How to Unlock Huawei E303 USB Modem

I’ve already posted an article how to unlock Huawei modems easily by generating the unlock code using the IMEI but this doesn’t work with newer versions of Huawei modems like E303. There’s also a post I published earlier on how to unlock USB modems with DC client unlocker but that method doesn’t seem to work with the Huawei E303 being issued by Nigerian networks like MTN, GLOBACOM and Airtel over the last few months. Though I have an older version, Huawei E173, which I easily unlocked without any complications, I was forced to unlock a friend’s MTN Huawei E303 modem over the weekend. It’s an MTN modem and none of my existing softwares worked, I had to buy some credit from DC Unlocker. Unlocking it isn’t hard so far you know the right steps to follow but you must have a PayPal account to get this done (till a free software that does it is released). If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should check the last part of this article.

Buying Credits from DC Unlocker

Before buying any credit, you should first know the exact amount of credit needed to unlock to your device. For Huawei E303, it’s only 4 credits though it varies for different devices. You can check how much credit is needed for your device unlock here.

- To purchase credits, go to this page

- Fill the form correctly with the amount of credit you need.

how to unlock MTN Airtel glo huawei 303

- Last time I checked, they sell one credit for one euro. So, 4 credits should be pretty close to $6 when converted by PayPal. Hit the PayPal button on the next page.

- Log in to PayPal, make the transaction and when you get redirected to DC Unlocker website, the displayed page shows your chosen username and your given password. Be sure to copy this to a notepad and save right away.

Unlocking your Huawei E303 Modem

- Download the latest version of DC Unlocker client here and install.

- Connect your modem and run the software. Be sure you close the default dashboard software for your modem.

- Select your device model from the drop-down menu and then click on the magnifying glass icon to allow the program detect your device

unlock huawei 303

- Now click Server and enter your username and password under login options, click on check login.

-unlock huawei E303 usb modem

- With that in place, select Unlocking and simply hit the “Do job” button.

huawei e303

- As shown above, the modem was unlocked successfully.

You can now use any SIM on your Huawei E303 modem. You can as well use this method to unlock any other USB modem so far it’s supported by the unlocker. If you’re using a ZTE modem, you can unlock the modem for free if you check this post.

Also, if you’re in Nigeria and do not have a PayPal account since it’s unsupported here, you can contact the local dealers listed on DC unlocker website. If you have questions, you can let me know through the comment box.

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Author: Don Caprio

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    This is indeed awesome, so many people have been looking for ways of unlocking the Huawei E303 modem all proven abortive, the method you outlined here is so easy and self explanatory. I have tried all the methods of unlocking modem online without software all to no avail. Am glad you wrote this tutorial as it will help many like me be able to unlock their Huawei E303 modem easily.

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    Thanks don. What of the one you post recently won’t that one work with the new modems?

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      That one won’t work with this. I actually tried it.

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    wow this is great bro, i will try it soon, last week i bought 8euros at dc website, i try the method i kno, its not working but i will try this soon with they latest software, thank God i have 4 euro left on my username and password, don thank u so much bro, am highly greatful

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    hi doncaprio, i want you to know that i just finish unlocking my modem now, bro i’ll never lie to you, this new modem can not be unlock, is impossible for it to unlock, i bought 20euro credit, and i use everything finish just for me to unlock this bastard glo netpro hawail E303 modem, all my effort goes for nothing, bro this method is not working at all, even i took this modem to ikeja for unlocki
    ng, does people try all they must, but they cant unlock it, so this method is not working for me, maybe it will work for does using airtel, mtn, and etisalat, but for glo member, is impossible, i just wasted my money for nothing, damn, am so upset, 20euro shit, anybody here using glo should comment pls.. Thank u for ur good work sir

  • basolan

    dc unlocker currently does not support the new e303 glo supports mtn and just added the new airtel modem,if you have mtn modem I could generate unlocking code for you as i have dc unlocker with 50 me at for further details

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    You said you can help me buy credit through paypal to use the DC-unlocker unlock my ZTE modem. How much credit will i need and how will it cost. Reply me to :

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      You can please send a message using the contact page.

