5 Things to Know Before Starting Any Online Business

Before you engage yourself into any online business, there are some basic things you must know, in order for you not to be surprised of the unexpected outcome. Some people still believe all online businesses yield good results, they  have no the experience, they have no idea how to do it, they only know that there is source of income online and they go for it.

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As you well know that there are lots of ways which you can earn money money online, some are good while some are bad, but one thing you should know is that there is no easy way in making money online. Online business is not a get-rich-quick business, you may have been doing online business for so many years without earning a pence, it might be because you don’t know how it goes or lack some knowledge you should know before starting it or you are just not fortunate to gain from it! online business Many people rush into any online business because they think it just an easy task, you sit at home with your computer ,do all the click-clacks and see your account rise like crazy. Well no successful online business owner will tell you that online business is an easy task,  there are somethings you should know before you start doing it, something that you might even think all online businesses  are crappy.  I have shortlisted these basic things to five for conveniences and I implore you to know all these things before you start that online business.

1. You will be scammed

Scam is real and it happens in most online businesses. There is no way you will not be scammed if you’re interested in doing online business. In fact, no online business participator will tell you that he has not been scammed like once or twice no matter how careful  and cautious  you are. It always happens and if you might think it can’t happen to you, it’s only a matter of time especially if you’re the greedy type. Anyway, I see it as part of gaining experience and you should be prepared for it.

2. Low or no earning

You’re engaging in an online business for the first time and you really expect to get rich in just a matter of two months? You may have been told to hope for great earning in your 2-3 months which is all tactics by some internet marketers to drag you into the program, there is no easy earning in any online business and as I stated earlier, no online business is get-rich-quick program… not even blogging ! But if your earning is low for the first time, don’t give up, work more and  you will earn more and more as time goes on.

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3.You may invest first

If you are one of kind person (like me) who loves to earn before investing, well you don’t need to engage in some online businesses. 70% of online business require you to invest first before you earn, and there is no guarantee that you will not loose.

4. Be computer literate

To operate an online business efficiently, you must be very computer literate and know how the internet works. I feel pity for some people who rush into online businesses after attending a couple of online business seminars, heard various ways to get money online, heard that they can make money without being a computer guru… Sure you don’t have to be a computer guru before you can earn money online but you have to know some basics things about operating a computer, like knowing some Keyboard Shortcutshow to use some DOS Utilities and if you are one of those people i suggest you go for basic computer and internet training before you engage yourself in any online business.

Online businesses can be tricky so it is advised to be properly educated before beginning. Gannon online mba programs can help you be properly prepared for starting your own business.

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5. Read a lot

There’s no way you can successfully run an online business business without adequate knowledge. A lot of people jump into business without knowing the basics things they ought to know. Incorporating in Canada may be something I don’t really need for my online business but I still read it anyway because I believe the more you read, the more you know.

6. Stay connected

This is just a way of being cautious about what you are doing online. If you have to do any online business, you must make sure you are connected and stay connected. Online business is not just like putting money to somewhere, forgetting about it and then checking your account a month later and seeing it grow. You must gather information and experience related to the business you are doing, learn from people who have done it successfully and get experience from who have done it and failed. Believe me, you must stay online.


  1. says

    Nice Piece, what makes some fail in every attempt of online business is greediness and lack of patience, Online Business is a great way to earn a living but some just fail to understand that it takes time to yield good profits just like any other business in the real world

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, i’ve seen many people saying internet its wicked world after they’ve been scammed and duped, but most of them dont know anything about online business and just barged in to do it

  2. kulhead says

    @Ahmsta: some people will not want to believe that because of their greediness and their get-rich quick ideas, they fail in so many online business, people believe in well-dressed lies than naked truth

  3. says

    i am amazed how you covered all the things, and cant believe that really that things are important. If you tolerate that time then you may get what you want

  4. nehazi says

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  5. says

    Really I was not well known with scam earlier but after working a month on bux sites, I earned nothing after that I became enough smart then I chooses blogging for earning and sharing my thoughts

  6. says

    Really I was not well known with scam earlier but after working a month on bux sites, I earned nothing after that I became enough smart then I chooses blogging for earning and sharing my thoughts

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