Content is King— The Biggest Lie in Blogging

I’m sure you’ve read a number of blogging tips claiming that content is king and it’s the number one way to rank on search engines and gain loyal readers. Is this actually true when a lot of blogs publishing crap on a daily basis still get tons of visitors? Is content really king? Is it possible to gain any recognition in the blogosphere with just content and nothing else?

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To some degree, this saying is true but let’s face it, it’s not totally true. Haven’t you noticed blogs with poor content coming up on search engine result pages? Even blogs with plagiarized content? I bet you’ve seen this quite a number of times before… even Google ranks crap once in a while though Panda and Penguin are taking care of that. Copyscape and other free online plagiarism detector tools may show you sites with plagiarized contents still sitting on top of search engines and that even emphasizes the question.

content is king

Even though consistently publishing quality content plays a major role in ranking a blog on SERP, it’s not enough to survive the competition. No matter how good your content is, someone else has better stuffs and even worse, someone else with worse content is ranking higher than you. Why is this happening?

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Are you promoting your content?

There’s absolutely no point in writing great posts nobody is gonna read and this is why you shouldn’t totally believe content is king. If you’re quite good at publishing quality content, the only way to get your blog noticed is by promoting it by every possible means. Promoting your content isn’t limited to gathering a huge number of fans and sharing on social media media, there’s more than one way to skin a cat like they say.

Do you use RSS aggregators at all? How may social bookmarking sites do your submit your content to? Have you for once considered paid submission to high PR directories and social bookmarking sites?

How aggressive is your SEO?

If you limit your search engine optimization to blog commenting and think the rest is magical, you may end up getting disappointed. SEO goes beyond that and if you actually want your content to get you to the top, you must optimize it so search engines would respect you. Just because you think your writing is awesome doesn’t mean Google would think the same.

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Your on-page SEO must be tight, so also should your off-page SEO be equally great. There’s a lot of difference between building backlinks and building quality backlinks and if you’re too lazy to do the dirty job yourself, hiring a reputable SEO company to handle your shit is a good idea.


I’m not disputing the fact that content is king but you must realize that quality content will never be king if you don’t do what’s supposed to be done. Writing great blog posts isn’t enough. Without promoting and optimizing what you’ve got, your quality content may never get that huge readership you so much desire.

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Author: Don Caprio

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  1. says

    I was ever looking for this type of statement “Content is king – the biggest lie”, today I have found it on this great blog. I also think today in the world of competition ( not blogging world only ) marketing is the key to success.

  2. Melly Schug says

    You have some great points but as human we have different opinions. Some don’t believe and some will. For me, you are right and I agree about it.

  3. says

    On Page SEO is equally as important as Off-Page SEO and relying on one without the other is taking a risk, both works hand in hand to the success of your blog, if you write a great content and dont promote it then your competitors will always outrank you. I have seen some big blogs disobey the rules of SEO and yet rank very high in search engines, Google and other search engines also consider off-page SEO as one of their ranking factors. So content is not all there is to blogging. Nice article, i like your line of argument. Keep it up.

  4. says

    awesome post bro, never seen anyone oppose that notion “Content is King”, but you did, which is 100% correct. I have studied this factor for months and you are very correct. Really like your writing styles and your words, please keep it running.

  5. says

    Yes ! Content is not always king but it can motivate to revisit. But one this is i agree with you. Only quality content can not do antthing itself but if we promote our content on different sources then get access to reach large audiences. Thank you for your efforts.

  6. says

    You are right Don, content isnt just all thats required, back-linking also is of essence but with what i have been noticing lately, content is what truly matters.

  7. says

    How can the search engines tell the difference between so-called quality content and a very similar article? There may all have been several written quite independently by many different people. They could easily all be the same or at the very least very similar. If the authors are writing on the same topic and happen to have the same opinions, it is very likely that they will write very similar articles. It is really unavoidable. So, usually the search engines take the first one they come across as an original and everyone else is then seen as a copy or plagiarized version of it. Then if the search engines think that you have a plagiarized article on your website, it will be penalized. That’s not very fair, but how do you get around it?

    • says

      Hi Gerry, That is the reason why we sometimes see crap ranking very high in Google search. There’s no way to get around this than to make sure the article is well optimized for search engines… that could make a big difference.

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