7 Reasons Why Your Google Adsense Earning is Low

Getting a Google Adsense approved is a big hurdle most aspiring publishers need to cross and it’s getting harder getting an Adsense account as Google tightens its criteria even more. Getting approved isn’t the end of it, making money with Google Adsense is even harder. Quite a lot of people think Google Adsense is a quick way to make money online but when they realize it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, they go ahead and try to cheat the system. This gets their account suspended within a very short time. If you’ve been an Adsense publisher for some time and your earnings is still low, you may be doing a few things wrong. Working on these seven tips should increase your Google Adsense earnings.

low google adsense earnings

1. Your blog is new

Your blog is barely a month old and you’re expecting a fat Google Adsense cheque? Are you kidding me? Come on, it doesn’t work that way. What you should focus on right now is building a good blog, creating your profile as a professional blogger and working on your content. I didn’t get my first check till after a year I started blogging.

2. Your traffic is too low!

Google Adsense won’t work for you if all you get is a couple of hundred page views daily. Let me tell you something, even a thousand page views is not enough. You need thousands of page views to make money with Google Adsense. This is different for micro niche blogs targeting high paying keywords though, but if you’re a new blogger just starting out, forget about Google Adsense earnings for a while and concentrate on increasing your traffic. The mathematics is simple: the amount of your traffic is directly proportional to your Adsense earnings

3. Your niche isn’t good for adsense

Ads appearing on your blog has a lot to do with your site’s content. If you blog a lot about sports, you’re likeley to get sports related ads on your site and a lot of bloggers in this niche often complain about extremely low CPC. Also, if you own a personal blog, you’re likely to get lots of irrelevant ads displayed on your blog. Some niches are alright to blog about but the CPC (cost per click) of ads shown is just too low.

4. Your traffic source matters

When most of your traffic comes from social media, referring sites and direct visits, you’re likely to have a low CTR (click through rate). One thing about having a huge percentage of search engine traffic is that it’s very good for adsense. Now, someone searching google for something will be desperate to get answers at all costs and when such person sees a related ad on your site similar to his / her search query, there’s a high probability of clicking that ad. Working on search engine optimization is extremely is very important and you should note that search engine traffic leads to a higher CTR.

5. Your category of visitors count

It’s alright to write for geeks and bloggers like you but hey, these people can recognize a google ad when they see one. Checking my Google account history, the last time I followed a Google ad was 2010! Now, if your site content is tailored only for people like me, you’ll probably be having a very low CTR. I’m not saying you shouldn’t write for other bloggers and adsense publishers like you, I’m only trying to make a point here.

Again, returning visitors are already used to your site layout and are naturally blind to ads, new visitors are more likely to check out your ads. This is why you need to have contents that are more likely to generate clicks.

6. Your ads are positioned wrongly

The way you position your ads matter a lot and you should keep changing this to know which works for you. Also, your color combination matters. It’s alright to blend it with your template as Google advises but then again, this doesn’t work with all templates.  Keep changing your styles and postion till you find the perfect spot to place your ads. As a recommendation (which you don’t have to take) , you may put one under your title, another below your content and a skycrapper on the sidebar or a leader board under the menu.

Like I said, it’s only a recommendation and you don’t have to take it. What works for me may not work for you.

7. Too many ad networks

I understand you’re desperate to make money with your blog at all costs and you don’t want to put all your eggs in a basket, that’s why you have like ten ad networks on your blog. It doesn’t work that way. Less ads, more content is the key, trust me.

If you work on these six points, you earnings should increase in the next few months. Hey, if you think I omit something, I would like to know it. Please do share your views with the comment box.

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Author: Don Caprio

Don Caprio is a full time blogger / web designer living in Nigeria and apart from blogging, my other obsession is music. I'm a self-confessed Tupac fan, an iOS lover, an Android user, a Windows 8 power user, a writer with a 5-year old unfinished novel... and the list goes on and on. You can add me on Facebook, follow my updates on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! By the way, if your blog needs a custom design, you can contact me here...


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    The location of visitors to your blog also affects your earning as you cannot compare a click with a US ip to be same with a Nigerian IP. The CPC is quite different for same ads on different locations. So the location of your audience also matters in this case.

    • says

      I agree with you Desmond, its a common thing for advertisers in 3rd world countries to bid peanuts on their advertisements. African and Asian content creators have to work thrice as hard on their traffic to make reasonable amounts online with PPC ads.

    • says

      I almost included it but then decided not to. Your visitors geolocation also affects adsense earning deal but with a huge amount of traffic, one should be just fine.

  2. says

    sir i’m new for blogging and i donno much about seo ……..,will u plzz tell me about seo,keywords and meta tags,etc………… thanks in advance

    • says

      You can take a look at this post – Blogspot SEO Guide: How to Tweak your Search Preferences Settings This should also be of help – How To Increase Your Blog’s Google Page Rank And Alexa Global Rank

  3. says

    Don, you’ve just nailed the points! Traffic appears the most valuable reason, nonetheless. With huge traffic irrespective of location you can still make it big on AdSense, cos the popularity and reach is great.

