Image Editor For Symbian S60V3, S60V5 And Symbian ^3

Most Nokia phones come with a basic image editor but certain phones like Nokia E65 lack this feature. The default symbian image editor is also limited in terms of features. iDesigner is an advanced image editor for symbian OS 9.x with lots of features found in popular image editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop. iDesigner requires python runtime installed on your symbian device for proper functioning.

Features include:

-Work with the png or jpg formats

-Ability to work with multiple images simultaneously

-Work with / between the images via the clipboard: isolation, cut, copy, paste from the clipboard (just inside the program)

-Tools: pencil, eraser, line, rectangle, ellipse, polyline, polygon, fill, spray, text, eyedropper, magnifier, selection, pattern brushes

-Convert images: rotation, mirroring, resizing, resize the canvas, cut selected, invert colors, the transformation into a mask, replacement of color, saturation, sepia, lighting, shading, blur, gradient, posterization, gradient, rgb balance

-Undo, redo actions

-Exporting, importing palette of colors

-Easel for color matching.

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