Hiding Recent Activities (Wall posts, Comments, New Friends) On Facebook

Facebook added some upgrades recently that came with lots of privacy options but most people find it hard getting used to the new facebook settings. Posting comments on people’s status updates and posting on your friend’s wall leaves a trail on your wall and this makes it easy for others to track your facebook activities. Do you feel like hiding your posts on friends’ wall and comments on people’s status updates from your girlfriend prying eyes? Or you just want to keep your parent’s nose off your facebook business? Maybe you’re someone who loves being discreet and want to hide your facebook activities from stalkers on your friends list.

The screenshot above shows exactly what I wrote on others wall and my comments on their updates. Facebook also shows all your friending activities by default but you have total control on which information you share on your wall. Hiding your recent activities on facebook ensures your privacy and some people already know just how to get this done. The steps below are for those who are yet to get used to the new facebook privacy options.

To hide your comments, wall posts, friending activities, facebook likes and other recent activities, click the remove button right beside the post as shown below:

Select Hide all comment activity and confirm your option by clicking Hide all:

This hides all existing comment activities and future ones. The same goes for wall posts, facebook likes and friending activities too. The screenshot below shows just how to hide friending activities from your wall:

Just click remove (the tiny X button) on any post you wish to hide and select hide all to hide all posts similar to it.

In case you want to undo the changes you made and show your recent activities again, click on Edit Options at the bottom of your wall.

This box that pops up shows a list of posts you’ve hidden from your wall news feed.

Just click the remove button (X) to unhide any wall story you intend to show. Though this hides recent activities from your wall, it’s not guaranteed that it’s gonna hide it from your friend’s news feed also but at least, no one gets to track you by just visiting your facebook wall. Consider sharing this post with your facebook friends if you find it helpful.

Are you worried about facebook timeline and want to hide and delete everything? Check this out:

It’s the perfect software to hide and delete what needs to be!

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Author: Don Caprio

Don Caprio is a full time blogger / web designer living in Nigeria and apart from blogging, my other obsession is music. I'm a self-confessed Tupac fan, an iOS lover, an Android user, a Windows 8 power user, a writer with a 5-year old unfinished novel... and the list goes on and on. You can add me on Facebook, follow my updates on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! By the way, if your blog needs a custom design, you can contact me here...


  1. Anonymous says

    I did that but it doesn't work as expected. I've hid all my comments, likes, etc but it still appears on my friends' newsfeed but NOT on my wall. looks like there is a bug with facebook's privacy.

  2. Andrew says

    Facebook privacy sucks. I hid the posts on my wall too but still showing on friends news feed. Thanks for the tip though

  3. Millardthemk says

    Hey there, having trouble with UNhiding some things. I tried hitting the "edit" option down at the bottom but the hidden stories option doesn't have what yours does. Just app stuff I've blocked. :(


  4. Don Caprio says

    clicking the 'edit option' button will definitely show stuffs you've hidden…unless there's a bug with your account.

  5. Anonymous says

    Don, Not true. Mine also shows stuff I have blocked from showing on my page. However, I've already updated to Timeline, so that may be affecting what I see. Heads up if that's the case; your post will be obsolete in a week.

  6. srsmonkey says

    It doesn't work to hide anything after the new updates 9-22-2011. I've hidden everything on my wall and friends can still see what I've posted on other people's status, including in the ticker.

  7. Anonymous says

    u can just prevent people who r not your friends from subscribing to your actions but u cant prevent friends from watching every thing u do whatever its related to them or not so i hope they figure out anything to control accessibility to private events

  8. Anonymous says

    click on Edit option at the bottom of your Wall as displayed when you click on your Profile, not the Edit options at the bottom of your Homepage/Newsfeed

  9. Brian Dolinar says

    Though it may hide things on your wall, it does not appear to stop those items from showing up in the news feed (as of 2011-10-06).

  10. Brian Dolinar says

    And yes, getting down to the "Edit options" can be a pain because the wall automatically expands. And using a direct link doesn't work :(

  11. Anonymous says

    Same problem as the person who said:

    "I did that but it doesn't work as expected. I've hid all my comments, likes, etc but it still appears on my friends' newsfeed but NOT on my wall. looks like there is a bug with facebook's privacy."

  12. ooghost1oo says

    So … what if I don't want to hide activity from my friends, but I don't want it showing up on my 'Public' wall? Even though I set everything possible as 'friend only', looking at a public view of my wall still shows plenty of activity that seems impossible to hide, without hiding it from friends and non-friends alike!!

  13. Anonymous says

    I've hidden all my comments, wall posts, likes and other stuff from my wall but I can't unhide them. I went to the bottom of my profile to Edit options but
    the Edit options on profile page only shows that I have hidden activities of my friends which I can see the x next to it. But where are all the other activities? I want to unhide all of them. Can you PLEASE help me out? I really need to solve this problem.. Thanks in advance!

