the backlight comes up.

9. Flashing will proceed. Your phone will automatically start when the flashing finishes. When done, you can safely remove your data cable from handset.

Download Navifirm from Capriofiles

Download Navifirm from Hotfile

Download Phoenix 2011 from Mediafire (Recommended)

Download Phoenix from Hotfile 1

Download Phoenix from Hotfile 2

Download Phoenix from usaupload

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  1. Just Naira Admin says

    Love this great blog. well done don caprio. You can also visit my blog on

  2. Anonymous says

    Great Post. I recovered a dead Nokia 6120C following these guidelines. It's shame that the phone was lying with Nokia care for 15 days and nothing was done to it. Maybe we need to Flash Nokia Care first!! Thanks

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi Don ,,,, this indeed a Great very useful Blog
    i wanna ask You .. does this process work for Nokia C7 ?? , and if it do work ,, does that mean reseting the ((Lock code)) ?? ,,because i forgot it , and this is why i'm planning to Flash it
    Thanks Man

  4. Don Caprio says

    Of course it works for Nokia C7 but the phoenix link up there is rather old. I'll update the post with Phoenix 2011 download link which can flash newer phones.

  5. Anonymous says

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  6. nidhin says

    how to reset ma call timer

    and when i flashed my n73 ma phone memory was reduced to 27mb….. earlier was having 37mb and overall phone memory is 40 mb can u tell what happened

  7. Don Caprio says

    of course it's from Nokia. maybe you're using a version of Navifirm that came out before the phone. Have you used phoenix 2011?

  8. Don Caprio says

    @nidhin. you probably used a never version of firmware that had lots of stuffs pre-installed

  9. nidhin says

    @don my earlier version was the same version which i installed now by flashingggggggggggggggg……. but wen i formatted ma phone by pressing *+call button+#+power button…………….. i got ma memory back can u tell wer i went wrong

    even ma call recorder isnt working now…………

  10. adil says

    hai….i am having a nokia c7….it got dead while i tried to update last week….i rushed to nokia care and tried a usb flashing and informed that flashing failed very badly and suggested to keep the mobile with them for major repair(250 SR)!!….but i took back the phone refusing a major repair……when i reached home i searched in google about the issue and found this blog…..i took the risk of usb flashing for the first time…..following your instructions i did everything…..but unfortunately the flashing failed for two times when i clicked refurbush….but when i clicked " update software" it again failed….and by gods grace my phone came back to life when i clicked "retry" for the second time……great thanks for your valuable tutorial!!!!!hats off to you!!

  11. Don Caprio says

    You can try using Nokia Data Manager, google it out and download. I think you should get the firmware for your phone

  12. nikhil says

    hey man my nokia c5 got dead when re installing firmware by nokia suite,when i followed ur steps it goes on till phoenix ask m to remove usb>remove bettery>put battery>connect cable >press power> click ok
    after ok it says waiting for usb & gives error message (boot rom was not detected after phone boot up) & ask me to retry but all in vain what to do?

  13. Rahul Sharma says

    I tried to install Phoenix Service Software 2011 but it said a few files failed to register.

    Before that my anti virus kept on detecting some trojans also.

    What should I do?

  14. Don Caprio says

    @Rahul. I guess some of the program files that'll make it properly have been deleted by the antivirus. maybe you should try another version or try to turn off your antivirus before installing.

    @Nikhil. You can try using another usb cable…and did you select 'no connection' before trying dead usb flashing?

  15. Rahul Sharma says

    Thank you Don. I disabled my anti virus and reinstalled Phoenix. Followed the steps above for dead phone flashing. When I powered on the phone on being prompted, a window popped up saying:

    The flashing failed. Do you want to retry the flashing?

    HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.

    However, retrying a couple of times helped and my phone was flashed. Thank you so much for the clear cut steps listed above. You're really great!

    p.s. The last window said the product code has been changed. What is that and how do I know the changed product code?

  16. Rahul Sharma says

    After I imported my contacts (around 500 in number) using Nokia PC Suite to my phone. I realized that it has gone very slow. What could be the remedy?

    Warm wishes.

