7 Reasons Why Blackberry Sucks and You Shouldn’t Buy One

I haven’t been able to write a blog post in the last couple of days because I’ve been stuck with my mobile phone but today, I was forced to launch the WordPress application on my iPhone and address this outrageous hype about Blackberry. First, I should let you know that Blackberry sucks and by far, it’s the worst smartphone I’ve ever operated. Wait…did I even say smartphone? To me, it’s just a smart toy 😛 I know you’ll want to bite my head off right now if you’re a blackberry freak but who cares?

It’s a fact that for some people, Blackberry does what they need to do but if you need a proper smartphone, don’t go near Blackberry. Trying to get it because your friends own it is foolishness.

If you’re using a Blackberry phone and think you’re on top of the world, you need to see what iOS, Android and Symbian Belle has to offer and I swear you’ll want to smack your silly BB phone against the wall. I said Blackberry sucks and you shouldn’t buy one. I’m not talking out of ignorance, I’ll give you valid reasons.

reasons why you shouldn't buy a blackberry phone

1. Justin Trudeau, a Top Canadian Politician, Confirms BB Sucks

RIM (Reasearch in Motion) is the Canadian company that manufactures Blackberry (in case you didn’t know) but lately, they’ve had lots to deal with including this tweet from a top Canadian politician:

Ok, now I officially hate this Blackberry. Stupid ineffective touch screen mislaunching tweets. Plus I can’t multitask, apparently.

That’s a confirmation on how ineffective Blackberry is at being a good Smartphone. He said his BB couldn’t multitask but I assume that’s a personal experience. BB can do multitasking but whatever got the man tweet that got to be pretty annoying.

2. Limited Applications and Games

If you’re the type that love messing around with all sort of applications, you’ll regret buying a Blackberry device. It’s obvious app developers are not interested in  developing for Blackberry OS. Their app world sucks big time. I run Adobe Photoshop Express on my iPhone and there are tons of applications on iTunes store, Google Play and Ovi that you’ll never find on Blackberry, not in the next 50 years.

Wait, does blackberry support HD games? I run Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on my iPhone with full commentary and stunning graphics.

3. You can’t even Customize the Stupid Thing

Well, I’m a geek and I love doing whatever I like with my device. I use a Symbian phone and iPhone, both hacked and jailbroken respectively. I can customize my device, do whatever I like with the OS but with a Blackberry phone, this is impossible.

4. The User Interface is Ugly

You user interface isn’t modern to me but Blackberry users believe “it’s Blackberry” so it has to be that way. I think you need to wake up!

5. Blackberry Messenger? Facebook Chat has More Users!

The only thing Blackberry has that you can’t find on other phones is their Blackberry messenger. But wait, those using Blackberry messenger don’t use Facebook chat? BBM is not enough reason to but a Blackberry phone, I can still contact my friends on Facebook chat that’s even more widely used, with or without my mobile phone around.

Think about it, only a fraction of your friends are on Blackberry messenger, almost everyone of them use Facebook chat.

6. The Web Browser is so Ineffective

With the Safari browser on my iPhone, I can open every single web page on the internet without any problem, displaying the page exactly as it would look like on my notebook. The other day I was using a friend’s Blackberry, it sucked even more than I imagined! Last time I checked, Symbian Anna and Android supports flash!

7. The Design Sucks Big Time

You can’t compare my sleek, elegant iPhone with any Blackberry device in market. Blackberry isn’t attractive one bit and there are better looking touch based devices running Android OS and Symbian. The qwerty keypad is rather too small for me (hey, I’ve got big fingers 😛 lol ), the virtual keyboard on iOS is a lot better if you ask me.

The future belongs to touch based devices and it seems RIM is trying to catch up on that, copying Apple, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. They failed at that!

The touchscreen doesn’t work right. I have to constantly turn off my phone, take the battery out, wait a minute, put the battery back in, and restart my phone just to get it to half way work!!! Even after I do that it still doesn’t work right!!!!

That’s a Blackberry user lamenting at it’s effectiveness. You shouldn’t buy a blackberry phone if you need a real smartphone. Blackberry is nothing but a toy to me and the operating system is nothing to write home about. You can scream all you want, I’m just saying my mind here and if you feel the way I do, please share this blog post on Facebook and hit the +1 button! Tell your friend Blackberry sucks!

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Author: Don Caprio

Don Caprio is a full time blogger / web designer living in Nigeria and apart from blogging, my other obsession is music. I'm a self-confessed Tupac fan, an iOS lover, an Android user, a Windows 8 power user, a writer with a 5-year old unfinished novel... and the list goes on and on. You can add me on Facebook, follow my updates on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! By the way, if your blog needs a custom design, you can contact me here...


  1. says

    I was temped at first to agree that Blackberry sucks but now I beg to disagree viewing from a Nigerian angle. I have an iphone and a BlackBerry. I know how much I used to spend on subscription on my iphone in a month before I bought my BlackBerry. As a Nigerian, a heavy browser with low budget, go for Blackberry!

