Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 Untethered on iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G Still Tethered.

I didn’t upgrade to iOS 6 because of several reasons. One of them being the bugs reported and the fact that Google Maps would be gone made me stick with iOS 5.1.1. Again, tethered jailbreak doesn’t sound like a good thing and the most important reason I decided not to upgrade was because I may not be able to unlock the new OS. My phone totally relies on hacktivation to work and I didn’t want to forfeit that with a iOS 6 upgrade. Anyway, iOS 6.0.1 was released a couple of days ago with bug fixes announced and I was curious to see what it looks like so I finally upgraded to iOS 6.0.1, jailbroke the phone and even unlocked it. However, I made sure I saved my SHSH blobs for 5.1.1 in case I need to downgrade. It’s an untethered jailbreak on iPhone 3Gs with old bootrom but if you’re using a newer iPhone 3GS manufactured after the 40th week of 2009, you have to tether your phone to boot.

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For now, your iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak can either be tethered or untethered, depending on your type of device.

Old bootrom iPhone 3Gs – Untethered
New bootrom iPhone 3Gs – Tethered
iPhone 4 – Tethered
iPod Touch 4G – Tethered

How do I know my BootROM?

You can identify it if you know your production date which is included in the IMEI but the easiest way is by using Redsn0w

– Run Redsn0w as administrator, plug in your phone to your computer, then turn off your phone

– Click on Extras > Even more > Identify

– At this point, you should be prompted if you want to identify the device in DFU mode. Hit “Yes” and hit the “Next” button.

how to know your bootrom

– Get your phone into DFU mode as Redsn0w instructs.

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– A few seconds after you  successfully get your iPhone into DFU mode, you should see your device identified:

how to find out your iPhone 3GS bootrom

If you have an iPhone 3GS with old BootROM, your device is eligible for an untethered jailbreak but if you have a newer bootROM or yours is an iPHone 4, you have to tether your device for now till a fully untethered jailbreak is released.

Jailbreak Tools Needed

Redsn0w (Windows) | Redsn0w (Mac)
– Download iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.0.1 compatible with your device. You’ll need both of them:

6.0.0 (3GS): iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw 
6.0.0 (4 GSM): iPhone3,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
6.0.0 (4): iPhone3,2_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
6.0.0 (4 CDMA): iPhone3,3_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
6.0.0 (4S): iPhone4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw
6.0.0 (5 GSM): iPhone5,1_6.0_10A405_Restore.ipsw
6.0.0 (5 CDMA): iPhone5,2_6.0_10A405_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (3GS): iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (4 GSM): iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (4): iPhone3,2_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (4 CDMA): iPhone3,3_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (4S): iPhone4,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (5 GSM): iPhone5,1_6.0.1_10A525_Restore.ipsw
6.0.1 (5 CDMA): iPhone5,2_6.0.1_10A525_Restore.ipsw

Prerequisite – Upgrading to iOS 6.0.1

If you’ve already upgraded your device to iOS 6.0.1, you should skip this step.

1. Launch iTunes and be sure you’re connected to the internet
2. Hold down the home key and connect your phone to the computer. It should now be in recovery mode
3. iTunes should notify you that your phone needs to be restored to work
4. The rest of the process is pretty simple. Just follow the process and wait till it’s completed.

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Alternative method

– Connect your iPhone and launch iTunes
– Click your phone name on the left
– Hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click Restore on iTunes
– Locate the firmware you downloaded earlier and upgrade to iOS 6.0.1

How to Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

1. Right-click on Redsn0w and run as administrator

2. Select Extras

untethered jailbreak for iphone 3gs
3. Click on Select IPSW and locate the iOS 6 you downloaded earlier. (NOT iOS 6.0.1 this time)

how to jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

4. Redsn0w should identify the firmware with a message. Click OK.

redsn0w - jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

5. A warning message should pop up if you’re trying to jailbreak an iPhone 3GS. You either select Yes or No depending on your bootrom type. You identified that earlier, didn’t you?

jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

6. Now click the Back button

7. Connect your phone to the computer then switch if off completely. Now click on Jailbreak

jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 on A4 devices

8.  Redsn0w now prepares jailbreak data for a couple of seconds

jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 on A4 devices

9. The next stage, you are show the available options and you’re to check Install Cydia only. You should only touch the rest if you know exactly what you’re doing.

redsn0w jailbreak untethered

10. On the next page, hit the Next button again

how to jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 untethered with redsn0w

11. Now, you’re prompted to get your phone into DFU mode. Redsn0w should display a guide on how to get that done.

Quickly hold “Power” button for 3 seconds then you will now have to hold “Home” button too for 10 seconds without releasing the power button. Now after that ten seconds release “Power” button but keep holding “Home” button until jailbreak begins.

12. At this point, your phone should bring up some wierd display but don’t panic and do not disconnect your phone till the process is complete.

After some minutes, your phone restarts and your device is now jailborken with Cydia icon appearing on your springboard (if you’re jailbreaking an iPhone 3G with old bootrom).

