Online HTML TO ASCII Converter [HTML Parser]

This is a free tool to convert any Ad Networks codes, HTML Codes, and Java Scripts for blogspot. Just copy and paste your code in the box below and click convert. This tool will convert any code in to blogspot friendly code. It will not alter or change the original code, it only converts the unsupported tags into blogspot supported format. By using this tool you can convert any HTML, XHTML or any Java script to a code format supported by blogspot.

Online HTML TO ASCII Converter- HTML Parser Tool
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  • Anonymous

    This is awesome for me thanx

  • Dwijayasblog

    That's very good tool, good choice.

  • ACDA

    You Are A Genius !! Thank You Thank You Thank Your . . . Can you create other tool that switch back from ASCII to HTML or TEXT You are a Genius !! Thank You. . . Nobody has this tool and I have been looking for it. . . Keep the Good Work !! We Need People Like You !

    • Don Caprio

      I’m glad you love it ;) I’ll see if I can come up with that. Thanks for visiting.

  • FAiZaN

    I love it, Thanks Bro :)

    • Don Caprio

      The pleasure’s mine, bro. Glad you found it useful ;)

  • Ekruz

    THanks for the ausome tool. It is exactly what i needed. I was ready to pull out my hair, because i dint know how to convert from tml to ascii. Thanks again.

    • Don Caprio

      You’re welcome, Ekruz. It’s my pleasure it’s of use to you.