  14. Anonymous says

    I pressed the X to unhide some recent activity ("I am now friends with…") and although it shows on my profile when I'm viewing it, it doesn't show when my friends are viewing my profile.

  15. Anonymous says

    i keep clicking on the X to hide posts on NEWS FEED and they keep reappearing, even after clicking on HIDE WHY????? SO DARN ANNOYING!!!!

  16. Anonymous says

    HELP PLEASE…..when I change my profile photo a notification on my wall timeline does NOT show, how do I change this so it comes up on my wall and in newsfeeds?

    I have scrolled all the way down on my wall and clicked on 'edit options' but it tells me that I have not hidden anything, so I don’t know what to do! is there any way to fix this?

      • Don Caprio says

        Read this post on switching back to old prhttp://www.doncaprio.com/2012/01/switch-back-from-timeline-to-old-facebook-profile-layout-without-developer-app.htmlofile layout –

  17. Anonymous says

    i used "hide this action" to hide my comment activity and wall posts i make and it does not show up in hidden stories like you have in your screen shot.

  18. hid xenon light bulbs says

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss about this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  19. Don Caprio says

    @Poster 28. It should just as the screenshot shows exactly how I did it
    @did xenon light. I definitely will post an update as soon as it's available. Thanks for visiting

  20. Anonymous says

    This instruction is a cosmetic hide on the user's wall only and has nothing to do with privacy. Friends will still see the activities – which is why I use an addon which physically deletes ALL recent activities not yet deleted and must do this manually- however my iPhone app doesn't seem to publish stuff I do on it – no doubt this will change again

  21. Anonymous says

    I don't mind at all that my friends can see my recent activity but I don't want the public to see it. I have all my settings to 'friends only' but non-friends can see still see what else i've been up to (comments on friends wall or theirs on mine…) So my status updates remain private but nothing else.

  22. Johnson says

    @Poster 31. I would like to know that very addon you mentioned.
    @Poster 32. With recent activities, I guess it's either you completely hide it from friends and non-friends or show it to both.

  23. Mystic 9 says

    I think this is not working now. I don’t have options on timline activity log. I used to have options to hide comments from my wall or to delete them, but now I just have options to make it visible or to permanently delete it. I would like to make comments hidden on my wall and not to delete them permanently, because now when I comment some pictures or post on somebody else wall I get those post visible on my timline… I hate that… Does somebody have clue how to do that?

  24. Stacey says

    Don Caprio = your article doesn’t mention the problem of the Recent Activities panel in Timeline no longer including things like Comments on friend’s walls. The option to hide or unhide Friending Activity is still there (as you’ve shown in screen shots) but the option to hide or unhide Comments Activity is not (as is noted in the article for the old Facebook layout above). If you go to the Activity Log, these comments are set to Allowed on Timeline, with the only other option being to delete them permanently. Despite being set as Allowed, they do not appear on the Timeline.

    • Don Caprio says

      I also noticed that on my timeline but it’s like a bug from facebook. They need to fix that from their own end, I guess

    • Sheil says

      I just got on time line & can’t see any of my comments-seems like I’m so out of the loop & hope they have a time line for fixing this for the users. To loose that info stalls the very essence of facebook!

      • Don Caprio says

        I noticed that but you can still see the comments of your profile if you access it using http://m.facebook.com

  25. says

    Nice feature on right side column of every post, video, and text but can anyone tell me how it can be differ from spam story which also mention in the column indicates.


    I thank you for this, I’ve been looking for this option for about a month I was about to e-mail facebook or just shut my f*cking facebook down for this bullsh*t. it was bugging the sh*t out of me this was so f*cking simple. THANK YOU

  27. story says

    I had it set up/ ./and mistakenly (becuase it’s not clear) “removed” the hidden “all” activity like this. now when you hover over, say a new friend request, it says “hide this” but not ALL like this… you havew to do it individually. same for comments – actually for comments on other people’s pages, you don’t have option any longer to hide, you must actually delete it!!! FB sucks at this kind of stuff. as soon as they give you the option, they take it away…. I

    • Don Caprio says

      There’s an icon at the bottom right of the photo labelled “Share With” Click the icon and select custom. From here you can hide the photo from that person’s view. You can’t directly block comments.

  28. Bobby says

    Please help me. My wall is empty, all my activities are hidden. But I would like to unhide it back, but do not see the button “edit options” on my wall. Facebook settings are crazy, please help me!

