How to Claim your Blog Ownership on Technorati

Technorati is arguably one of the most highly  respected blog directory as at the time of publishing this article. Therefore claiming your blog ownership on Technorati basically means two things: You’re practically creating more backlinks for your blog, because once you claim your blog on Technorati, every new post on your blog will be shared on Technorati and at the same time, your articles gain more exposure to a wider audience. Claiming your blog gives it more publicitywhich will definitely directly increase the traffic coming to your site. For a blogger I need not to say more, because we all know what effect an increase in traffic will have on revenue.

how to claim blog on technorati

Now, let me give the detailed steps on how to claim your blog on Technorati.

1.         The first and most important step is registering an account on Technorati, this is very easy and can be completed within a minute or two. All you need is an active email account because all your verification details will be sent directly into the email you used in registering. During the signing up process, ensure that you fill out all the information correctly including your website details.

2.         After you have successfully set up your Technorati account, log in with the details, on your profile page, you’ll find a small box, next to it is start a blog claim. Inside the box, enter your website address, (ensure you type in the correct URL) click on start a blog claim.

3. You’ll be directed to a page where some certain questions will be asked about your blog, details like your blog title, your blog URL, and URL to your online social profiles, fill out all the information as requested, including your blog description and select the proper category that your blog belongs to. After filling out this information correctly click on PROCEED TO NEXT STEP

4.  After you must have proceeded to the next step, a confirmation page will be displayed, telling you that a code as been forwarded to your email address, when you get this confirmation page, log in to your email account and copy the code.

5. Paste this code into any of the post on your blog, preferably the most recent post. Once you do this, Technorati crawler will detect the code and another message will be send into your inbox, telling you that, your page have been crawled and they’ve found the code on it, the email will state that you can now remove the code from your post. (please don’t remove it, until you are certain that your blog claim status has been changed to verified)

6. After you must have follow all the above procedure, log in to your Technorati account on their website and check your blog claim status, it may take hours or days before the status change to verified. Don’t be in haste as the status will change when Technorati is done with the verification process.


  1. You can claim more than one blog with your Technorati account.
  2. When entering details about your blog, be sure to choose up to five similar categories for your blog.
  3. Enter the same tag that you’re using on your website.
  4. Don’t remove the code from your post until the site claim status changes.
  5. Check the information that you’re providing over and over again before you go to the next step.
  6. To sign up on Technorati visit HERE


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