Link Building Strategies You May Not Have Been Using

Link building has been always among the key aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). With Google Panda Updates, it has become more relevant and important part of effective SEO strategies. It helps you in engaging your visitors coming to your website to a great extent. Also, link building activities have the most dramatic impact over your search engine rankings. As your website and all its different pages would benefit the most from these links, hence it’s important to device some creative ideas of working with them. The below is the list of some effective link building strategies which you may not have thought before.

Try Linkbaiting

This is among the most effective method of building a robust one way links. Linkbaiting is basically a fancy term used to publish high quality content which has all the potentials to attract links from a wide range of sites like social media sharing, news websites, bloggers, etc. Once you get these, you are supposed to use them creatively over your site as and when required. If you are targeting some specific web page to rank higher, you can think of placing some special tools to attract such links. The idea behind this is that you do not have to request the links but to find them naturally thus boosting your search engine rankings.

Participating in any private community

If you intend to get some of the most unique links then you should try participating in a private community. Once you participate in any of the private community you would soon end up reaping a number of benefits. You are now able to access two private link networks, get good traffic from public use sites. Lastly, you would find a huge amount of people which will pose honest opinions and ideas for your growth. In this by participating in any private community you will come to know the idea of networking with different set of people over the web.

Publish guest blogs and article over other sites

Publishing guest blogs and posting articles over different websites are among the best ways of link building. While doing so, you can include a link in your bio space (or simply in your article) directing towards your site. For instance, the e-commerce websites often carry poor content over their sites since they target on selling products online, so when they try publishing guest blogs or articles over other sites, they benefit to a great extent.

Submit your niche related PRs

By submitting different and regular press releases (PR) over news websites related to your niche area would certainly render you a number of links coming in your boatload. In order to publish them over these sites, make sure you base your PRs on some newsworthy stuffs. When you see these PRs being published, they carry your links directing towards your specific web pages having more details on that particular subject.

Seek out testimonials

Testimonials are considered among the best types of links to find since professional business groups carrying high ranking websites would like to have a number of consumers speaking good about their products or services. Also, these links shapes you as an important authority in your niche area sites thus creating a good impression over your visitors coming to your sites.

Final word

Link building is considered to be a very critical part of any SEO strategy. The link building ideas discussed above would certainly help you in driving good amount of traffic towards your site.

Margaret Jules lives in Finland and has been doing internet marketing for last 5 years. She loves travelling, meeting new people and works at SEO Morpheus.


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    Hi Margaret, What an Informative one at DonCaprio. Just started loving more you Don, enjoyed the post fully. I’m really impressed with the title of the post that “Link Building Strategies You May Not Have Been Using” really the title is rather perfect for the content. The Strategies are shared only at Don’s site as of my experience. Here’s a question and Big Thank. Q. I need some guidance on Press Release, how to submit it? where to get news? Share some sites with us and also guide on Press Release the best way.. Thank You Very Much!

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    yes, its realy loaded,but one area i didnt seem to be getting is that of private community.i would appreciate if little more light can b given to this

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    Link building is a necessary strategy for every blog or website owner since Google sees it as a way of knowing how important a page is and rank it. I enjoyed your strategies and i will definitely follow your advice.

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    This is my first time here… i love this post because it brings more light to linking strategy. but it would be more better if you use like a link to show examples as miraj said earlier

  5. Danyelle Franciosa says

    Hi Margaret, Nice write-ups as usual. One of my major concern is really the Linkbaiting. It’s one thing that I really concentrate on. But I am not saying that other link building is not that important to me. of course, they are (so) important as well because that’s what makes a business to keep going..

  6. says

    Hey Margaret, This is an excellent post. I would love to say that you have for to write about some of the methods like Link curration , Link list building , Private blog networking and links from blog commenting. I guess other things are really difficult but we can get links from blog commenting easily. I hope you will add some of the points on your post. Thanks Saif

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    I think you have written is quite well because link building is the only way which can divert potential and true visitors to any website or blog and every web blogger and owner has to build their content according to your points because it will not only increase your readers and followers but also provide income and revenue which will add a value to your website. I hope it will help many other bloggers too. Thanks

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    I always prefer guest blogging, blog commenting, forum participation and social media optimization. Your ideas are quite interesting and helpful for natural link building.

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