Google Adsense Approval Trick Through Third Party Sites?

Quite a lot of new bloggers still find it difficult getting their google adsense account approved due to one reason or the other. Lots of people get desperate typing search queries in google such as google adsense approval trick, 24hrs google adsense approval and so on. Lots of people even paid some individuals in a bid to buy an already approved google adsense account. It’s undisputed that google adsense remains the easiest way to monetize a blog and for this reason, there’s so much clamor just to get an approval from google. In recent times, google adsense team even tightens up the approval thingy by making it a two-stage process.

Just of recent, thousands of publishers were banned from the adsense program and lots of hopes were dashed. Some of my friends in bloggers lab on facebook were affected by the massive ban. Relating closely with some of them made me realize most of the banned accounts were approved through third party sites. You can apply through some third party sites and get your google adsense account approved but I never wrote about any of these sites once. I’m quite aware of them but i never considered them a good option because it all looks shady. Some of these sites include:

1. Fixya
2. Hubpages
3. Docstoc
4. Indyarocks

They are all independent publishing platforms where you can get your google adsense account approved in 24 hours, or even less, and I’m not implying that all accounts approved through third party sites always get banned eventually, I’m only saying it’s not such a good idea getting your adsense approved via third party sites. The adsense team always review sites from time to time and any discrepancy might make your already approved account get suspended.

To get your blog approved by google directly, you can follow these guidelines:

1. Give your blog some time to grow, I suggest three months and be sure you have a decent traffic. A couple of hundred pageviews daily gives you a better chance

2. If you’re on blogspot, you have a better chance of getting approved with a custom domain but that doesn’t mean you won’t get approved with a blogspot sub domain either.

3. You should have up to 20-30 original posts/pages. Copying contents from other blogs won’t get you anywhere.

4. Your design also matters. Be sure your blog’s is designed in a way to make it look attractive. A blog with poorly arranged widgets scattered everywhere doesn’t stand much chance.

5. I suggest you shouldn’t have ads from other advertising companies like bidvertiser or chikita running on your blog when google comes to certify your blog. It’s only a suggested precaution though.

6. Be sure your blog complies with google’s terms of service. Your blog posts must not be based on topics not allowed by google such as, hacking, pornography, drugs, ammunition, warez, cracks, keygens and so on.

With the tips above taken into practice, I’m sure your adsense account will be approved and in case they reject your application, you can always try again. I know those who applied up to five times before getting approved. Good luck!


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  32. Satica Jenny says:

    Very helpful.I’ve already applied for adsense.But don’t know why they disapproved me.After how many days I can apply again?Is there any problem if I apply again within a month?

    • Don Caprio says:

      The reason for disapproval should be stated in the email they sent. Of course, you have a nice blog and there’s no har in retrying after a month. Best of luck!

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  36. Neetu Singh says:

    I have started my blog 9 Months ago ( Mainly Active Blogging from May’12) & I have 680+ Posts on Corporate day to day Letter writing, Taxation, SAP Tutorials, HR & Commercial Policies etc. My blog has a Google Page Rank of “2”. My all Posts are unique Contents ( Not copied from anywhere). Recently I have applied for adsense for two times. Each time they have rejected my application by giving excuse like “it does not meet our program criteria”. Please Suggest me what should I do? Should I wait for 2-3 Months & apply again or should write on some other topics. Please also suggest for any specific change required in my blog’s template design. Thanks, Neetu Singh

    • Don Caprio says:

      9 months is a pretty long time but I still believe you can get approved. I visited your blog just now and noticed a couple of things. 1. Try to remove all other ads including popups when next you apply. They take such things into consideration 2. You may consider getting a custom domain though it’s not necessary but it helps too. Best of luck, Neetu.

  37. says:

    Indyarocks already shut down Adsense program. Unlucky for me never been with them before.

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    I think its a bad idea to mask with Docstoc. Google will find out and completely ban you from the program. Do the hard work and get it right.

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  51. Ok but after approval from this third party website can I use that approved adsense account for Jobschilly My Personal Website also or not ?

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  56. Rahul chaudhari says:

    Thank you for sharing Don , it will help me as i am going to apply for adsense this month

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  58. The problem is if you apply via any of these 3rd party methods, then before they will display your ads on a self hosted website or blog then you will need to submit it for a 2nd stage approval, this is in effect just like applying from scratch for adsense. So basically whilst you may apply via the above sites and get an account, you can’t use the code on another site – the minute you try without getting the approval I mention you get banned. Did anyone REALLY think Google was going to leave that loophole open for long????

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  61. hey Don, it’s a pleasure to av visited ur site.I av a problem which I hope u can help me with. I av bin a blogger since 2010 ,my blog has AdSense running in it till date but I forgot my E-mail address to the AOL account I registered it with. can anything be done to retrieve it? if yes,please reply me through this E-mail address .. thanks in advance.

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  63. Thanks for your tips, Now iam thinking to use Hubpages :)

  64. Amit Kumar Gupta says:

    Hey Don Caprio, I read your post its really helpful for getting approval of adsense. I am also having a blog and i am working from past 14-15 Months and i tried alot to get approval but every time adsense reject me. I think i am not getting proper trafiic on my blog. Could you please suggest me how should i get approval on my blog CSE-IT-LIVE-PROJECTS url:

    • Don Caprio says:

      Getting approved isn’t always easy and i’m not sure there’s a way I can hlp. Perhaps you can try getting approved through Youtube:

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