Retrieve Forgotten Memory Card Password on Nokia Symbian Phones

We all make mistakes and forgetting your memory card password is not uncommon. With a locked memory card, you won’t even be able to access your files even if you attach it to your computer with a card reader. However, if you’re using a Nokia symbian phone, it’s dead easy to retrieve your forgotten security password. This trick only works on hacked phones only because you’ll be needing a file explorer to view hidden system folders.  If your phone isn’t hacked with open4all patch already applied or platform security turned off, this probably won’t work for you. To get your memory card unlocked, follow the procedure below:

1. Open X-plore and press 0 (zero) on your keypad

2. Check all the four options to show hidden and system files

3. Go to this location: C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore

how to retrieve lost memory card password on symbian phones

4. Make sure mmcstore file is highlighted as shown above and press 3 on your keypad to open X-plore’s hex viewer

5. I set my password to 12345 and you can see it shown in the screenshot below:

how to retrieve forgotten memory card password

Your password is shown at the right side of the hex viewer. You can as well use the hex editor to change the change the password here. I only tried this on an OS 9.1 symbian phone but I guess it should be the same on newer Symbian phones. It’s an easy way to retrieve or reset your forgotten SD card password. Cool trick, huh? Help share :)

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Author: Don Caprio

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  1. says

    Very good post, but i actually needed how to unlock my 1GB microsd memory card online or using any other means apart from s60 phone cos my current phone is s4o nokia phone. please i need this urgently, Thanks

  2. iam_jai7 says

    it is not possible to lock memory card in a phone and recover it’s password using another phone. Please comment.

  3. tasland says

    pls help me as i no dat symbian fone(nokiaE5) without hack is useless……so i wnt to hack my fone bt every X-plorer dat i download jst telin me certificate expired,av downloaded lyk 20 telin me d same,pls help me i really nid to hack my fone

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