Ultimate Search Engine Battle between Google And Bing

There has always been a commercial war between Bing and Google, and often in some commercials, Bing has stated that users prefer results shown by Bing in a 2-1 ratio. But how can someone judge which one is the best? Let’s take a look at certain facts that makes each of them unique and special to the users.

google vs bing

Relevant information provided by Google

Although Bing recently made certain changes that made its search system more better, still when it comes to informative queries, there is nothing that can be compared to Google.

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For example, when someone searches with income tax rate, Google will provide a better listing with tax rate comparisons than Bing.

In terms of social integrations, Bing is stronger

Bing search results works smoothly when it comes to social integrations. The company has contracts with Facebook as well as twitter which give it proper access to a great deal of social data than those provided by Google, which on the other hand rely on Google+ which is not so much popular. Integration of social information in Bing is also less clustered.

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Time is saved by Google’s instant search

Although instant search is provided by both Google and Bing — which can display potential search queries when the person is typing something in the search box relevant result is much quickly provided by Google. This does not mean that Bing’s search feature is inefficient. Often there are certain queries whose result is quickly produced by Bing than by Google.

Displayed search pages are more attractive in Bing

The search results produced by Bing are in a way more visually appealing. Many people agree on this fact. Google’s search results were also attractive before, in a way similar to those shown by Bing but the clustering with +1 buttons has made it a little disturbing to many users.

More background information provided by connected products in Google search

If someone uses any of the other products manufactured by Google like the Google Reader or Google+ it can be found out that the search giant already comprises of a wealth of information which is available for you to understand and also tailor the search results in a form of listed manner which is proved to be valuable to the users. Although similar services are offered by Bing, an example being the Bing reader, users are not so much attracted to it as they are with Google, and thus the battle between the 2 continues to provide which one is the best.

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When it comes to choosing which search engine is the best, everyone has their own preferences. Many people find Google better and many find Bing, in spite of the fact that no one is perfect and every search engines has their pros and cons. Thus, a corporate battle between the two giants continues and this has led both of them to improve their features for providing better features and more advanced search results, ultimately due to which, the general users become more advantageous.

Article written by Kate who is a writer/ blogger.  She contributes to Zach Zaitzeff . Check Here for more on Zach Zaitzeff


  1. dono says

    lol bing uses google search results no battle her http://googleblog.blogspot.nl/2011/02/microsofts-bing-uses-google-search.html

  2. says

    Google is the king of the search engine castle, yes. But when I observe less frequent internet users (like my mom, for example), she doesn’t go to Google straight away. She uses Bing because it’s built in to Internet Explorer. Bing may never take Google’s place, but it can still be a nice source of traffic, depending on your keywords.

  3. says

    Hi Kate, That’s a good comparison between Google and Bing but I don’t thing Bing’s result page is better than Google’s. You are right when you said everyone have their preference. Google is my favorite. Thanks for taking you time out on this. Regards: WorldWebSurfers.com

  4. says

    BING search engine now more powerful than before, we can add URL of blog post for better indexing and crawling by Bingbot, I don’t now if google have this feature

  5. says

    Google is the king of Searching engine market and has been covering more than 82 % search engine market. Therefore, Bing can not effects the market of search engine but can add the more features on its services.

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