17 Must-have Cydia Tweaks for iOS 6.1.3 and Repos for Free Apps After Jailbreak

With all iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch easy to jailbreak now untethered on iOS 6.1.2 using Evasi0n, there are certain Cydia tweaks and apps you should have on your jailbroken device. There are lots of apps and tweaks in Cydia but not all of them are what you would like to have on your device. Here is a list of tweaks I use personally on my jailbroken iOS 6.1.2 which I assume should be useful for you. I also compiled a list of repositories to get free apps and tweaks from.

1. iFile

ifiles cydia ios 6

This file manager lets your do more with your iDevice. It’s an advanced file manager and viewer that lets you copy file, move and even edit sfuff right there on your iDevice. It gives you total control of your file system unlike the file managers available at App Store. It’s available in Big Boss repo for $4 though you can install the free version with limited functionality.

2. Safari Download Manager

safari download manager

An extension for iOS native browser that lets you download some file types directly to your device using Safari browser. It’s also available in Big Boss repo for$5.

3. Chrome Download Manager

chrome download manager

Similar to Safari Download Manager, this plugin for Chrome browser lets you download files with Google Chrome. It’s available for $3 in ModMyi repo.

4. UnlimTones


This Cydia app lets you create custom ringtones from songs in your music library. You can even choose where you want the ringtone to start and end. It’s a very useful app available in BigBoss repo for free.

5. NCSettings


A good alternative to SBSettings on iOS 6 that lets you access your most used settings via toggles in Notification Center. You may have to read about how to use it here. It’s also available for free in ModMyi repo.

6. AndroidLock XT

android pattern lock for iphone

When you use a passcode to unlock your phone, it’s easy for your friends to memorize it and unlock your phone any time. AndroidLock XT lets you secure your phone with a specified pattern just like an Android phone. Apart from this, it lets you use a custom text on the slider. I personally use it on my device and I love it! It’s available for $1.49 in ModMyi repo.

7. BrowserChooser

default browser iOS

Since you’ve got the option to install other browsers apart from Safari, this tweak lets you select a different browser as default other than your native Safari browser. You can install this Cydia tweak for free in BigBoss repo.

8. Fake Operator

fake operator iphone

This may not be useful to you anyway but I just like it when my name is displayed as operator name. It’s available for free in BigBoss repo.

9. Appsync

AppSync for iOS 6

I’m not encouraging cracked apps in any way but this tweak lets you sync downloaded .ipa games and apps with iTunes just like you got them from App Store. There are different sources for it but there’s a working one in Hackulo repository. It’s lablled AppSync for iOS 5+ but works great on iOS 6.x. (http://cydia.hackulo.us).

10. Vshare

vshare, installous alternative

A lot of alternatives came up when Installous shut down but out of them all, Vshare seems to be the best. This Cydia app lets you find free games and applications for your device.  It’s available for free in AppVV repository (http://repo.appvv.net).

11. iBlacklist


This tweak comes in handy when you’ve got some unwanted callers to get off your butt. It blocks unwanted calls and SMS quite effectively.

12. Winterboard / Dreamboard


Winterboard and Dreamboard are quite popular but you probably won’t know it if you’re new to jailbreaking. Last time I used it, I had my iPhone looking just like a WP7 phone. It’s a great tool if you want to change that boring grid look on your Springboard and need a nice theme to fully change how your device looks.

13. Auxo


This Cydia tweak re-designs your default iOS app switcher completely. Apart from being able to preview each app, you’ve got the option to swipe down to remove terminate them. It’s a commercial product available for $1.99 in BigBoss repo.

14. Springtomize 2 – iOS 5 & 6


An app for customizing your device the way you want. It lets you change icons, the status bar and even fonts. As you can see in the screenshot, I’ve got five icons in each row and even the dock icons are customized.

15. Dashboard X

dashboard x

The widgets on my Samsung Galaxy S2 often come in handy but for reasons best known to Apple, this feature will never be available on iOS. Dashboard X lets you have Android-style widgets on your iPhone. As you can see, I’ve got the weather widget, NCSettings and some other useful widgets right there on my homescreen. It’s available for $1.99 in ModMyi repo.

16. Bulletin


This app simply brings the notification center to the lock screen just like IntelliScreen X and LockInfo which are rather too expensive compared to this. Bulletin has some settings you need to adjust before getting the most out of it. It costs $0.99.

17. Celeste Bluetooth Sharing

Apple doesn’t let you have a regular file system you can access on your device and manager and even worse, you can’t share music or videos with your friends. Celeste Bluetooth takes care of this and lets you share stuffs between your device and other bluetooth enabled devices.

Repositories for Free Cydia Apps And Tweaks

Please note that these Cydia repositories are known to distribute paid apps for free which I do not encourage. The only reason I share them is only for the sake of sharing information and nothing else. Also, if you would like to test these apps and tweaks out before buying, you may visit these repositories but the fact remains that it’s not cool. If you really appreciate these developers working their asses out trying to create cool apps for you, be kind enough to give up a dollar or two to purchase it. Enough said.

1. iHacksRepo – http://ihacksrepo.com

2. BiteYourApple – http://repo.biteyourapple.net

3. SinfuliPhone – http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

4. HackYouriPhone – http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

5. Xsellize – http://cydia.xsellize.com

6.  iSpazio : http://repo.ispazio.net

Like I said, these sources are rather notorious for distributing paid apps for free and if you really love those apps, I listed them above along with their official price and repository to get them. It can be your own little way of encouraging developers and contributing to the jailbreak community.

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    • says

      Appsync only lets you sync downloaded .ipa apps. You only need to install, no configuration needed and it doesn’t even appear on your Springboard. It just works. Copy the .ipa files to your iTunes library and you’re good to go.

  1. says

    Nice compilation. Some of my all time favorite tweaks. These tweaks make worth jailbreaking your iPhone for. Thanks Don for sharing.

  2. Ryan says

    I need (3) tweaks created! Can someone do these? I will pay! I need: 1) An easier way to delete a calendar event in the stock calendar app, such as a “trash” icon that appears at the bottom right of the event if I press and hold it in Calendar. This would prevent me from having to enter it, hit edit, scroll down, and then hit delete. 2) A Remind Me Later option that allows me to snooze calendar events that pop up, with configurable timings. (The Cydia Tweak “RemindMeLater” does not work for some reason.) 3) A tweak that sorts all photos in reverse order so that the most recent photos appear at the very top instead of the very bottom, so you don’t have to scroll forever all the way down to see your most recent photos. Again, I will pay! Please let me know if you can do this! I can be reached at ryan@blindsidedbyjoy.com. Thanks!

  3. says

    To me it’s the simple tweaks that are great like SwipeSelection, Barrel and Auxo. It would be nice if Apple would allow users to add customization with jailbreaking, but I expect that day will never happen. ——————— iPad Help

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