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    my brother pls help me with the stuff. mtn is the slowest

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    Please, don. All this processes are too much for me. I don’t have a pay pal account and I think all this will be quite stressful for me. I don’t know if you could help me with this. Or probably send you an email I can reach yu for transaction. I really cherish this your blog.
    I just bougth the recent airtel modem and the network is not in the environment I currently reside in. Pls help me .
    Hauwei E173, IMEI: 867749012313577

    • Don Caprio

      The modem can’t be unlocked through IMEI. You have to go through the steps. I’m sorry.

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    @don…thanks for d info. u forgot to mention that an internet connection is needed for the unlocking..

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    Good one. I was just trying to unlock an E303 but didnt succeed so i decided to check online for solution when i stumbled on this article. Its a pity i dont have a functional paypal account. so i guess i have to give the modem back to the owner and forfeit the N1500. Ahhh Saaaaaaadddddddd

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    Pls help moi unlock my e303 glo modem..
    imei: 861862006106778
    phone num: 08120548922

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      if your modem gives prompt for unlocking code when you put another sim like the new mtn i could help you generate unlocking code through imei: contact for details

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        That is exactly what my modem is showing.

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    doesntwrk on glo netpro

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      Glo NetPro, u need to use a Mastercode Unlocker

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    Please how would you help me out with credits, i seriously need to unlock an huwaei E303 modem today. hoping to read from you soon. Thanks

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    Hi,if u r using a glo netpro modem,it can not be unlocked using any present unlocking software available cos d firmware for d modem has been customised.

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    NB: I am refering to d glo netpro E303 modem.

  • Komone Emmanuel

    How can I register with DC Unlocker?

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    I am from Ghana and I also have problem unlocking my e303 with IMEI no. 861862008916075. Please help me out because I have only four attempts remaining. Hoping to hearing from you.

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    am sorry for those using glo netpro and glo bolt, right now the firmware of those 2 modems has been customized no any software so far can unlock them including DC-unlocker so don’t even waste your money for buying credit from the site or the retailers,be warned don’t don’t be deceived by fraudsters telling you to unlock these particular modems.

    • http://habeeb_abiola Habeeb

      it can be unlock using the latest DC-UNLOCKER software that can detect this type of they are not guy think about innovation.we are in the civilized world so dont dull your self.I even a particular onee to unlock righnt now

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        Bro, please help me out here if you can unlock the glo netpro E303, i dont mind your charge as far as it unlocks. email me on

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    I cant find anywhere to message you for this Huawei E303 unlocking solution.Don Caprio.i need your reply asap

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    Nice one bro! However, this trick doesnt work for the glo bolt e303 huwaei modem cos the firmware is much more recent (! U got any leads on this one! Anything on Indian Web proxy (IWP)? Thankzz

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    pls hlp me unlock mha glo e303 modem wiv IMEI:861862005807590, S/N:U9CBYA9252608533

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    pls, lemme knw wat it will cost me 2 unlock my mtn e303, u cn email and i wil definately reply u….tnx buddy.

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    To unlock Huawei E303, visit the site .You should provide them your IMEI number to get the code.

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    Please how can I contact you so I can purchase the credits for unlocking my mtn huawei e303 modem?

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    I can’t unlock my Glo Bolt. I had to buy Glo NetPro so as to use my Airtel. Thanks for the tips. I wish Paypal will allow Naija to register

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  • Sir Victor Osed

    We can sell you any amount of credit you need to unlock your modem.

    contact Engr Victor Osed 07032046840

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    Please i reside in Nigeria and am having same problem on how to unlock the MTN E303 modem. i don’t know how to help me about this because be very happy to have the software at hand too. i wait to read from you as soon as possible for the way out on this problem.

    • Don Caprio

      As explained above, you’ll need credits to do it. I think they now have resellers in Nigeria you can contact directly to get those credits.

      • abiodun

        please don can you help me with unlocking my mtn modem, i don’t have paypal account and the number of the nigeria dealer was picked by another person who even said he doesn’t understand what i meant by dc unlocker, so pls how can you help me

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    Don, the E303 modem can now be unlocked for free using Firmware update – Ive recently written something on that here:-

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    don please am expecting to hera from u

  • abiodun

    don evening am stil expecting an answer from you pls

    • Don Caprio

      You can check out this page for a lost of their resellers here in Nigeria you can buy credits from.