    • says

      Well, I use an iPhone as well and I’m using Airtel BIS on it. #1,200 a month for 1GB isn’t too much. Forget that, you just need to see what my iPhone does.

  2. ekpenyong says

    bro, thank you for this wonderful info, i have always hated the phone for no good reason bt just because everybody thinks its the talk of the town and so if you own one you are big… Keep the work going man!

  3. says

    I understand what you are saying. Iphone is far better. A phone that is worthy of the name. If I subscribe to Airtel 1GB on iphone, I exhaust it in 3 days sometimes. I downloaded nokia and Blackberry theme studios 2 days ago. The two combined are around 400MB. I download a lot so I can’t cope with iphone bundles. But since I’ve been using my BB I download unlimitedly. Now again that ultrasurf and freegate rocks with blackberry! Lastly, Nigerian telecoms networks support BB better than other smartphones. There are tons of things this BB can’t do that my old Nokia 3110c can. The simplest and most ridiculous is that you can’t select all text in Blackberry. You have to select and keep scrolling. It sucks as a smartphone but as far as the bundle I enjoy on it and how it greatly reduce call cost with BBM app, it’s the best.

  4. says

    You are on point bro. Bb users know nothing about technology. I would rather beg for 1 symbian belle than use 2 blackberry’s if given as a gift. Definitely sharing this man.

  5. says

    I love every reason you pointed out in this post, i had never been a Blackberry fan for once, even though i could operate it quite well, there’s nothing customisable, user interface sucks and of cause it’s too Limited, I hate being imprisoned by my own phone. I don’t want a Blackberry I wanna be Freeeee!!!

  6. says

    Lol, Caprio you just spoke my mind. I really can’t use a BB. Not even with the noise and craze about it. The battery is bullsh-t, that’s why I prefer nokia to any other phone….BATTERY! Screw BlackBerry, and screw anyone that hates this point of view. (And screw, in advance, anyone who thinks their little pseudonymous comments can change that belief.

    • be free and choose for yourself says

      That’s is a two way street if you don’t like it fine, doesn’t mean everyone should have the same view. Goes the other way as well. I email and make calls , text. Its a phone, I have a laptop to do the rest. You shouldn’t expect the toster to make bacon and eggs too, would be nice though.

  7. says

    Dude all you said here is nothing but crap what I see here is that probably you have just been able to use just one type of the phone(bb) and you dnt really have much idea about it in one word I will give you one advantage of blackberry that other smart phones don’t have yet. ISP give the highest bandwidth to blackberry users only while other phones irrespective of ur so called Iphone have to buy MB which is even more costly so what’s the point here man and your so called iphone will refuse to leave there application for free. I dnt really need to go into details but poster there is no point in ur post please next time try to make deep research and give good points And mind you I was once a wizard on symbian phone if you know what I mean few ppl know me (fbt_owner) buh now I prefer to stay to my blackberry cause it gives me all I want. And talking about games why don’t you get a ps3 or 2 if you want to play a game its a mobile phone and not suppose to be meant for game. There is a lot to tell but I just want you to keep silent if you don’t know what to write You keep critisizing the phone yet it rocks the market do you think all those people that purchase it are fools. Pls contact me on (charleentina@yahoo.com) I would really like us to look @ all this together. And one more thing ur so called iphone sucks because It consumes too much of data plans

    • says

      @fbt_owner you just have to stay calm, this is just Caprio’s point of view. One thing is for sure, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

    • kingzerduff says

      ok first off every one has his or her own opinion and i respect that. IMO BB is the least smart phone compared to IOS andriod symbian win phone 7 i have used all platforms . Jeez! no video call, no FM radio (and dont say internet radio, sometimes u need to hear news about ur locality) BB is just an an ostentatious good with very limited capabilities. 99% of pple who use BB as their primary phone r not in the know when it comes to technology

  8. says

    The 1st statement is a stupid lie: multitasking on blackberry exists and works pretty well. The touchscreen works very well. I had to increase the sensitivity of my touchscreen to get the best out of my Bold 9900. Your friend has a problem with his own touchscreen well other don’t. Every device will always develop fault for some users. BlackBerry is recommended worldwide for its maximum security thus they work hard to maintain that by making the device impossible to jailbreak! No every android and symbian phone supports flash so that your lack of flash statement just doesn’t cut it at all. There are low end and high end android and balckberry devices so if this your review is based on a low end blackberry device with OS 5 or less then you fail oh! You can’t really say the BlackBerry platform sucks until you’ve ACTUALLY used it.

    • says

      The first statement isn’t a lie and I wouldn’t just make that up – http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/justin-trudeau-tweets-hating-blackberry-isn-t-alone-173807070.html I never said every Android and Symbian phone support Flash. Symbian Anna OS does and that’s a fact, there’s also Adobe flash app in Google Play for Android. – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.flashplayer&hl=en Even though I don’t own an Android smartphone yet, I plan on buying one cuz I’ve used a friend’s Samsung Galaxy S II for a couple of days and I love it. A friend of mine has that same Bold 9900 you mentioned and I do mess around with it once in a while but the fact remains that I hate it (with passion) and that’s never gonna change.

