Using Facebook Desktop View / Full Version on iPhone, Android or Opera Mini

More and more people use facebook from their mobile phones and facebook is responding to this by creating series of mobile versions of facebook depending on the type of mobile phone you’re using. Due to reasons best known to facebook, the “full version” link that used to be on most of these mobile versions have been removed and mobile users can’t view the desktop version anymore. Based on my little experience, Bolt Browser was the only mobile browser that could view facebook in full version but Bitstream Inc. stopped its service a couple of months ago.

However, if you’re using a mobile phone and wish to use facebook using the desktop view, there’s an esy way out. Facebook automatically sends to your phone a mobile version compatible with your browser or mobile phone. Your user agent is checked and you can be shown the touch site or regular mobile version depending on your browser.

To override this and get the full version displayed, you only need to launch this url:

The screenshot below shows just how it looks on my mobile phone:

how to view facebook full version on mobile phone

It looks too simple, huh? Why don’t you try it out first? I don’t guarantee if facebook would later find a way to stop this too but it definitely works. I tried it on Opera Mini and a friend’s iPhone and got the full version displayed.

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Author: Don Caprio

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    This works fine for everything except for the private rooms/groups I’m in! Ugh! Why does FB keep changing things up? I always ONLY used the desktop site because I was able to tag people in comments that way, now I can’t! :( Have you noticed this, and if so have you figured out a way around it? Thanks in advance…

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