Why is Article Marketing Best for Internet Business?

Article writing is considered as one of the best method to market internet business. It is for the sole reason that most of the internet users go online for information. The voracious appetite of the internet users for information is the most reliable foundation why articles can be a good strategy in internet business.

The world has an estimated 360 million internet users. And, most of the users are screen readers, from home decoration to online purchasing, most internet user turn to articles found in the internet. It is because factual and reliable articles create confidence to readers. If you give your readers a good source of information, the more articles you write, the more you appear expert in your chosen topics or field, the more readers you attract.

Here are some reasons why using article marketing in your internet business can be beneficial:

1. Credibility

Like what we have discussed on the first part of this article, article creates credibility. When you produce high quality, informative, unique and original articles, readers will trust you. They will keep coming back and read your articles.
The credibility you established in the cyber world is crucial in internet business. With lost souls lurking the cyber world, building a good image can be difficult. That is why before going to invest in article marketing, it is important to read samples and article styles that would fit your need.

2. Traffic and Back links

This is what best articles can give you.  Traffic and back links are two most important ways to promote your website. The more internet users read your articles, the more chances you that they will visit your webpage. These traffic and back links stuff are also important because it is where article readers and returning visitors can probably be converted to buying customers.
These two main strategies related to article marketing are very important for generating sales and profit in internet business. With one strategy missing, internet business will not surely grow and profit.

Now, lets us see the minor importance of article marketing in internet business.

1.       Economical

Article marketing is considered the most cost effective way to boost internet business. Small and starting internet business may start writing articles in small quantity. However, when your business starts to grow, outsourcing may be an option. Outsourcing companies are flooding the cyber world because of the great demand of contents and articles in the internet. The best part of outsourcing is that you can demand for the quantity and quality of articles you need. Because of the increase in numbers of article writers online, prices of the articles dropped dramatically giving the internet business owners the upper hand in bidding for the articles’ price.

2.       Targeted Market

The most important thing to identify when putting up a business is the target market. Using the article marketing strategy, internet business managers could directly pinpoint his target population or market. This will save the company energy, time and money from selecting positive market that could give profit to the business. For example, you are selling alternative medicines. To attract people who are interested and in to alternative medicines, you must write articles which are related to alternative medicines. In this way, you can have a high probability that the article readers will be converted to online buyers.
With consistent strategy and regular updating and submission of articles, readers will eventually love and keep reading your post. Article marketing is indeed the best way to promote online business. With right motivation and guidance, article marketing will surely help your internet business grow and profit.


  1. says

    Jashon, I couldn’t have agreed more. In fact, article marketing is so effective that it renders other internet marketing systems “unwanted”, in the sense that the information provided is actually what the reader wants to know (or its presented as what the reader wants to know). Whereas, banners and text ads are seen as intrusion into the readers path, while email marketing is seen as totally SPAM.

    • Jashon says

      Hi John Thank you for that comment. Article marketing is really awesome because it informs a lot of information to the readers, buyers or any people who wants to market his/her business. And it covers a wide idea about one’s product and services.

  2. says

    Sir Doncaprio, Internet Marketting is so effetive this day that many people is now taking it as full time job. I never know it is so great to be an Article Marketer until I ventured fully and I become my own Boss. Sir Jashon as said a lot already about it. Thanks For the articles.

  3. says

    Am really excited and am more inspired to read this, i have been trying to get myself into Article Marketing and i think now is the best time for me to start, i know i have all it takes to start. Thanks!

    • Jashon says

      Yes Dion. And always take your best in giving the best idea for your readers so that you’ll have more visitors and readers for your blog.

    • says

      Thank you so much Article Marketing… I was happy because a lot of people likes my idea. I was so inspired to continue to share good and interesting information..

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