How to Backup Your Entire Facebook Photo Albums To Your Computer

It may have occured to you to download your Facebook photo albums but selecting the photos one after the other and downloading each of them isn’t an easy task, especially if you have loads of pictures on Facebook. At first, I found it hard also backing up my entire Facebook photo albums on my hard drive which seems like a pretty cool idea till I discovered this simple trick.

Reasons for this post

  • To let you download at ease all the contents(photos) in an album.
  • To save time.
  • In addition, during the process, this will let you create a specific folder for the album on your computer as it is on the internet.

In this article, I will be showing you how to download entire facebook album to your PC. These albums might be those that existed by default like Wall photos, Cover photos and profile pctures, it might even be those created by applications like Instagram.


  • Firefox
  • Album Downloader for Facebook (a firefox add-on)


  • If you have firefox on your PC, then download the add-on needed as stated above:

Album Downloader for Facebook

  • Now sign in into your facebook account
  • Click on photo link (you can get this from your profile). You can as well do this on your on friends profile
  • Go to your album and you right-click on your desired album
  • From the options, Click on “Download this Facebook album”

how to download your facebook album

  • A box appears, select the folder you want the album to be downloaded. You may create a new one here if you so wish.

how to download your entire facebook photo albums


  • Select the folder and download should start. It may take a pretty long time depending on the number of photos you have in the album but this sure works.

You should be notified when the photos are completely downloaded. You can repeat the same process for each album you have on Facebook.


  1. says

    wao thanks alot i came across this certain time ago but then i was still not willing but now i guess i have to start backing up because i have alot of pictures to backup ones again am grateful ibwill reply back if it works for me here

  2. says

    this is good and easy way to make backup of images uploaded over years in a single go….thnks ( one more thing – i m unable to login doncaprio to my profile because that login link in commentluv is not showing….some api error is there )

  3. mandy says

    I left a msg last night but it’s gone. I’ve rebooted but it still stalls with the following info: preparing to download 1 albums: (album 1) Politicos ________________________________ (album 1) creating album folder (album 1) album folder exists: updating album (album 1) fetching album index (album 1) parsing album index (album 1) found 6 photos It show one square for Album Progress and five squares for Photo Progress and it just won’t work for me. Please help? TIA Any idea what I can do??

  4. says

    Facebook evolves from the moment it starts. Until now, the makers of Facebook still upgrade their perspectives in order to give the best for the users. And as of December 15, 2011, a Timeline is the new virtual space in which all the content of Facebook users will be organized and shown. In Timeline, there is the so called Facebook Cover Photo in every Facebook Profile. Replacing the Facebook Profile, in a Timeline the photos, videos and posts of any given user will be categorized according to the period of time in which they were uploaded or created.

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