UnoTelly: Watch Restricted Online TV Stations Outside US & UK

If you happen to be someone who spends quite a lot of time on your computer, you probably would love to relax once in a while and watch TV stations right there on your computer. For some reasons, most of these TV channels are restricted to the United States residents only and since you’re probably in Asia, Australia or Africa, you definitely can’t access these services.

At the moment, Spotify which can be described as probably the best music streaming application is restricted from certain countries like India and Nigeria. There’s no need wondering why; if you’re more concerned about how to enjoy this service and more like it that you can’t access because of your geographical location, UnoTelly is your best bet.

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What is Unotelly?

Basically, Unotelly is an DNS service that lets you watch US and UK stations you normally can’t access from your geographical location. In short, it’s a great service that bypasses geo-restriction and gives you the freedom to watck UK and US channels and even more.

Using proxy or VPN already?

Quite a lot of people who understand how these things work have already found a way to bypass the geo-restriction by using proxies but the truth is that they are so unreliable. Proxies tend to be slow and as a matter of fact, rather unsafe. Streaming through a proxy server makes your stations buffer every now and then and you only get lagging pictures.

UnoTelly, being a DNS service, is blazing fast and streaming is very smooth. It uses advanced algorithm to allow high-speed Direct Connection™ to media providers unlike VPN and proxy servers that lets everything go through them, slowing down your connection in the process.

Supported devices

UnoTelly supports almost all kinds of device. Whether you own a Windows PC or a Macbook, an Android device, iPhone, iPad or a Windows phone, you can be sure to enjoy this service. Unotelly also works on Flatscreen TV, PSP, XBOX 360, WDTV live and lots of other devices. Also, you don’t have to be a geek to make it work, just a couple of settings and you can stream all you want to stream.


  • You get unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL security through 256-bit encryption
  • 1000Mbit high speed connection
  • Works on almost every device
  • Free trial without a credit card

With only a cheap price, you get a service that’s worth a lot more than the money. You can access channels like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Spotify and more.

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