Hiding your Friends List from Facebook Timeline

I didn’t intend to write a post on this at first but seeing the comments on one of my previous posts, I had no choice but to come up with a post that solves this. Hiding your friends list on timeline is easy but you might find it hard a bit hard to figure out if you’re new to facebook timeline. There may be certains reasons best known to you that makes you want to hide your friends list and this post explains in clear terms how to get it done.

To hide your facebook friends list from your timeline,

– Go to your profile

-Click on your friends list

how to hide your facebook friends list from timeline

– On the next page, click the ‘Edit’ button at the top right. If nothing comes up, it simply means your network sucks. I had trouble trying to do it on a slow connection and nothing came up.

how to hide your friends list from facebook timeline

– As shown in the screenshot above, click on the ‘Lock‘ icon and select Only Me from the drop down menu.

– To check if your friends list is invisible to your friends and public, go to your profile and view your profile as one of your friends:

how to hide your friends list on facebook timeline

– Just type a friends name in the space provided and you’ll see your friends list is not appearing. I noticed that even with this, facebook still shows those friends you have in common but this is all that will be shown. Only mutual friends are visible and, of course, there’s no way to stop this from showing up for now.

If you’re still using the old facebook profile layout, you can only hide your friends list by checking this post. Another suggested reading is the post I previously wrote on how to limit or hide your facebook timeline completely.

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Author: Don Caprio

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    • Don Caprio says

      It definitely works. Only mutual friends can be seen cuz I checked my profile with a friend’s account to confirm it.

  1. says

    I just activated the timeline feature. I have until January 11th to figure it all out. I’ve had my friends private on the old version for a long time and when I was checking out the timeline version I noticed that when using the “view as” feature my friends can see my friends list. So, I googled found your post and followed the instructions. Your directions confirmed that I should be the only one able to see my friends list. The setting didn’t change to fb’s default – it showed “only me”. I’m at a loss. I have it set to only me, but when using “view as” my friends can see my list. Any ideas?

  2. tk says

    It wont work. The friends do initially see only mutual friends, but they have the options to see all the other friends too ….. Not very private … innit )-:

    • Don Caprio says

      Even if they clicked on view all, only mutual friends will still be displayed and nothing more. At least, that’s what I got when I personally viewed my profile with a friend’s account to confirm my post.

      • jpearson says

        i tried to use “view as” but the option “see all” appears. when I click on see all, all my friends appear. any idea why?? have you really tried it and showed only common friends?

        • Don Caprio says

          I thought the same way till I actually viewed my profile with a friend’s account. Only mutual friends can be seem even when “view all” is clicked

  3. thundey95 says

    wow!!!!!really work, i can now feel my privacy on facebook……..no more exposing my friend…thank you sir!!!!

  4. says

    I’m still in the trial period, but I don’t see any way to back out of it. It will go live Wednesday. I’m hoping it’s a glitch between the “trial” and “view as”. I keep thinking maybe if I publish it, then I will know for sure, but I won’t be able to go back after that point from what I can tell. I sent a help email to fb and got the standard… we can’t help everyone response. I also sent you a friend request to see if you see anything that I’m missing. I hate this really. I only maintain one fb account for everything, to do otherwise is too time consuming… and my concern is based off of past experience. I’ve had some of my fans/followers/acquaintances run down my friends list and friend request them. I’ve even had a couple set up fake fb accounts and only befriend my friends. And since they didn’t really know my friends, they were establishing online friendships with people from my church, an old co-worker and maybe even my cousin that I haven’t seen in years. People that it would be impossible for them to know. They would end up with 15-20 of only friends from my list. Real stalkerish and creepy. My solution was to hide my friends list. *frustrated*

    • Don Caprio says

      Thanks for the request, Mel. I checked your profile and saw you’re now using the old profile layout. Since we have no friends in common, I couldn’t see any friends list.

    • Jose says

      You are not alone Mel. Facebook really screwed things up here. I had to deactivate my account and will remain so until I’m certain that Facebook has corrected this privacy issue.

  5. zubi says

    my mutual friends are not doing hide? and i have not been made any mutual friend???? my friends privecy setting is only me but there are a problem to hide friend list??????? any one can solve my problem??????????

    • Don Caprio says

      Mutual friends are friends you have in common with another friend. For now, it’s visible on timeline but others remain hidden.

  6. Fran says

    It doesn’t work! The see all still allows the entire friend list to be seen. I have tried it using several different friends view as. Any suggestions?

  7. says

    The problem is, even if you did this your friends just need to click the little symbol next to your post on your timeline (For example, the small gear), a list opens with all names of those friends you shared the post with… I wrote more than one time to facebook because of that, but never got a reply. I tested this with friends, too, we all have our friends list set on ” onle me”… :-( That´s not really privacy…

  8. says

    The problem is so strange and difficult and If you did this friends just need to click the little symbol next to your post on your on-line.I tested this with friends too we all have our friends list set on me.

  9. Tinashe s matanga says

    Hw cn l mek frnds of my frnds my mutual frnds…l wnt 2 hv mor thn 26 mutual frnds so basically hw do l get,mek,acquire mutual frnds any suggestions

  10. Ash says

    So I click the edit button and I click the Only me but nothing happens. And when I try to redo it,it says its set as Public. I keep pushing Only Me and it keeps saying Public. Any Advise?

  11. says

    Don, thank you for this post. I have managed to change all my privacy settings over the past week, as I scale up my FB activities, I am now getting friend requests from people in FB groups, so I need to ensure my privacy settings are quite tight! I have been struggling to locate how to do this with my friends and your post is perfect, works beautifully by the way, even here in the UK. Cheers Alan

  12. pasha says

    thnx it really works :). My net is very slow but when i click on edit <lock<only me then it works fast !!! btw thank u

  13. Procurement Manager says

    hi, i have followed the above instructions , but i am not sure whether it works or not , furthermore i would also like to Hid it from Mutual friends as well , i mean i would like to change it to Just “Only me” 2- i would also like when i comments on my friends post , my other friends who are not mutual to each other should not see my comments , any suggestion ?? Thanks

    • says

      1. For now, there’s no way to hide mutual friends on Facebook. 2. If the post you’re commenting on is public, then your comment on it is going to be public as well.

  14. KassieMarie says

    Really need to have the ability to block mutual friends from seeing each other. I have some business friends that do not want to be known by the other mutual friends. I have had to unfriend some because they were seen. I know Face Book likes everybody to see and know everybody but that is not the case in the real world. I feel this is a privacy issue with people that want to keep their page private.

  15. Rachael says

    How do hide your friend list on facebook via iphone. Friendlist can still be accessed if you enter facebook via an iphone and probably other smart phones.

  16. Anton says

    Hi, Great post. I have one more q: how can you hide (if you can) the friends who Like something on your posts… that is another way people could see your friends, if they Like something. Same for comments too? I want all sign of friends’ names off the post line. Otherwise, a friend can see other friend’s names. Cheers.

  17. Bobby says

    Hey dear Don, thanks for your useful tips. When I connect to my FB, I see a rectangular symbol beside some of my friends pictures, I am not sure what it means!, Could you help me about the meaning? Thanks.

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