  9. says

    Like I said before I had issues with the responsiveness of the touchscreen on the Bold 9900 but as soon I increased that it started working perfectly well. You said you have played with a friend’s bbb bold 9900 device yet you didn’t notice multi-tasking there abi? The fact remains we have different needs in a mobile device and the blackberry serves me well and I don’t plan on changing for any other device. The last time I checked I’m not into turning my phone into a PS 2. Maybe you are. P.S: some peeps have used the iPhone and have moved on to other platforms cos they just didn’t like it. I remain on #TeamBlackBerry for life while you stay on with #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid 😀

    • says

      Well, I love gaming, music, experimenting with gadgets and I always abuse them, even brick them. That’s just the way I am and I need a smartphone that’s rough, rugged and flexible. Our needs are different. 😛

  10. says

    There you have it. You love to *wreak havoc* on mobile devices. The BlackBerry would never allow you that chance thus I see no reason for the title of this article. An appropriate one would have been: 7 Reasons Why I’ll Never Get A BlackBerry Phone. Sucks is a pretty strong word. In other news, check your FB inbox abeg 😀

    • says

      Who likes to play by the rules? I hate it when my own device restricts me in anyway and so are most people. We are the category referred to as ADVANCED USERS. Sucks is a pretty strong word, but it’s the right word for Blackberry. Lol. Message replied, sir :)

  11. says

    Hey Wale! Were you drunk when you wrote that? hehehe:D Anyway, for me I like surfing the web in maximum “Anonymity” when I choose, and only Blackberry guarantees that. Secondly, their enterprise service is awesome! In fact, how it hooked up to the my custom email without asking me, configure POP3 this and that made me scream. Touchscreen type is the last smartphone I will ever desire. Solid QWERTY is the joy of any chronic writer like myself. BlackBerry rocks!

    • says

      Drunk? lol, I dont think so. 😀 Talking of Google apps email, it’s well intergrated with my iPhone email client. I only needed to enter my username and password, the rest of the config was automatic and I never entered all those POP3 details and all that as well. Plus, the push email is in full HTML 😛 Well, for your info, the future belongs to touch screen devices. Qwerty keypad is gonna be old school in the next couple of years and that’s why RIM is coming up with touch based blackberry phones and their so called playbook.

  12. says

    Blackberry Sucks.. Unreliable battery, WhiteScreen of Death, Poor/Lack of Apps, Forcing the Naivitees and ignorant peeps on a plan for BBM, cos f**k it social media and the networks are free.. BBM network is just lame and not worth the PLAN.

  13. says

    @Aiyk: are you speaking based on experience from one of those London used blackberry phones or a brand new blackberry phone? I ask because almost all the peeps that contact me with issues on their phone are making use of fairly used BBs

  14. says

    It’s a matter of choice. BBM is the major source of some people’s marketing. I get considerable traffic from there to my sites too! I love my iphone. Really sophisticated but my BlackBerry meets most of my current needs!

  15. says

    Look around fellas, iPhone is definitely good for the techie people around in first world countries who really know what to do with an Apple gadget. Did you even know that there was a glitch discovered by a nerd that allowed ordinary iPod to make phone calls? It is good to list the pros and cons about what an iPhone and a Blackberry can do but how well you use either matters most. Our network providers seem to prefer BB to iPhone. In time the situation will change ONLY when the general public (consumers) begin to get enlightened about Apple iPhone functions. BB is a blasted gadget that’s nothing more than a thousand quid of prime technology that needs to be fed with subscription baby food before it is of any use. How many of you know how to use Android apps except for chatting and downloading? For me, BB isn’t bad. iPhone is okay. Both are useful to those who know how to use ’em and what they really want out of a smart phone.

  16. says

    We don’t need to fight but seriously don caprio I have known you for a long time but the ur atickle is not in the right sence the fact the you don’t like blackberry is not a good point to condem it generally every body have different tast and they go for what suits then for me blackberry have been the source of my income and I I have no reason to hate it so I stick to my blackberry 9800 I enjoy it so much so don I remain. #teamblackberry for life you can use what ever you like. Peaceout

  17. says

    That hardware QWERTY will be dead is a couple of years is the most hilarious “mobile technology” prediction. Truly, BlackBerry has got its downside, but dismissing the novel aspects in favour of those “cheap plastic” Taiwan built Android devices is madness. Again, I would pay any price for privacy and security on the mobile platform – Android, certainly is another Google goggles, monitoring Ūя̲̅ every move.

  18. says

    Yeah! Bro, guess this gonna be the most commented post on this blog. And you’re already wondering why? That’s the passion behind BlackBerry, hate it or like it, you just can’t stop talking about. Maybe, you’ll have to compose another twist to the above topic for more comments. :-) hehehe

  19. John Stevenson says

    When RIM’s best cell phone is only comparable to many low-end Androids in terms of functionality and reliability, you clearly have a problem. They have no product that comes close to the high-end Android phones or iPhone 4S. Basically, they are 3-4 years behind in the innovation game.