    • Don Caprio says

      The moment you scroll down, older posts are automatically loaded by you have to keep scrolling till older posts are no longer loaded automatically. You won’t see it though if you’re using timeline. In that case, you should read this post: http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/12/hiding-or-removing-old-wall-posts-from-facebook-timeline-automatically.html

  29. Bobby says

    Dear Don, thank you for your reply. This is not relevant tip. I have empty wall, no one recent activities, all are hidden, or deleted. Alro, I do not see this button “hidden activity” http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qrPlJNFIIls/TqNVAYRamwI/AAAAAAAABhI/bvdOSW2JGSE/s1600/hide-recent-activity-on-timeline-3.png

  30. says

    My recent activity doesn’t show the part that says I am now friends with? How do I get it back? I have already tried going to options at the bottom of my wall. For most people I if you go on to your wall scroll right down to the bottom of your page and click on edit options on the right hand side a box should open saying edit your profile story settings and you just click the x beside friending activity. The problem I’m having is that it says I have no stories hidden??

    • Don Caprio says

      Maybe it’s a problem with your facebook account or something. So far you’re still using the old facebook layout, it should show your recent friending activities.

  31. Slade says

    Im typing to hide my recent activities so when i post a comment on a picture or a friends wall it doesnt tell all my friends what i said. I have timeline. How do it do that?

  32. says

    Good luck ,Great post,y love you!Thanks for the info it had cleared out too many things in my mind. Your recommendations are really good. http://www.mesotheliomalawsuitsstore.com

  33. MaxxABillion says

    Man I’ve searched beyond end and I can’t find a solution. Lets say I comment on a pic I like on a page/group I like, that comment shows up on my friends news feed and not my timeline. How do I prevent what I comment on from showing up on my friends news feed. I’m cool with it not being on my timeline, i just don’t like that my friends can see what I comment on in their news feed!!!

  34. Vanessa says

    Can you please tell me how I can hide comments from non friends. For instance, my friend has commented on someone’s photo and I see that photo and comment on my timeline. I don’t want to see that. Is there a way to stop that from happening?

    • Don Caprio says

      The only possible setting for that is the one seen under Privacy where you select the default privacy for your posts. You can set it to just Friends but I don’t know if it works that well for that purpose.

  35. Beth More says

    Thanks for all the helpful information! Is there currently anyway to hide the little ticker thing in the right hand side of the page? I have been having some nosy a** friends that like to stalk the crud out of me and it’s very annoying.Don’t want to unfriend them all, hoping you can help me figure out how to hide this activity. Thanks so mcjh:)

    • Don Caprio says

      You’re welcome, Beth. Facebook gives little or no control over what appears in the ticker box but you can still check out this post – http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/10/hide-facebook-recent-activity-news-feed.html – hope it helps.

  36. says

    so, is there a way to do this on the new facebook yet? the activity log (http://www.facebook.com/help/activitylog) only allows the user to control visibility of their own status updates, but not their posts to others’ walls, friending activity, photo likes etc.

    • Don Caprio says

      Yes, all recent activities doesn’t appear on Facebook timeline as explained here but you can switch back to the old profile for a while and then follow this steps.

  37. Satish says

    Up-gradation is the main reason, why facebook is more and more popular today.. But this time Hide wall post from the people is a good idea to save our private messages from somebody you want. Web Designer

  38. Girl101 says

    Thanks for this. My recent activity was showing up the Wall section of my profile to the public even though EVERYTHING in my profile is set to private. A chink in the armor of my security! I’m now locked down. thank gosh.

  39. shobit rana says

    Hieee bro i just need your help. there is a problem regarding privacy bro. when i comment on any of my friend’s post, it shows to all my friends that i commented on _____ post. and shows my comment also. this makes me very disturb , as i donot want that any of my friend read what i posts to my friends post. please help

  40. alexis says

    hi Don! when I post a photo on a friend’s wall, it automatically shows up on my wall and when I try to hide the post (on my wall), the only option it gives me is to delete it. do I HAVE to have the photo on my wall? because I really don’t want it there. help? thank you!

  41. A1opus says

    There is only one way. Post the following message as your status: “As you know, anyone can see your all comments and likes on their News ticker box (which is on left side). I do not want to show this information to all my contacts but I can’t change it myself. I ask you, therefore, hover your mouse pointer over my name above (NO click), wait for the window to open, hover again over “Friends” (NO click). Then click on “settings” and remove the check mark in “comments and likes”. Thus, my activity will no longer be in your ticker box. Thank heaps!” If you are interested in your privacy, spread the word!

  42. khan says

    You can hide everything on your time line but not from others news feeds ( aka home) For example, there is no option to hide “page likes” and “page comments” from your friends home..if you like a page or you comment on a photo (status, note etc.) on the page you’ve liked, your moves, they all show up on your friends home even they are not liked the page or not in this group …it’s because fb give this “hide” option to the the page admins, not to the fb users. If the page admin makes the photo (status, note etc) “public” and posts to the page, that means, there is no restriction and your comments under this “public” photo will show up on your friends home. This is really annoying cos’ sometimes ppl may not want to show their opinions on specific themes and issues to their friends but may want to discuss with only group/page followers. FB should give users option to hide particular comments from their friends home.

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