A Better Way To Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

I previously made a post on how to make a mobile friendly version of blogger hosted blogs. I’ve been using this for quite a while now but found out a much better alternative which has more features than the one earlier posted. This new one supports a wider range of mobile devices including the popular mobile browser, Opera Mini. It’s quite necessary to have a mobile version of your blogspot site considering the number of mobile internet users trooping in. Using the full version on a mobile phone might be frustrating in some cases, especially if your site takes a pretty long time to load.

Mobstac offers you a mobile version of your blog all for free. Mobstac has been in existence since June 2009. It was founded by Sharat Potharaju and Ravi Pratap M. The main goal behind the creation of Mobstac is to easily send great-looking, blazing-fast mobile sites that contact your customers on mobile devices. It accelerates the availability of mobile content and brings it to the widest possible audience.

Their service comes with a great deal of features which include:

i. Monetizing the mobile version of your blog using google adsense for mobile.
ii. You can also earn using admob, inmobi and other mobile advertisers if you’re using the pro version
iii. Using facebook comment box
iv. Facebook and twitter share buttons
v. Site analytics and statistics of your mobile site including page views from mobile and many more.

Their service is quite great but certain improvements can still be made though. It’s sometimes impossible to read older posts as the mobile version relies solely on the RSS feed you provided. There’s a limit that can be shown if you keep clicking the older posts botton but I hope they’ll fix this in due time.

You can as well customize the look of your blog’s mobile version to your taste of select from the ready made themes. Why don’t you sign up and give it a try?

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