1. You are right bro. I am not sure which one caused my suspension. But whatever it is, it is not for good. They sent me an email saying that my account is in “good standing”. But then why should they suspend it? Kind of contradictory people!

    • Some of those bans are performed by bots and they probably reviewed yours and saw it was done in error. I’m just speculating though

  2. Who is Facebook to say what is or isn’t a “fake name.” Morally speaking, they have no right to state that any given name is fake. A person’s real name is defined by that person and nobody else. My real name is The Ceej, but Facebook won’t let me use The as a first name. So, I used the thing that sounds closest to “The” I could think of. Does this mean the entire Facebook could be suspended for violating Facebook’s terms and conditions?

    • They’ve got some crazy policies but it’s Facebook, the world’s largest social network, they can do what they like cuz of that. What can we do? ;)

      • We can defy them, publicly lambaste their policies. Point out that The Rock is allowed to have The as a first name but The Ceej is not, which is blatant favouritism. We don’t need to live in fear of having our accounts disabled. They need us. We don’t need them. We need to show them who’s really the boss in the relationship. HINT: Not them.

  3. Amit Shaw says:

    Don i am agree with all points but i want to ask you that too much fan pages is really reason for banned? Nice points you menetion here. Thanks for sharing. – Amit Shaw from iTechCode

    • Don Caprio says:

      You may not immediately get banned for liking too much fan pages but liking too much fan pages in a day can put some temporary limitations on your account.

  4. I’m a little fed up with the arrogance from the “big players” on the internet (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, etc.) I’ll shut my computer off and stay offline, before I’ll jump through any hoops on these sites. I’ve never hesitated to tell any of the staff at these sites where they can shove their “services”. Straight up their A$$. They could all shut down tonight and it would be fine with me. I believe the internet would be better off without them.

  5. One last point….The fact that Facebook is so popular, is a perfect example of what a big dung heap the internet has become. No wonder the world is such a mess. It’s populated by sheep.

  6. My account was suspended a few months ago, and even though i contacted facebook several times in order for me to get a copy of my photos they regected… is there anything I can do? I just need those pics i uploaded… thanks

    • Don Caprio says:

      There’s no way to get those pictures back unless they remove the suspension. You just got to keep trying, Nick.

  7. yellow bone says:

    been trying to login to my account and its unavailable and its been the whole what must I do,how am I suppose to know if I am not blocked.

    • Don Caprio says:

      It might be a temporary issue. You should get an errror message if it’s actually been disabled.

  8. How much page I can like per day ? Is it up to 100 or 200 ?

  9. emmanuelakpanEmmanuel says:

    Men you are the bomb. i love this post

  10. My facebook has been suspended it was named “name the fakes in Kashmiri groups” i have not allowed any abuse or personal attacks! What i have done is publish the fake names i was 100% sure of, so what could be the possible reason it was suspended, obviously at times u get idiots using abusive words in comments but unless i sit on the computer all day i cannot moderate them. I also think what is happening is that all the fake ids i have pointed out, they have reported the group many times so it may have been suspended/removed by FB. What do you guys think!

    • Don Caprio says:

      I believe someone reported the group. They’re probably offended because they were named and thought the best thing to do was to report the group to Facebook.

  11. U gave very useful informations… Thank you DON….

  12. LindaNewYork says:

    I cannot take seriously someone who uses the word “much” instead of “many”.

  13. Sander-Martijn says:

    I think that the real problem here is that there’s no warning, and no clear guidelines. Just saying “too many” or “more than a certain number” really doesn’t help people avoid getting banned.

  14. Thanks for all .15 special reasons to let us knpw…

  15. Nice Post I Like This

  16. Michael Nosa says:

    doncaprion you are right the one that cause my facebook account to be ban, was sending too many friend request to people i don’t know, it all happen the moment i downloaded facebook for mobile and i search my contact and i found out that many of them were already on facebook, and i send them friend request i and they report me to facebook because they don’t recognise,facebook ban me from sending request to people for one month lol

  17. Anthony Patrick Canfora says:

    On Facebook, after my selfish-jealousy, I was nervous that my account would be disabled if too many people block me. Whenever a user blocks someone on Facebook, both the blocker and the blocked cannot see each other at all on the site. These days, no one cares to unblock any users, even if they have apologized and learned their lesson. This often leads to people quitting Facebook forever.

  18. dev sharma says:

    In Facebook if u type( h u b l a . Me ) ur account gets blocked after writing it. U have to write this word togheter .I hv not written together coz it is blocker word. I want to know the reason behind this

  19. Slimhighbeekay says:

    Came across this wen searching for how to get my blocked Fb Acc bk..I fink I was blocked because of Posting on walls in rapid succession…D worst part of it is..I use d acc in getting traffic to my site..

  20. slim , we are in the same area . My account was disabled just because of the same offence you committed , there must be no hope for us . I spammed too much . But Don, isn’t any hope for us ?

  21. Adegbaju Oluwakemi Victoria says:

    Pls how can I get back my account that was disable back and also how can I know why my account was expired cos that is what I saw on my account dis morning and is telling me do I want to log in then I click yes that how I can’t log in again. Pls I really need to get back my help me pls

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