How To Switch Back To Old Yahoo Mail Classic

Yahoo! was the very first email I opened and there are still a couple of things I like about it even though I’m stuck with gmail these days. Yahoo! Mail Classic looked simple and easy to use back then even when you’re on a slow connection unlike the new yahoo mail that requires javascript to function properly. You might not notice the bug if you’re on a fairly fast internet connection but it definitely sucks when you’re connecting your computer to the internet using your mobile phone as modem. Maybe you just miss what yahoo mail used to look like and wish to return to that old, simple look that’s so easy to use.

Well, when yahoo mail started with this new version (that I don’t like that much), there was an option to switch back to yahoo mail classic but it’s like this option has been removed. It’s more like they’re trying to force everyone to get used to it but there’s a little trick to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic though, you only need to disable javascript on your browser. You don’t know how?

How To turn off JavaScript on SAFARI





How To Turn Off Javascript For Internet Explorer:

– Go to TOOLS



– In security, click “CUSTOM LEVEL”

– scroll down and disable ACTIVE SCRIPTING in the scripting section.

Turn Off Javascript In Firefox

– Open TOOLS


– Select CONTENT


You’re done disabling javascript on your browser, huh? Now let’s switch back to that cool looking old Yahoo! Mail Classic. If you already have a yahoo mail page open, hit the refresh button or just launch on your browser.

The image above shows exactly what you’re gonna see on your browser. Select the second option that says Return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Voila! You’re done. You’re now back to that good old yahoo mail but there’s one more thing you need to do. TURN JAVASCRIPT BACK ON by following the same process you used to turn it off or some functions won’t work and your browser might start showing some funny behaviour.

Update: Yahoo Mail has changed but a comment from Minni, one of our users has been indeed helpful in updating this post.

(1) All your windows should be logged out of Yahoomail

(2) The EASIEST way is to get a Firefox Add-On which installs a Javascript Disabler/ReEnabler at upper right of your toolbar. Click the button to disable Javascript temporarily

(3) Log back in to YahooMail

(4) Click the CONTINUE button

(5) Click the link that says “Continue without upgrading Javascript”

(6) Log back out of YahooMail

(7) Re-Enable Javascript via the FF Instant-Addie on toolbar

(8) Log back in to YahooMail


  1. says

    Hey! This Is How You Switch Back To Yahoo! Classic Mail.. Mozilla FireFox.. ThiS Is Easy And Fun… ToolS.. OptionS.. Content.. Disable Javascript.. Boom! Go To Your Yahoo! Email.. Refresh The Page.. Switch Back To The ClaSSIc Yahoo! Mail.. That You Love The Most! Go Back! Don’t Forget To Re-Enable Javascript!

  2. says

    I will surely take your tips. I really didn’t know that disabling JavaScript helps us to go back to Yahoo! Mail Classic. I always loved the old home page better than the new version. Anyways thanks for sharing.

  3. jim snodgras says

    When I looked at Yahoo help to switch back to yahoo classic mail, here is what I found: QUOTE: “Once you have upgraded to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail, it is no longer possi’ble to switch to an earlier version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We know it’s an adjustment to get started in a new interface, but we think it’s worth it: the new Yahoo! Mail is our fastest, safest, and easiest-to-use version yet. To help you get started, see our overview of the new Yahoo! Mail.” Fuck you, Yahoo. That is a lie. I tried the instructions on this site and it worked instantly. I am very angry with Yahoo for lying to me about this.

  4. Johnny says

    Can I STILL do this? Yahoo’s new mail may be the most obnoxious format I have EVER seen. It FINALLY got to me…that’s how I found your page….but the Javascript trick won’t work anymore. Please help if you can. Thanks! ~ Johnny

  5. Brian says

    Basically same issue Johnny. In my case I want to access various yahoo email accounts on an older machine with a legacy browser. It works fine for one email account I have been using regularly, but with another I get the error message saying I must have javascript enabled. JSscript is enabled, I believe the real problem is that the browser I am using does not support the newer version of Yahoo email, I know because I went through all that confusion when they first tried to force us to switch. So basically I am fine with one email account but another I am roadblocked, so the ability to use mail-classic seems to somehow be tied to a given user account. Is that configuration info stored at the yahoo back end or is it somehow reflected on the local machine such as maybe with a cookie? So how do I get back there?, back to mail-classic? Do I need to go to some other newer platform, temporarily login and then somehow get back? Thanks to anyone who can help.

  6. minni says

    Update “Return to previous version of Yahoomail” has been changed to: “Continue without Upgrading Javascript” So look out for the latter display, and click it. You’re then good to go. I also take the precaution of first logging out of Yahoomail before re-enabling javascript (via a handy add-on button on FF toolbar. The FF add-on button is the easiest way to disable/enable javascript.

  7. minni says

    Hey, Don, thanks SO much for this article! I can’t stand what Yahoomail did to all of us!! Since I failed to clarify my above comment, here’s the steps I took, and hope it helps others: FOR FIREFOX USERS (also I still use XP) SWITCH BACK TO OLD YAHOOMAIL AS FOLLOWS: (1) All your windows should be logged out of Yahoomail (2) Absolute EASIEST way is to get the Firefox Add-On which installs a Javascript Disabler/ReEnabler at upper right of your toolbar Click the Instant-Addie to Disable Javascript-temporarily (3) Log back in to YahooMail (4) Click CONTINUE button (5) Click the link stating: “Continue without upgrading Javascript” (6) Log back out of YahooMail (7) Re-Enable Javascript via the FF Instant-Addie on toolbar (8) Log back in to YahooMail

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