Fix: Huawei Modem Blue Screen (BSOD) Error on Windows 8

One of the first problems I encountered on Windows 8 was the blue screen of death (BSOD) I got while trying to connect to the internet using my unlocked Huawei modem. I was able to install the driver successfully and the dashboard icon displayed right on the desktop but each time I tried to connect to the internet, I kept getting this annoying blue screen with some BAD_POOL_CALLER error showing on the screen.

fix BAD_POOL_CALLER error with huawei modem on windows 8

The problem actually has to do with the modem driver. At the moment, the drivers available for most models of  Huawei USB modems are not compatible with Windows 8. So, updating your modem driver as suggested by some people may not even fix the issue (unless Huawei does something).

How to Fix the Error

I tried installing the modem driver in compatibility mode but it never worked. I tried it in Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3 compatibilty mode but I got a different error. The modem connected but won’t open a page as data is neither sent nor received. After some hours, I traced the problem to my device manager.

AD: Huawei Ascend Y300 Displayschutzfolie

– Go to the bottom-left of the screen and right-click on the the Start button, then select Device Manager

huawei crash

– Under Network Adapters, right-click on Huawei Mobile Connect and disable it as shown below:

huawei crash

– Now launch your modem software and go to Tools > Options. Under the General tab, change the connection type from NDIS to Modem or RAS.

fix huawei crash on windows 8

This is all I did that fixed the constant crash I kept getting with my Huawei USB modem on Wondows 8. Hope it works for you too.

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Author: Don Caprio

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  1. says

    I frequently ran into this error the first week I started using windows 8 till I almost bridge my ipad ‘cos my pc has to restart with this error while the device was still updating

  2. dhila7 says

    I currently using huawei e303 modem, this problem started about three weeks ago, every time I uploading something (image, files, etc) on the internet even though just 100 Kb image, it always disconnect me from the internet. this really frustrating for me since I really need to uploading files for the sake of my assignment. first I thought the problem was on the SIM Card but since I already tried to upload with different card and I still can’t uploading, moreover my SIM Card works just fine with my friends modem. So I guess the problem is on my modem; I’ve tried to change the browser even on different operating system (WIN 8 and WIN 7) but no avail. My Laptop also could be used for uploading files when I’m online with WiFi connection. This pretty much convince that the problem is on my modem the I read this article : and some people find this answer helpful: Same issue here. The reason for it is new network drivers. Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Properties > Configure > Driver > Roll back driver. I thought that my drivers were too old, so I have tried to downloaded the new ones, but it said that mine is up to date, so I did vice versa. Rolled back to old ones and “century of disconnection was gone”. Hope it helps. But then I realize that my modem is using HiLink technology which did not use the conventional driver but use browser to make the modem connected So I can’t do the “Roll back driver.” and I’ve tried it, no avail! not that I’m sure it’s the driver problem but maybe you could find this useful; So please help me if you can do something about it; how can I restore my modem as what it used to be, when I can use it not only for downloading but also for uploading. Thanks in advance.

  3. Joe Mudaka says

    I had problems with BSOD on 64bit Win7. Upgraded to Win8 and still had the same problem: “Miniport HUAWEI Mobile Connect – Network Card, {9fe54779-6457-480e-a28f-7dae828128e0}, had event Fatal error: The miniport has failed a power transition to operational power”. This here info is the solution. Many thanks!

  4. Ahmad says

    thanks man, BSOD is gone but i can’t share internet connection. if i change type to modem(RAS), need help

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