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    thanks don i have finally unlocked my mtn e303 modem, pls tel this, mr achibong that what he wrote about firmware is not working because i have tried it but it failed

    • Don Caprio

      Glad you found the tutorial useful. :)

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    Pls, i want to unlocker my mtn huawei E303 modem because i believe is only dc-unlocker that can unlock this modem. I need you to help me get the credit, how and what will i do to get it? Am a Nigerian, thanks!

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    Its very nice meeting somebody like, from my intuition i believe you are a solution provider. I have tried with all my tactics to manipulate the rugged modem but all prove to no avail. In fact, am only left with only three chances, hmmm! i would not want continue again until i get the credit. thanks!

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    hi Caprio
    I am using HUAWEI E303S modem
    I tried to unlock this device but my 10 unlock attem code are finish.Is there any chance to unlock this device or not.if its possible please let me know

    • obasi miracle

      yes you can easily unlock it using dc-unlocker I have a trusted reseller too who sells @ 250 per 1 credit

  • Prajil

    one more please provide me the latest firmware update download link for my device

    • Don Caprio

      I really don’t have the firmware but you can check Huawei’s official website

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    pls how do i unlock huawei E173

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    hey don, gd job from u…bin tryin to unlock glo e303 modem…how do i buy the credit cos i don’t av a paypal account? needed sharply, tnx

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    please mr doncaprio. before i buy credit i am using the glo bolt E303. pleasehas there been a solution to it or it cant be unlocked still cos i have tried almost all websire i come across. please help.

    • Don Caprio

      Not sure about Glo Bolt E303. Heard the firmware is sort of customized and can’t be unlocked yet.

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    i don have paypal account but want to unlock my Huawei E303 modem. please help me unlock it, just tell me what u will need

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    Hello Don Capri. I’m Rasul from Uzbekistan. And I have not possibility to buy the credit. But I want to unlock my Huawei E153Eu-1. Can you help me in this?

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    You know, I never knew the old fastlink modem was out of stock until I realized there was Hauwei E303 – a tougher nut to crack. smiles. Since I’ve been using the old one I never knew there was trouble until someone brought it to me to crack. Then, I had to call a friend of a friend of a friend. And at the same time, I was looking through Google…. I’m just trying to say, thanks for sharing.

    How do I register on the Dc-unlocker site for a username and password? I don’t have a paypal account. I hope i can pay via Credit card?

    • Don Caprio

      You can contact their dealers in Nigeria and pay in Naira. There’s a page on their website for that.

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    Plz don hw do i unlock my huawei 303 a naija boi frm jos

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    Hi don, I want to unlock my glo net pro huawei e303 pls I need your help, tell me how much it will cost and your acct no. Pls. Tnx as I await ur reply soon.

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    which email and password are we talking about here

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    so wat wil are saying is that the glo huawei e303 modem cannot be unlocked?

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    obinna it can be unlocked just drop ur imei number here.

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    Hi Don Caprio ,
    Thanks for sharing. Before I stumbled on your page here , I have tried entering unlock codes and exhausted the 10 attempts limit. Though I have paid for the number of credits I need and spoken with one of the dealers from your link above , he said my e303 mtn hilink will unlock regardless of the ‘permanent lock’ from the previous ten attempts I have made. Is this true ? What’s your take on that? I’m waiting for the username and password now. Thanks

    • Don Caprio

      The latest version of DC Unlocker automatically resets wrong unlock attempts. I read it in a newsletter they sent some days ago but I haven’t personally tried it.

      • Okiki-olu

        It’s true Don Caprio. I just unlocked the said modem about 5minutes ago. Although after many unsuccessful attempts. Saw a tutorial on dc unlocker on how to reconfigure my computer internet settings. I just followe it and whow , just like magic. Here’s the link for anyone interested : So I guess internet setting also play a part , beyond latest software and credits. Thanks anyway , I feel very happy


    I don’t have a paypal account, so how do I buy credit?


    I need your responses please

    • ORKAR

      I paid money into one of the dealers’ account on thursday 11th July 2013 but unfortunately, I’ve not been sent the requisite details.

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    The DC unlocker is not generating this modem unlock code Caprio, what do i do please


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    Da DON,can you provide this unlocking service at a small fee to help cut off all the hassles?

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      I’m sorry, but I can’t. You may check this page for a list of dealers here in Nigeria you can purchase credits from;deale

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    Pls I’m from Ghana and I just tried everything that you posted but when I try logging in at the server I’m being told wrong password, and my modem is an mtn Huawei E303. Help me out.