  4. says

    Do you if you can combine adsence with another affliate network on the same page? It used to be google’s adsence policy, but now i see more website combining them and some forum say it’s ok and other say it’s still not done.

    • says

      Yes, you can use Google adsense with other networks but there are certain rules that apply: 1. The ads must no be too close to google ads and must not be mistaken for one another. They must be widely spaced. 2. It shouldn’t popup ads. 3. The ads shouldn’t promote things such as gambling, nudity and so on.

  5. says

    Thanks for giving the right guide for making a blog including traffic and also tips for increasing earning etc. I am new in this environment. Please do help me how to increase traffic on my web side http://www.news24ca.com and also make comment on the web side. Your valuable comments can make me success in this regards.

    • says

      You can check this post – 10 Tips to Drive Traffic Effectively to a New Blog – and other posts on traffic here on this blog. I’m sure you’ll find one or two useful points there.

  6. says

    This is true stuff. I am having the same issue and this is the answer i am looking for. Adsense is for high traffic blog/website. Should focus more on content quality after his. Thanks.

  7. says

    Wow… thank you Don Caprio for this. i will see to implement this. i think to get more traffic from the organic search, one has to do keyword optimization. if you have any post on this, pls refer me.

  8. says

    Having a site monetize by adsense is a never ending journey and battle between SEO to top your keyword in every search engine which is kinda tiring. Maintaining your site and linking at the same time to boost your traffic is not an easy task. The key is to always love what you do.

  9. says

    I want you to tell me more about #7. Too many ad networks “I understand you’re desperate to make money with your blog at all costs and you don’t want to put all your eggs in a basket, that’s why you have like ten ad networks on your blog. It doesn’t work that way. Less ads, more content is the key, trust me.” How to control such thing ?

  10. says

    Hi Don! You are absolutely right. We must know that Google Adsense allabout number or it is a game of number. It rely on per ads click or how much impression does it ? All the activities related to number higher the visitors higher chances to clicks on ads ands higher chances to earn more revenue and vice versa.

  11. says

    thanks again for this great post sir. I would like you to ask if start displaying ad from adsense and addynamo and media.net does adsense cancels my adsense account.

  12. says

    Hi Don, I’ve already ask this question before here, but I don’t get answer, the question is: If you placed a large skyscraper ads you are allowed to place only 1 ads?

    • says

      I think I did reply. If you place a 300 x 600 skyscraper ad, you are allowed to use two other smaller units along with it. Bottomline is that you can’t use more than one 300 x 600 ad unit on a page, you can only use it along with two other smaller units.

  13. says

    Well written Adsense article, Don. Some very useful advice on getting the most out of our Adsense. Agree that traffic numbers plays a part, though, I think if we go after targeted traffic, we can manage with lower traffic(not too low, though)! The other option is to have multiple sites in targeted niches that are optimized quite well, and they can pull in a decent amount of Adsesne earnings combined….(that way even moderate traffic can get adequate results)…. Adsense requires time and effort, and if done properly, and combined with other income streams, can add a nice little bonus payment to your earnings every month… Love the Genesis theme, as it reminds me of when I used the Genesis 11/40 theme…… Adsense Ads can load quite slowly, depending on the ad size, format, etc…and it may be best to reinstall the ad code, when this happens….

  14. says

    @Don, this is a masterpiece. The major reason that people are not making it big with adsense especially in Nigeria is Traffic. As you clearly stated above, the higher the traffic, the higher the adsense income. One other reason is that many people think making money online is easy, but it takes perseverance, dedication, passion e.t.c. This article is cool. Thanks for sharing.

  15. says

    Hi Don Caprio, this is a great post involving google adsense. In my opinion the most important thing about making money with adsense is CONTENT. Thanks for sharing !

  16. says

    Nice information thanks for sharing,It is helpful information who want get much traffic and money like me, My Ad-sense earning is very low but i don’t why am getting very and how to get more money,I will implement this techniques on website,Thanks again.

  17. says

    I came across your blog from a social widget (facebook comment for blogger). Aside from making my blog more engaging through different social channels, I also want to try new things out like adsense. I have applied, and luckily, I was approved. The bigger challenge for me is to how to fully maximize it and get something out of it. I understand that it may be too soon for me to earn from it. Upon reading this post, I now know what I might not be doing. Thanks!

  18. says

    hii Don, its really beneficial article but tell me how to increase organic visitors . My adsense application is disapproved every time by saying that your site does not comply with google policies, I really want to approve it. I does many things as making backlinks but all is vain. I like your article and your experience…so plz help me by checking my site

  19. says

    Hello Don, in my humble opinion, to make big money with adsense, just having a lot of traffic on the blog, and quality preference, sites with fewer words and fewer visits, do not gain much with adsense … A big hug! Att, Vinicius Souza

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