  20. Togar der Grosse says

    1. Justin Trudeau, a Top Canadian Politician, Confirms BB Sucks Comment: He must be using a cheap version of BB, or he doesn’t know how to use it. Smartphone is ideal for smart user. 2. Limited Applications and Games Comment: If we are talking about BB OS6 or previous, I agree. But the latest BB OS7 support OpenGL and u should see what BB10 could do. Comparing a 7 years old operating system to todays OS like iOS and Android is just not fair. 3. You can’t even Customize the Stupid Thing Comment: What do u want to customize? BB have themes since ages. Not on iPhone (without jailbreak). 4. The User Interface is Ugly Comment: See that the iOS5 drop-down notifications is copying BB OS6 interface? It’s all about function, not just eye-candy. 5. Blackberry Messenger? Facebook Chat has More Users! Comment: Which data support ur statement? One thing I know, BB has more than 77 million subscribers and more than 45 million active BBM user. Oh btw, BB do also support FB Chat. 6. The Web Browser is so Ineffective Comment: Really? Cosz http://html5test.com/results/mobile.html says otherwise. While it’s still below iOS and Android, but alot better than Bada, Belle, even WP7. 7. The Design Sucks Big Time Comment: That’s depends on taste my friend. I see the design of Bold 9900 attractive, and even the Porsche P981. The future belongs to touch based devices and it seems RIM is trying to catch up on that, copying Apple, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. They failed at that! Comment: Copying? “That’s a Blackberry user lamenting at it’s effectiveness. You shouldn’t buy a blackberry phone if you need a real smartphone. Blackberry is nothing but a toy to me and the operating system is nothing to write home about. You can scream all you want, I’m just saying my mind here and if you feel the way I do, please share this blog post on Facebook and hit the +1 button! Tell your friend Blackberry sucks!” Then BB is not for you. People first using BB ‘mostly’ for their push mail and security. Just because most people using BBM more than other made people think it’s the only one it can do. Ask any Fortune 500 companies, will they allow their employee using iPhone or Android for business use? So who is the “toy”?

    • kingzerduff says

      If BB is over 7years old should it not be better since it is the elder mobile OS Ironically it took it time to come of age we had to wait to OS6 before we could hav tabed browsing we had to wait to OS7 for open OpenGL support the API level of the OS is very low do u know why u cant make video calls with ur blackberry? u need to find out if u dont know.

  21. Togar der Grosse says

    BlackBerry can’t do Video Calls, no FM Radio (before latest Curve with OS7), and crappy support on graphics apps. I agree. The reasons? There was no competition! Don’t tell me that it’s only BlackBerry, heck, even the latest iPhone 4s doesn’t have FM radio. And currently able to do video Calling with 3G on iOS6. For a ‘java’ based phone, I see no other smartphones better than BlackBerry. CMIIW And to be honest, comparing todays BBOS with others is just unfair. Wait until BB10 came out, and we’ll see.

  22. fbt_owner says

    Blackberry rocks and that is it. Take it or leave it I have seen no point in all this debate. Signed. FBT_OWNER. 21B7A118 add me peeps and let’s talk more. #teamblackberry. For life. #gbam#

  23. De Dude says

    To all BB users , To start with i am using a BB Bold 9900. The best smartphone BB boasts of. I agree with what has been said in the “OP” BB suck big time , Blind BB users fail to see this , this is how they have been brain washed they failed to see the achievements of others. Trust me guys my bold 9900 costs around 30000 Indian rupees and can not to things which half the price an Android phone does. So how did BB fail ? They kept nagging about themselves being the best and failed to understand the market . you say BB is a brand name well so are other Android companies , HTC , Samsung , Sony , Motorola . BB has to understand that in today’s world the one which offers the most at a competitive price is the winner. Even small brand names are coming with Smartphones that BB Bold 9900 cant offer see this http://www.thinkdigit.com/Mobiles-PDAs/Micromax-launches-Superfone-A80-Infinity-for-Rs_10109.html Micromax launches Superfone A80 Infinity for Rs. 8,490 a 2500mAh battery can your beleive it with ICS 4.0 , 5mp camera witg flash and front camera VGA. If u say its a VGA camera my reply would be better than not having a camera in the case of BB 9900. Limited no of apps at BB app world. they will never catch up with apple or android. Some stupid person said well if u have to play games buy a ps2 . Tell me one thing what if BB10 comes with HD gaming? are you going to appreciate that or criticize ? at that moment u will appreciate it , today you are not because BB doesn’t offer it to you. No skype on BB . Yeah keep nagging about BBM thats all you can do. Some people said well it’s a Corporate phone so no fancy stuff.. Helllloooooooo Corporate people are also human beings and like to play games , chill in their free times. BB please stop making our lives boring. Another argument was wait for BB10 . why wait ? what were you doing for the past years instead of fooling the masses. by the way BB 10 has been delayed till 2013 and i bet u guys by the time BB 10 comes Android phones half the price would have much to offer or at least the same. be it Touchscreen , games , camera , apps , video calling blah blah So don’t spend extra spend wisely. I want to be Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB Bold 9900 user My Cellphone is for Sale.. Getting an Android.

