How to Create & Use Animated GIF Picture on Twitter Profile

Unlike Facebook where you are not allowed to use animated gif images for our profile, Twitter lets you upload and use gif pictures for your profile picture. Lots of Twitter users are already using this feature and if you like it too and need to create an animated image for your profile and use it on Twitter, just follow the simple guide in this tutorial.

use animated images for twitter profile picture

First, you should know that,

- The image must not exceed 80 x 80 pixels, else it may lose the animation when uploaded

- The size must not exceed 700kb, this is the maximum allowed image file size allowed

How to create a animated profile image

If you have a GIF editor installed on your computer, you can use it to create the animated profile picture you want to use and if you don’t, there are several websites offering this service. A few of them are listed below:

1. Picasion

2. GIFgear

3. GIFsun

If you want to create something nice that won’t look distorted, be sure the image you’re uploading is square. Also remember not to let the dimension exceed 80 X 80.

You can also pick up one from this gallery here. There are lots of funny and crazy pictures there. To use the picture on your twitter profile, go to your profile settings page and uploaded the GIF image like you normally would. Save the changes and you check your profile. You should now see the animation.

Personally, I don’t like the idea that much and I prefer using normal images.

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    cant wait to change my Twitter profile pics to a GIF…’ll definitely be awesome. thanks for the tips.

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    I’ve always get some sort of problem with editing my profile and stuffs like that. Most time twitter seems slow to me, or rather too fast. Thanks for sharing this though, cos am gonna check it out.

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    Getting animated avatar is still possible on twitter using a simple app

  • Susan Wowe

    This is cool info. I just updated my Google + cover photo today and wrote a post to show how I made it using Gimp. I haven’t touch my twitter account yet.
    Using website is easier, but I feel like to have more personalized features inside the images.

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    Thanks! This is very helpful. Astig!