Space Settlers Review: Online Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Game for iOS

If you love playing strategy games, then you should find Space Settlers very interesting. This iOS game is a real-time, online strategy game  you can play with friends and it’s developed by Digiarty Software. It’s more like preparing for war, planning and strategizing and eventually going into battle. It’s adventurous and the storyline is based on science fiction. The game is based on careful planning, invasion, combat and everything you should expect from a strategy game and it requires using your mind and thinking like a real war strategist.

space settlers


In 2012, God particle appeared and it became a subject of interest to everyone and a scientist named Hawkins linked his brain to a very powerful computer and discovered that God particle can actually be dated back to 13 billion years. This opened time gate for humans and you are one of the first settlers in space, building on the technological remains left by the people of  Terra.


Any online game requires a stable network and WiFi is recommended or a 3G connection. The preliminaries are easy to follow as you strengthen your stronghold before going into battle proper. You first start by building the first space settle age which is quite easy if you can follow the on-screen guide.

space settlers space settlers

When that is done, you can finally go to other planets to conquer them and this is where real-time strategy is fully involved. Conquering an enemy base means settling there and defending it against attacks as you can lose it just the way you gained it. There’s a reward for each completed level and it’s interesting as players can interact and even chat while playing the game.

Besides, new gameplay twists in the updated version are also one of many of these delights. You can experience ceaselessly challenge and get chariot accessories and weapons of high levels in the brand-new game mode called “Land of Challenge”, conduct a battle conveniently with the help of PVE maps, join fully collaborative campaign, and many more. All these keep surprising even the most hard-core real-time strategy players without any glitches.

Special Features

Space Settlers has great visuals with sharp graphics. The chat system allows you to build peer-groups and fight together with friends. You can also automatically search for enemy planets to invade.

A battle field consisting of multi-players can be both challenging and interesting as you need to make quick decisions and be smart enough not to lose your territory. Learning advanced tech maneuvers and going through blueprints makes the game even more enjoyable.

What’s New in Version 1.5

1. Added a brand-new game mode “Land of Challenge” so that players can find coordinate [0,0] to take challenge ceaselessly. The winner will be awarded chariot accessories and weapons of high levels;
2. Added two PVE maps;
3. Added various advanced accessories in Store;
4. Increased the upper limit of building and tech level to 60;
5. Adjusted new types of tanks, weapons and resources that can be won by PVE players;
6. Added new team-up function for better player interaction;
7. Added valid date in Email and will auto delete the stored Emails 10 days after the sending day;
8. Optimized some functions according to players’ advices;
9. Fixed some bugs.


This game is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. It runs even on iOS 4.3 so you won’t have to worry if you use an old device. A good internet connection is also recommened.

The game is available for free at the Apps Store and you can download here.

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