Directory Maximizer Review: Search Engine Optimized Manual Submission

Considering the effect of the last search algorithm updates Google rolled out and the one expected to be unleashed in the near future, a lot of people have speculated that it’s the end of SEO as we know it. Link building has always been the backbone of search engine optimization but that’s now a thing of the past, it’s a different ball game now as quality link building is what proper search engine optimization requires. Gone are the days when you can use some automated softwares to generate low quality links and sit at the top of search engine result page like you own Google.

If you’ve ever been hit by Panda or Penguin, you would probably understand that building low quality links only hurts one’s ranking and if your business depends on search engine traffic, you may lose everything when Google decides to unleash another animal from it’s zoo to attack your site or blog.

There are directories  you can submit your site to but most times, bloggers and site owners are too busy creating content and working on designs. Directory Maximizer offers this service and you can be rest assured to get one way, high quality links pointing to your website. Depending on how you want it, you can have your blog submitted to niche directories where you may even get targeted traffic apart from the SEO value such submissions guarantee.

directory maximizer

Here are just a few things you can get from Directory Maximizer:

  • Affordable service: With as low as $5, you can place orders and you get value for your money even if you plan to pay ten times more
  • Manual submission: Submission is done manually, not by any automated software. This ensures your job is handles by a real human and not a spam bot.
  • One way links that count: You can choose paid submissions to High PR directories to get some real link juice.
  • Varying title and description: Varying you anchor text and title is allowed for a single submission.
  • Live reports: Of course, you get live reports and know where you links appear and you can tell if the job is well done or not.

Apart from general directory submission, you can as well go for niche directory submission as mentioned earlier. Also, you may choose custom submission where you personally make a list of directories you want your links to appear. Social Maximizer lets you submit your site and inner pages to social bookmarking sites where it gets read and even shared.  You can check their high quality directory list before deciding whether the service is worth putting your money on.


  1. this blog is very nice.. and your article good content.. bdw, how to maximizer off page on the blog?

  2. Nwosu Desmond says:

    Nice review, will definitely check it out. Thanks

  3. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Very Nice Info Sooo useful site… Thanks

  4. Shehu Awwal says:

    Nice post but i think you should also try to give us some free dirctory with high pagerank :D lol

  5. Eienstein Lyrics says:

    Great post… I will check it out.

  6. Live chat software says:

    Thanks! I guess the question is … Is it worth it? What kind of results have people seen from this company or as you state.. Is “SEO” in its current state really gone?

  7. SEO Company In India says:

    Hi Thanks for Sharing this list..its really useful for me

  8. Just want to be sure this service is reliable and ethical. Has any one used this service. I am considering improving my page rank for my site “an online shopping site”

  9. language media says:

    I have used directory maximiser with mixed results…these links can contribute to your link mix, but I would not rely only on these links for campains

  10. Nigeria Forum says:

    You are making sense here, but I have just given two of my site directory maximizer and the have submitted it to only one directory within a week. What can I do.

  11. The basic of directory maximizer is not still clear to me, my site has not less than 10000 trafic everyday, but maximizer have not done anything about.

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