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Ranking on search engines goes beyond writing great content and building backlinks only, it goes beyond interlinking your posts and commenting on other blogs. Of course, you can’t downplay the importance of building quality backlinks to your blog, but there are other things you actually have to monitor and that includes changes in your ranking for specific keywords, keyword density in your articles, your social media impact among other things.

As pointed out in a previous article, it’s much more better earning backlinks than building them but then again, you need to build some before you can earn any. For any reasonable blogger, making your site visible on major search engines should be your second priority next to publish quality content. Of course, you can do these things all by yourself but if you actually want things to get easier, using certain tools can actually help you rank better on search engines.

From effectively using Google webmaster tools to studying trends in Google analytics, knowing changes to make can give you an edge over your competitors. I’ve never been a fan of automated SEO tools that blast the internet with spam links that’s gonna hurt your ranking but I tried SheerSEO for quite a while and I must say that I was impressed.

sheerSEO software

SheerSEO isn’t just a software that builds backlinks, it’s  great tool that’s going to help you rank better if well utilized. You have no software to install and there’s no plugin to install on your blog to make it function, it works right out of the box and even if you’re not used to SEO software programs, you should be able to make some sense out of it.

Keyword Tracking

SheerSEO allows you to track specific keywords you define in your settings and notifies you of changes in your ranking for these keywords. Although Google Webmaster tools has this feature, the difference is that SheeSEO allows you to track keywords your personally specify.

Directory Submission

With a defined profile you can submit your links to selected high PR web directories using SheerSEO. You’re given the option to select which directories to submit to with each directory’s PageRank listed.

Competitor’s Analysis

This feature spies on your competitors and tells you how’re they’re ranking on search engines and some valuable information about their backlinks but this is available only if you upgrade to the Professional plan.

Social Media Impact

This feature allows you to track your most shared content on Facebook and Twitter and this should tell your a lot about engagement with your readers. Also, the number of generated comments for each post is displayed.

Other features include social bookmarking, backlink checker and more.


You’re allowed to use this account completely free for two months but the trial account has some limitations. You can perform basic operations but when it comes to stuffs like blog reviews and competitor analysis, you definitely need to upgrade to a Professional plan. You may check the pricing details here.

Of course, it makes a lot of sense putting it to test for two whole moths before deciding if you would upgrade or not. The choice is completely yours but I believe it’s worth it.

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Author: Don Caprio

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    Hi Obasi ! Thank you for your nice comment. I ageee with your point here that every newbie blogger think that they are SEO expert and teaching other guys. It’s not easy to become a SEO expoert. Because it is a great challenging jobs to get sucess in internet market.

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    Nice one bro! will definitely give it a try. 2 months is good enough to test and see how it works myself. thou there are other tools I use, I will compare to see what works best. thanks

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    Thank you ! For sharing cool SEO software Reviews. I make a plan to try for twon Free service then upgrade. I like some features and helpsful to ranking the position on search engines.

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