If your phone can make it past the Apple icon or your phone booted in an unjailbroken state, do this last step:

13. Launch RedSn0w and click on Extras, click Select IPSW button, locate your device’s iOS 6 firmware again.

14. Now Just Boot. You will now need to put the iPhone or iPod Touch into DFU mode again like you did before. Once that is done, your phone will boot into a jailbroken state.

Remember that you have to perform steps 13 and 14 each time you turn off your device. Now you can launch Cydia to install tweaks and unlock your device if necessary.


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  1. Medywan says

    Hi dude, Congrat for your tuto it’s really cool & easy to read. I can’t wait to test so I’m on it, but ‘got a lil’ pb with the ispw version. Redsn0w tell me that this version is not supported (lot of people know this message). I’ve first tried with the 0.9.15.b3 & then with the same you use in your tuto 0.9.15b2 but still got this f***ing pop-up… I’ve read that the choice of the ispw is not an obligation but I just would know if somebody have experiment this & how he get out of this trap. Thanks @ll

    • Medywan says

      My bad, I forgot some infos : It’s an Iphone 3GS already on iOS 6.0.1 with an old bootrom and the pb came at the step 3 of the jailbreak.

        • Medywan says

          I’ve read correctly waht you wrote and took a look several times at each characters….I’ve exactly did the things you made but no way…It always says the same thing about the version not supported o_O’ I really don’t understand. I’ve dl the ispw with the link you gave, executed RedsnOw in Administrator mode (just in case), tried to load the file iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ispw then after the error msg, tried with another one, then again with the good one, then reboot my computer the throw it by the window, I prayed to god, burned a stick of incense, sacrificed a cow….but it don'(t wanna work… Tell me PLEASE !! Am I going to burn in Hell with my cursed iPhone ?

  2. Currentwalker says

    Boss a new error was born in ios 6 its the (cannot connect to itunes store) can you help us here thank you very much

  3. VaInBoyd says

    Are there currently any groups working fully untethered 3gs new rom jailbreaks? And why does it seem to be so hard to do so?

  4. ed says

    hi i have an iphone 3gs and im pretty sure its an old bootrom(checked it in every posible way) i did jailbroke it cydia appears on the screen and works fine. but after a reboot my iphone the cydia and safari crashes.. so i think its jailbroken as tethered i tried JUST BOOT and cydia works again,, can i fix this? i really want the untethered one since my iphone has an old bootrom. i tried jailbreaking it again and again i even restored it and set as new iphone then jailbreak it using redsn0w beta 3 and beta 2. pls help me. tnx

  5. anirudh says

    hey could u tell me if i need to preserve my baseband as i plan to unlock it after the jailbreak. i hv an iphone 3gs on 4.0.1 (Oldbootroom) nad base band: 5.13.04 i plan to update to 6.0.1 by exactly following ur steps. jus tell me if 1.if need to same my base band or anythng? 2. after upgradting thru itunes cn i directly start the jailbreak from redsnow? will there be any activation. my very afraid. pls help me thanks in advance :)

    • says

      Since it’s old bootrom, I’m not sure there’s any cause for alarm. Even if it needs activation, Ultrasn0w fixer and Ultrasn0w would do that. You can do it just as you figured out.

  6. GP says

    Hey don I have iPhone 3GS which is run ios 6.0.1 and it has old boot rom. I want to do untetherd jailbreaking. I am confuse in above method wether it is process of tethered or untetherd. Plz suggest process of untetherd jailbreaking for my device. Plz help me

      • GP says

        hey don thanks for reply….can i direct jailbreak my iphone 3gs ( ios 6.0.1 recent ) without download ipsw ios 6.0? i mean direct select jailbreak option from redsnow and not to select extras and etc…plz reply me soon because i am new in jailbreaking process. i never done this befor plz give reply with some reason so i can understand…..plz…..

  7. sheila says

    thank you!! this tut helped me a looott! I did on my Iphone ( the unth version) and on my boyfriend (tethered) ! =D

  8. sammy says

    Dpn Caprio, i did everything but my phone won’t get past the activate screen. How do i get past it. It’s telling me sim not valid

  9. Michela says

    Hi, I’m trying to jailbreak my iPhone 4S on 6.0.1 software, I downloaded redsn0w but it’s asking for a password, I can’t find it anywhere, please help

  10. kleintje says

    Hello!!! How easy it was to follow your explaination and saved agggravations. Unfortunatly i have the new boootrom and will have to wait. Anyway, keep on doing this excellent job, and also on your music field. Hip pip pip houra will i say in french.

  11. william says

    i jailbroke my phone with my computer, then i sold the computer and got a new one. then my phone died and ive been trying to reboot it with my new computer but when i get into redsnow i cant find the ipsw that i have downloaded. ive tried so many different things, and nothing is working. so as it sits rite now i cant get into cydia, safari, e-mail, calender, most games, map and more… if i could get some help it would be much appreciated, thanx

  12. Mandy says

    This is TETHERED jailbreak, NOT untethered. Why you use that misleading article title? Everytime you reboot, you still have to attach it to redsn0w. Also, on the final page of the jailbreak, redsn0w writes clearly that “the jailbreak for this device is currently *tethered*.”

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