  17. Anonymous says

    i tried for my nokia 6760 it keeps giving error
    getting list of files to be flashed failed:0x84210010(-2078212080)- Firmware: Flashing file 'c:program files(x84)nokiaphoenixproductsRM-573MU37_RM573_MC011_CTRL_EURO_2GB.fpsx'is not found

  18. Don Caprio says

    @Rahul. Sometimes, older firmwares are even better than new ones. It happens once in a while but i won't advise you to downgrade it though..
    @Anonymous. Did you download all the requires files with navifirm? The file may be corrupt if the download was interrupted too. I think you should download the files again.

  19. Don Caprio says

    @Anonymous. I'm short of ideas really. I don't know what the problem could be. The only time I got such error was due to a corrupt flash file

  20. Hemant says

    Flashing started
    Creating product data items list
    Product data items list created
    Backup not required
    Flashing phone
    Scanning image files…
    Waiting for USB device…
    Loading secondary boot code: 14464 bytes
    Secondary boot loaded
    Loading update server code: 248320 bytes
    Update server loaded
    Starting to recover the phone
    Recoverying phone
    Error initializing Algorithm. 0x84009427
    ERROR: Failed to set phone to flashmode
    Scanning image files…
    Unable to set the phone to flash mode. Unable to flash.
    All operations completed
    Product flashing aborted

    plz help me with this error..!!

  21. Anonymous says

    Hi, thanks for the tut. after installing the phoenix application and i attempt to open it, i keep getting the error that requests me to install a nokia dongle. Please reply with a solution to this error as I corrupted my phone and its dead. thx

  22. Don Caprio says

    @Herman. I hope your USB cable is alright as that might be the reason.
    @Poster 42, Uninstall phoenix and reinstall. Be sure you're not connected to the internet when running it.

  23. sami says

    plz help me my nokia 2700c is dead and i flash it by the process u had told but it dont work………
    my phone is not starting plz help me

  24. Anonymous says

    Hello Sir,

    Navifirm doesnt work,i think it need .net framework,does navifirm is an exe file? after downloading it doesnt show exe?


  25. alex says

    pls i try to install navifirm is a zip file wat can i do pls, i need d one for windows7 at least exe file. thanks man

  26. swapnil says

    I am getting this error when i am flashing my dead c5… please help don… Flashing finalization failed. Do you like to retry the finalizing? HRESULT 0x8421001c (-2078212068) Firmware: Cannot verify communication to phone after flashing. Make sure that phone booted up correctly and retry.

  27. saad khan says

    my phone is dead it got an errorr with communication error and i connected it again it programmed till 98 % tahn it gives again communicatin with device errorr wtf is this my cell is dead now!!! Flashing started Creating product data items list Product data items list created Backup not required Flashing phone Initializing Scanning image files… Waiting for USB device… 1. Make sure USB cable, Battery and charger are removed from device. 2. Insert USB cable to device 3. Insert Battery to device 4. Insert Charger to device — Press phone’s power button! — Loading secondary boot code: 14592 bytes Secondary boot loaded Loading update server code: 308032 bytes Update server loaded Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device… Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device… Scanning image files… Asic CMT: Start programming 33918 KB… Asic CMT: Erasing rm561__09.97.mcusw Asic CMT: Erasing area 1… Asic CMT: Erasing area 2… Asic CMT: Erasing area 3… Asic CMT: Erasing area 4… Asic CMT: Erasing area 5… Asic CMT: Erasing area 6… Asic CMT: Erasing rm561__09.97.ppm_mena_b Asic CMT: Erasing area 1… Asic CMT: Erasing rm561__09.97.image_mena_b_blac Asic CMT: Erasing area 1… Asic CMT: Erasing area 2… Asic CMT: Programming rm561__09.97.mcusw Asic CMT: Programming 0% Asic CMT: Programming 2% Asic CMT: Programming 4% Asic CMT: Programming 6% Asic CMT: Programming 8% Asic CMT: Programming 10% Asic CMT: Programming 12% Asic CMT: Programming 14% Asic CMT: Programming 16% Asic CMT: Programming 18% Asic CMT: Programming 20% Asic CMT: Programming 22% Asic CMT: Programming 24% Asic CMT: Programming 26% Asic CMT: Programming 28% Asic CMT: Programming 30% Asic CMT: Programming 32% Asic CMT: Programming 34% Asic CMT: Programming 36% Asic CMT: Programming 38% Asic CMT: Programming 40% Asic CMT: Programming 42% Asic CMT: Programming 44% Asic CMT: Programming 46% Asic CMT: Programming 48% Asic CMT: Programming 50% Asic CMT: Programming 52% Asic CMT: Programming 54% Asic CMT: Programming 56% Asic CMT: Programming 58% Asic CMT: Programming rm561__09.97.ppm_mena_b Asic CMT: Programming 60% Asic CMT: Programming 62% Asic CMT: Programming 64% Asic CMT: Programming 66% Asic CMT: Programming 68% Asic CMT: Programming 70% Asic CMT: Programming 72% Asic CMT: Programming 74% Asic CMT: Programming rm561__09.97.image_mena_b_blac Asic CMT: Programming 76% Asic CMT: Programming 78% Asic CMT: Programming 80% Asic CMT: Programming 82% Asic CMT: Programming 84% Asic CMT: Programming 86% Asic CMT: Programming 88% Asic CMT: Programming 90% Asic CMT: Programming 92% Asic CMT: Programming 94% Asic CMT: Programming 96% Asic CMT: Programming 98% Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device… Waiting for communication response: 25 Waiting for communication response: 24 Waiting for communication response: 23 Waiting for communication response: 22 Waiting for communication response: 21 Waiting for communication response: 20 Waiting for communication response: 19 Waiting for communication response: 18 Waiting for communication response: 17 Waiting for communication response: 16 this is what i always get man please help quick my phone is dead

