Using Mobstac With Custom Domain For Blogger Mobile View

Blogger isn’t that tight when it comes to mobile view, we all know that. I’ve been using blogger default mobile view for quite a couple of months now but I honestly don’t like the look that much. I once used mobstac which I wrote about here but ditched it just because I was stuck with an address I didn’t like, my blog looked like a mobstac sub-domain on mobile. Anyway, my blog is now mobilized with mobstac and I get to use a sub-domain of Cool, huh? Check out and see just what I’m talking about.

Mobstac is a offers a great services that gives your blog’s mobile view some life! Unlike blogger’s default mobile template, you can actually edit your mobstacized site to your taste, customizing the look and feel, including the colors.

The good news about it is that you can also effectively monetize your mobile traffic by running google adsense for mobile which displays on all mobile phones. As a pro user, you can also run admob and inmobi mobile ads on your blog.

Another added advantage is that it makes it easier for your mobile users to navigate your blog a bit easier. With labels at the top of the page and some custom links added, there’s a chance your mobile users will view even more pages.

How To Use Mobstac On Blogger

At first, I had some sort skepticism towards using this free service but changed my mind and saw it wasn’t so bad after all. Mobstac is a site which offers a service that allows you to give your blog a nice looking mobile view and all you need to do is to register, verify your email, log in to your mobstac account and customize your blog’s mobile view.

After you’re done with the customization and settings, click on FAQ and view installation instructions on how to activate mobstac mobile view for your blog.

The given code should be place right under the <head> tag.

You can do this by logging in to your blog and going to Design > Edit HTML

Press CTRL + F and search for <head> and paste the your mobstac code right under it.

Save your template and try viewing your blog on a mobile browser or Opera Mini.

How To Add Google Adsense To Your Mobile Blog

You need to get your google adsense publisher ID by logging in to your google adsnes account and checking the top right corner. You should see something like pub-1234567890. Just copy the numbers out then go to the Advertising tab in your mobstac account and paste your adsense publisher ID in the appropriate box.

Using Your Custom Domain With Mobstac

Most of the tutorials online fail to cover this aspect and this is what made me lose interest in mobstac in the first place. It took me quite some time to figure out but finally, my blog automatically redirects to for mobile users. Great, huh? You can have your blog’s mobile version on or, the choice is actually yours and the step is dead easy.

I assume you have a custom domain already and you definitely know what DNS records are all about, right? Your blog is already running on a custom domain with the A records and CNAME record working and you’re used to making DNS entries (my assumption ;)).

You’re only going to make one DNS entry to point your mobstac mobile blog to your sub-domain and then tweak your mobstac code. Interesting?

– Create a CNAME record with alias m or wap pointing to your mobstac site. If your mobstac site is, create a CNAME with m or wap as the alias pointing to, got it?

-Now go to your blog’s template and locate the mobstac code you pasted earlier under the <head> tag. Found it? Good!

-Check the code carefully, you should see your mobstac site somewhere iin the middle of that code (hey, come on! open your eyes!), something like

-Change this to or depending on the CNAME alias you created earlier.
-Bingo! It’s done. If you did the DNS settings correctly, your mobstac site should be up and running in less than 24 hours.

Mine works quite perfectly so don’t tell me it ain’t working but if you’ve got a question or comment, don’t hesitate to holler at me. Good luck!

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Author: Don Caprio

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    Awesome one Bro. Especially the tip U gave on ownin custom domain wif it. I hope to do this when I start a Real Blogger biz when I get my P.C
    all same. THUMBS UP!

  2. says

    How about site hosted on wordpress whose DNS server has been changed to the hosting company’s own how can one go about it? i am kinda confused as i have already contacted namecheap and i was referred to my web host provider – hostgator

  3. says

    there is not faq or installation code For Blogger.. they Need Feed Url… i try to for my site RICKYBADBOY.COM … But No Result .. Mobile always open my direct link not M subdomain

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