    • TeamBB says

      Are you stupid or what?? If you notice that blackberry sucks (in your mind), you wouldn’t buy it. Or if you buy it just because you want to mock BB users like that, then you must be very stupid. BB is for serious, while iPhone is for entertainment. Different genre, Different CAPABILITIES! You Guys never notice that every one has their own sight, so don’t think you guys are the only one

  24. De Dude says

    My above post was posted on crackberry forum Guess how did Kevin and his team respond ???? Crackberry Forums Message You have been banned for the following reason: Troll be gone Date the ban will be lifted: Never Wow these guys don’t even have the balls to give a reply. I understand their problem , when you can’t answer , you get irritate and ban. I guess this attitude of theirs proofs more & more why BB sucks.. I want to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Welcome Android

  25. Ebay User says

    I bought one on ebay. Received less than 12 hours ago I already hate it: Hardly any apps can use Wifi… or if they do it wont work without a BB plan. The appworld only works through a data plan AND a BB plan… oh you also need to buy a special “blackberry plan” on TOP of the data plan, and voice plan, and text plan… the web browser sucks horribly, basically a WAP browser, no full web pages… if it crashes you have to pull the battery. theres no hard off button. rather limited app selection. (my $20 ZTE (not a “smart” phone) had more j2me apps…) No tethering. Also of note: my ZTE did everything my blackberry does. Minus all the lockdowns and weird fees. It even multitasks! And the web browser works slightly better…

    • says

      BB is trash, I just wish everyone could see that. It’s got little or nothing to offer if you want more out of a phone other than making and receiving phone calls, pings and messages.

  26. Jm says

    As I write this I’m leaving the iPhone and moving to a real phone, the blackberry bold 9930. You call blackberry a toy? Really? When’s the last time you saw someone on an iPhone doing something other than playing a game? Sounds like a toy. Sure the iPhone is an incredible device , a media device. Plus you are incorrect about a few things. The iPhone doesn’t support flash, the iPhone can’t multitask, and the iPhone lacks a good typing input. Also wheres the backup over cellular? iPhone doesn’t have it but Blackberry does . Where’s the encryption ? Blackberry has it. Who has the better battery life? Not iPhone . Sure blackberrys can’t play tons of games or other toy apps. They dominate when it comes to calling, emailing, and texting. You know what a phone is meant to do. Overall the iPhone is a quality device for entertainment as a toy, but the blackberry is the best phone and communication device on the market. Get your facts straight before outright bashing blackberry .

  27. itgnuru says

    A child wrote this article. Blackberry’s are for business minded people and those who care about security, making money and keeping in contact with other business people who also like to make money. It integrates into corporate environments much better and IPhones. Blackberry’s using BES servers have a shit load more features than dumb ass Iphones and Android devices. Its not for douche bags who want play around and jerk off with useless “apps”. Every reason you have for not liking Blackberries are superficial and aesthetic in nature. I gave my daughter an IPhone because they are entertainment devices for kids. She loads and unloads apps because the apps are not serious and are really useless. What a dumbass article. Get with it.

  28. xixicx says

    Oh crap!,i was thinking about buying a blackberry soon,as a lot of my friends have 1 and i was the onily 1 that didn’t have a ping number. Thankxs Don c 4 the informative post,Am a hardcore Symbian and Android user who likes to twack to crap out of my devices! 😛 Skrew BB i never liked it any way,i mean just take a look @ the Playbook!,what kind of stupid person makes a tablet that dosn’t even use a 2G or 3G Network…………Hahahahaha i bet in their biz silly retro minds Wireless lan was more secure! lol smh

  29. Artlover says

    I absolutely agree, means that everybody in my school are just a bunch of idiots, I mean literally EVERYBODY in the school including teachers, uses blackberry I mean come on!! I’m literally the only one without a blackberry in my school, well few teachers don’t use them but I mean the whole class but me wrong. WHOLE GRADE, wrong. WHOLE SCHOOL, uses but me and few of my teachers, and they use it all for one reason: BLACKBERRY MESSENGER. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They can just go online! (Everybody has a laptop, school requires it) Now it’s hard to contact people because they’re to busy with “BBM” when I get frustated I need to borrow my mom’s blackberry and contact them with her phone! It’s like they can’t receive any of my text! Or never go online anymore!