    • Don Caprio says

      I mentioned earlier that flashing your phone is at your own risk . What you can do now is to download a fresh set of firmware files and flash the phone using dead us flashing. Hope that works.

  28. Duke7x says

    what if i cant connect my phone with nokia pc suite cause the security keyguard must be unlocked to ACTIVATE USB.PLEASE tell me what to do please.

  29. GiGsta says

    Hey man after what Ive googled, its a good thing that I bumped into your blog. Clear and easy to follow steps. I like your blog dude. thumbs up!

  30. duke7x says

    when i try to “Refurbish” it it says product code is empty and some dp1.0 or dp2.0 is not installed Do i have to download the nokia x2-01 firmware to flash it?

  31. jojo says

    my phone is dead when i try to “Refurbish” it it says product code is empty and some dp1.0 or dp2.0 is not installed already copied files in products help me

    • Don Caprio says

      Perhaps you didn’t download all the needed firmware files. You can go back to Navifirm, download a fresh copy of firware files and flash the phone using “dead usb flashing”

  32. saad khan says

    man this blog is good but it sucked for mine i got from repair center it did not work for mine please re-study my case doncaprio

    • Don Caprio says

      Saad,have you tried it using a different USB cable? Sometimes, that can be the problem. You can also try using JAF or Cyclone to flash it but you can’t do that without a flashing box. You probably need to visit a repair center

  33. jojo says

    txs dude my firmware problem is solved but when i am connecting my phone through usb it is showing that usb is not recognized…………… and also my phone is dead and i am using dead flashing again and again i clicked retry but no use………….. repeatedily m getting message like unplug usb remove battery and all………….. is there any way to detect my phone through usb (my phone is dead when i updated my phone software) help me bro :(

  34. neeraj says

    i am using nokia 3110c mobile . it is dead but started process flashing using phoenix it show below Flashing started Creating product data items list Product data items list created Backup not required Flashing phone Initializing Scanning image files… Waiting for USB device… ERROR: Failed to set phone to flashmode what i do ?….please help me

  35. Jose Lontoc says

    steps 1 – 19 went well, i was able to install the latest software on my nokia n900 but when i try to click the refurbish button after the update was finished, it says flashing failed can’t find the firmware (the combined pr something i downloaded)… i tried to flash my phone because i am having problems with its lcd, when i try to unlock it using the side switch, the screen becomes black but when i unlock the phone by pressing the power button, it’s ok except that when i open the menu everything is jambled and i have to guess which part of the lcd to touch to activate something but when i connect it to the tv the images on the tv is ok. i also had my phone checked by a technician and was told my lcd is broken but when i play a movie or a video on it, it plays well and i can watch the video or movie as if nothing is wrong with my n900. Can you help me with these two problems (refurbish and the lcd problem)? what else can i do without having to replace my lcd? it costs more than buying a refurbished phone here in Manila, Philippines.