  30. says

    I respect everyone’s opinion. I don’t play games (even in my hp pavilion) and my brothers have a ps2.. I hardly touch it. I’m a person who loves privacy and security. I use my blackberry to blog, transact and make money, do my assignments at school. That’s the things I enjoy doing and my blackberry offers it all. So i see no reason changing it. By the way.. My class mates enjoys the cheap (1 month) internet access at N1200 from airtel. And I see no shame using blackberry to communicate and make money. #iHate_Games #team_Blackberry

  31. W says

    Haha, this must be a black thing. I’ve never seen anyone on blackberry as hard as you guys. Its the people like celebs that are making the Blackberry look like a materialistic thing. How can you say it dosent offer anything? Its main/original purpose was email and it does it quite better than ioS IMO and definitally android. Yes blackberry is on its way out but you still seem kind of shaken up. Why would anyone post a blog on way a cell phone is not good enough. Your opinions are kind of awkward. Good luck with your blogs.

  32. Mehdi says

    Blackberry is the WORST phone ever and is like **** compares to iPhone and android. Im an android user and I am very happy with my phone (xperia neo v). Blackberry optical pad is BAD can’t even navigate properly and the keyboard is way too small. Not to forget that blackberries have the smallest screens compared to thr others. If you look at the specs, they’re no good

  33. Danny Lam says

    I want to share two reasons why I hate BlackBerry deep in my heart: 1. Can’t read PDF. Someone taught us to email it to yourself, then read the attachment and you can read it. Fxxk it. 2. Poor support. It is impossible to find the support contact. I don’t know how come this company is so fearful to get in touch with us users. RIM never realises that failing to give us users an easlier life is a fatal crime. Interesting enough, they have never learnt enough lesson through the market, and still wants to educate us users! How come they never understand the bitterness of BlackBerry’s users that being abandoned by the world? We spent such amount to have a smartphone, but no apps, no support. Yes, die-hard fans of BlackBerry can give zillion of reasons to say Don is wrong for his comments, but sad enough, your die-hard support cannot revive this dying company. Not to mention its poor stock price!

  34. Horlaitan says

    Plain and simple. I hate blackberry to the core. Brother sent me bold 5 from overs, sold itand bought myself Nokia E6. Sold the E6 now I got myself Samsung Galaxy Note II. what else do you want from a phone? Everything packed in it. Games, email. Infact I don’t press my phone except if I wanna play game. I say a word and the phone do the execution. Blackberry users, wake up this is 21st century.

  35. R says

    Cih… Every phone have their disadvantages and advantages.. I’m the users of iphone, ipad, bb.. Sometime I hate and I like both of them when come to the diffrent usage..

  36. Ahmed M says

    That’s funny. You used one of the most hated politicians in Canada to showcase your hatred for Blackberry Smartphones? Doh!

  37. says

    Well I used to love bb but by the time I bought one My close friend bought an iphone 3g..my bb is torch 9800…but to date I wanna sell it away like I don’t knw what! Reason being Biss very expensive here in Kenya and the fact that app esp those fancy ones all are for sale..a couple of dollars I find this rigorous and annoying..My friend makes me choke wit envy as he play Most lovly games like NFS with maad grafix..while bb nothing of the sort..to me I read between the line the article above and has more than pleases the eye …the author is absolutely 101 %…..am gonna get iphone 4/4s/5 these are modern and fun..bb users bye bye…New Year Resolution Y Lie?

  38. Fauzan says

    Hate Blackberry so much…. Why ? 1. Battery suck 2. Not really themeable like CyanogenMod 7 or MIUI (Custom Android ROM) 3. Not for advanced linux user like me, preferly Android is my choice 4. Design for icons is suck, Android can do better than it ! 5. Still java based, which suck for expensive phone, my old java phones do better and cheaper ! 6. Stoopid lockscreen, Android does alot of better 7. CPU Overclocking, my favorite thing on Android. BB doesn’t have it. 8. Installing Custom kernel, recovery, ROM, customizable, isn’t a matching word for BB 9. For business people only ? Stoopid phone, Nokia 3310 is more better for business people since it’s lighter to carry and faster to use 10. Have theme engine ? Hahaaaaa ! The worst theme engine i had, CyanogenMod 7 and MIUI is best !

  39. Bree says

    I’ve actually used a BB for the first time today, because my iPhone 4 just gave out T_T I struggled to install any apps, could not load my gmail contacts on the phone, did not find an easy way to receive my gmail and exchange emails, and had to restart the thing 5 times during this process. After about 30 minutes I started my browser and, out of frustration, typed “blackberry sucks”. I saw this article and wanted to open it, but after 2 minutes of loading I got the message that the page was too large, and the browser exited. I am now happily browsing on my Nexus 7 instead and awaiting my Nexus 4 which should arrive next week.

  40. says

    I’m using a bb9220. I don’t think BB really sucks, i just think that BB app world sucks. I can’t find anything interesting to download at all. No tumblr app! games suck! I used to have a samsung phone, but I sold it to buy a bb. I thought it was a good decision, until i tried BB app world. If BB app world was even close to android, bb wouldn’t suck at all. I wish they’d develop more apps.

  41. thami says

    My BB bold 9900 is the best fone I Eva had , its hell fast on the internet, I can download a full music ulbum or movie within 20minutes and I can download up to more than 10 times apps at the same time , its touch its amaizing , I can multitask up to ten times without exiting any of what iam busy with, its big n bold enough , upto 6hours battery life a day, I can use it as a moderm just usin mobile hot spot without cnnecting any wire, cheap blackberry BIS plan! this phone is just amazing! Blackberry is the same as having a pc on ur hand coz u can install any app u want for it , most app are free like radio , voice recoignition

  42. Jt says

    Like all apple iphoneusers you are a self absorb you try to misinform people and you don’t speak for the masses. The iPhone is garbage you can’t things done, like everyone else you don’t stand out. I have a blackberry love it I also have a Samsung galaxy note 2.the iPhone is played out so yesterday and apple has all you idiots brain washed using a tiny screen using slave labor in Asia to make the iPhone, for all you self absorb American assholes. So before you run your mouth and give wrong information state real facts that you can back up.

  43. Ronnie Peretz says

    Yes the Blackberry sucks but not really for the reason you posted. For me there is only one reason why it sucks. BB knew that they are bad shape and Iphone and Android are kicking their butts in every category. They knew that their browser sucked. They knew that the camera sucked. They knew that their cloud solution sucks. So what did they do? They come up with the Blackberry 10, the new look for Blackberry. So yes they did address most of the issues in BB 10 but here is the problem I have with the BB 10. 1. Where is the keyboard ? That was the only thing I had over all other phones. The keyboard rocked. I could have typed emails in seconds. but now it’s gone. BB says they will release other phone with a keyboard later this year. 2. Where are the apps? This phone has no apps, simple as that. If you like Google, then BB is not for you. Why? Well Google is not going to develop any apps on the BB. You can start with Gmail, maybe the number email out there? but yet no app for it on BB? Google did develop a web page for Gmail but let’s face it it’s slow and I just want an app. So then I said, what about chat? The BBM is a joke, it only works for BB users what about my friends who use other type of phone. There is an app called What’s up…well that’s not supported on BB 10 as well (it does run on previous versions). Let’s talk about maps….well they suck on the BB 10 simple as that. But for me it’s come to apps. Developers don’t want to spend the money on supporting BB simple as that. And Google is the first on list not to support BB. It’s simple, BB is going down. Someone is going to buy them off and that would be the end of them. The BB 10 did buy them some time, but the end is near.

  44. Geoffrey Tan says

    Just sayin, if u put the blackberry in ur minds everyone saying it sucks and its boring. If u remove the blackberry its now iphones android fans are saying thats borring. So technology changes either way. (I love every OS except android) Before iphone, blackberry was king than came ios than came the malware lovin OS android. Reasons why IT companies and government agencies use blackberry is that they can feel safe in chattin and knowing no one will hack them. Besides working people have no time to play games so they use blackberry.

  45. says

    to me bb is an over priced junk look at apple and android both offering over 500k apps but bb u cant get noting … someone even created an app that refers u to their website ..but on android and ios the app actually works as an app.. y waist 50 -60k on rubbish when u can get the real stuff like samsung galaxy and iPhone .. even all those cheap china tablets are more preferable to this junk called bb

  46. p says

    Hi there, I agree totally that BB sucks ! I even posted it in their forum today ! My girlfriend has one and bought it because she liked the keyboard on it. Today I tried looking for a videocall app for it. Does not exist !! Yes, only if you have a BB 10 , otherwise , you’ re screwed. Toyed around with it and found out my old Nokia 95 is better ! And about BBM : I ‘m from th Netherlands and 100% of the people use ” what’s app ‘ for messaging. Its FREE ! So there really is No reason whatsovere to buy a BB. Unless you want to make a statement : that you utterly don’t understand anything about smartphones !

  47. Sitara Singh says

    First of all, let me say this. I got a blackberry cause the girl I had a crush on had one, and the only way to talk to her was through BBM. I warn you; do not buy Blackberry. It’s the worst piece of shit techno crap you’ll ever see. The phone will work fine for a month, and then later, it’ll lag like a tortoise. FUCKING SLOW. AND THEY SELL IT PRETTY COSTLY. FUCK BLACKBERRY. THE COMPANY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

  48. fineiyk says

    men!!!!!!!! BB is dead, i use SONY ERICSSON XPERIA, you guys need to have one, cos is like heaven on health. i can do what ever i want with it….. don’t even talk about the photo editing, with android phone, you can do undo….. yeah undo. BB sucks that’s true. don’t even go for it

  49. BBRYSWAGJ says

    I know this was typed like last year but for those who commented this year (2013) BlackBerry has caught up. Ever heard of the new BB10 series. It’s a totally new platform different from the original BB7 platform. BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) built the OS from the ground up. The core OS which is embedded into the system is known as QNX which also has the support of Android API APK Dalviks so you could side load any app not available in the app store. Plus another thing BlackBerry has other platforms (at least not Apple) don’t is Adobe Air. The new BlackBerry devices are said to put other platforms to shame especially Apple. Even though it doesn’t have the apps (due to it being young and new; only 6 months old), there are apps being added everyday. The next 10.2 update should be close the app gap seeing how apps such instagram are already set for release. Right now there are only 3 devices (z10, q10 and q5) with two more releasing (z30 and z15) and we may see another tablet-like device before the end of the year. I see your frustration with BB7 but BB10 is different. Try visiting CrackBerry once and awhile.

  50. BBRYSWAGJ says

    I admit I’m a BlackBerry diehard. I almost fell for the iPhone (I may still buy one) but I wanted to hold out for the new BlackBerry Z10. Ever since I had this phone I’ve been “hyperconnected” (reason for the famous ‘CrackBerry’ nickname) ever since. Once instagram hits the platform I’ll be even more connected. I’ve tried the iPhone as a backup phone until the release of BB10 but after using it I say BlackBerry beats it bar none. Features like the Hub, predictive texting keyboard (best virtual keyboard ever), BBM video chat and screen share, timeshift camera, story maker app, peek & flow, etc are the best things about the phone. The OS never lags or crashes (QNX core). With every update the phone gets better, smoother and the phone never has any malware. If a bug is detected the phone would reboot to keep it from crashing (issues fixed with 10.1 software update). The phone is just awesome. I really wish people would give BlackBerry a chance and get over their childishness and immaturity and just try the phone.

  51. franky says

    Dont forget the fact that the battery life on blackberry sucks and also the fucking screen freezes constantly worst phone ever i totally regret buying a bb phone

  52. says

    Dear. you are correct. Nokia and Htc is more better than blackberry in terms of Application and how much its battery lasts. But dear in terms of working and maintainance BB is the Best. If my BB has a software, i dont need to go to a phone repairer to help me flash my phone and he or she would take my penny, money or my thousands of Naira frm me. Cause blackberry has made it so easy that you can flash your phone with out going to a repairer and its easy to do, I have used it several times to make money. But if its Nokia You have to but the Nokia Flashbox with all the different thousands of phone cable. even Htc. Were wld you get money to do all of that. Even to flash some nokia or htc phones you wld be asked to log online and pay 12 or 13 dollars before your phone wld be unlocked. B ut blackberry its free as far as you have your desktop manager. which comes with your blackberry phone. So really what am try to say is that to me all of the phones are Good and ok depending on your choice,

  53. Fruitydc ri says

    Been a long time user of BB. Sadly it sux when compared to any mobile today. First off way too heavy for no reason! Then there’s the reception, keeps giving SOS. And there’s the unable to receive corporate mail problems and sms. Specs are WEAK! 512mb wth is that!! Interface, browser, etc weak, outdated. Once you drop it’ll never be the same, example voice will break up permanently or something. Way too limited to customise also plus the resolution, mp3, etc is below par. It’s a wonder BB isn’t bust yet.

  54. Algoree says

    As an IT support, I get daily BB complains, the enterprise doesn’t work, failed, the network failed, etc. Even my own BB network goes up and down with whimps and fancy! What’s worse their SMS sux… when you sms, it autocorrects to the wrong things, and it refuse to ‘learn’ new words or use the words I typed at all despite even if you correct it 10times it’ll auto back to the wrong ones for you. And its DELETE/BACKSPACE DELETE button is right on top of SEND. So each time I try to delete, it SENDS instead. Wow… dumbness to the core…. I’ve had 4 BB’s due to work, and I’ve to say… BB is the sorriest device you can own. Highly unreliable (that’s why white house dropped it), too heave yet once drop, something will give (anthenna, voice quality, something), bulky brick, low tech and zero useful softwares. Why haven’t BB go bust yet?

  55. jay says

    Thanks for dis post. My bb loving friends will stop dragging with me on this same topic after seeing dis. Fuck bb

  56. waif says

    I hate this phone…this is fucking shit..I wasted my money..not a single application for it…y they r running this company anyway..they should shut it down n sit back n relax..becoz this shit is not going to get hit…

  57. Kimberly says

    I think people should not tell others what to buy or not, you don’t like bb for some reasons, keep the Damn reason to yourself , ok iPhone is better than blackberry, we no but free the phone and anybody who loves it I mean they ain’t foolish

  58. Paul says

    I was able to put up with the deficiencies of the blackberry until just now. I just met a really beautiful girl in the train and got her email at the last minute. I typed in her name after and then pushed save. BlackBerry dumped her email and kept her name. Lots if good that is. Thanks BlackBerry for stepping it up to an epic fail from just the usual fail. This phone is given to me for free. I’m going to pay to go but something else…. and yes it’s new.

  59. Der Georg says

    After having my BlackBerries for almost a week now I agree that BB kind off sucks. One of the reasons I bought them was the physical keyboard. But even the keyboard is by far inferior to what I know from Nokia. Also, Symbian Belle is really great compared to bb os 7 or 10.

  60. Temmy says

    The only problems i have with my bb is that it drain battery too much and secondly it use to hang whenever i put in my pocket so that i will have to remove the battery and put it back after some minutes before it start works again. if bb can rectify this in their coming phones it will be atleast better.

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