6 Reasons Why You Should Comment On Other Blogs

Lots of bloggers these days feel that leaving comments on other related blogs in their niche is a waste of time. Do you fall in this category? If your answer to this is yes, then you’ve been missing out on a lot of benefits in commenting on other blogs.

benefits of commenting on other blogs

I happen to discover most blogs I read not from Search Engines or Adword campaigns, I came across them through comments left by their authors on other popular blogs I follow. You can now see where I’m heading, right? Well, this is just one benefit out of numerous others you gain commenting on other peoples blog. I will outline 6 reason you must leave comments on blogs you come across, and you would end up building a successful blog.

Why You Must Leave Comment On Other Blogs

1. You Build A Relationship With Other Bloggers

You would agree with me that achieving great tasks can be easily achieved by a team. Leaving comment on a blog regularly would get the author to notice you, and this is a great strategy to build up a relationship. He would be glad to share blogging secrets with you to build a successful blog and lots more. Imagine what you can gain from top bloggers if a relationship is well established.

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2. Advertise Your Brand For Free

If you can leave mind blowing comments that add value to the post made, you give other readers no other option than to follow your link in order to see more of such articles. This is just like advertising your business for free, no charges involved and you’ll this also would strengthen your relationship with the host blogger as you are adding on his points.

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3. A Door-way To Guest Post

Now, if people click through to your blog from the useful comment you leave, there are chances that, considering your stats though, that other bloggers would want to write guest articles for you. Thus, increasing your number of loyal readers and people who believe and have trust for your blog.

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4. Invitation to Sponsored Posts

Let’s say, a well renowned web company also came across your comment and for that period of time have a  schedule of advertising their products. They click through to your blog, and guess what, you have good contents with a quite considerable statistics. They contact you at once for a Sponsored Review of their product, and you get paid for the review. Isn’t this a great way to earn some extra bucks just from commenting on another blog.

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5. Increases Backlinks and PageRank

You should know the effects of backlinks and Pagerank to your Search Engine Ranking Positions. PageRank is one out of many other measure Google uses to rank articles on their search engine, and leaving comments on blogs without the nofollow link tag is a great way of improving and increasing your Page Rank. Not only for Search Engines, Direct Advertisers and people who would love to Sponsor A Post on your blog put PageRank into consideration before contacting you.

6. Increases Your Traffic

Not only does your traffic increase through referrals from the blog you commented on, but also as a result of your increased PageRank, your Search Engine Rankings increases and thus it increases your organic traffic.

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Now you can see the benefits of leaving comments on other blogs. One thing you should bear in mind while commenting is, always leave comments that contribute to the subject of discussion and not comments like ‘nice post’. This is the key thing to benefiting from commenting on other blog. Take your time and start by leaving a comment here.


  1. says

    i definitely agree with you boss, Oscar, i spent 1 hour daily commenting on high pagerank blog. and blog related to my niche, in the long run, this can be a powerhouse for your blog…..

  2. says

    you are 100% right commenting in other blogs has a very Good benefit we cannot afford to lose and any blogger who don’t know that might still be a learner

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing! Absolutely true, Comment other blog is clear idea to get well with business blogging. I love commenting and always use this strategy as links building way for my blog. Well done and really amazing post

  4. Emmanuel Obarhua says

    Building relationship, is seriously the most valuable thing to me on the list. When you build a relationship with a blogger, first S/he will find your blog, take his/her time in reading your post(s), and most importantly linking to you, without you even knowing.

  5. says

    seriously this stuff really does work…you have to have some patience and hard work. appreciate other’s work and put your best foot forward, Regards, Mohit Blogger @ www.thegeeksolutions.in

  6. says

    nice post oscar frank you really did a great work on this post, commenting is a great way to get your voice heard on other popular blogs nice one oscar

  7. says

    Nice article Frank.You have included almost all major points.Building relation with readers is the most important reason.Why people will visit your blog,if you never reply to their questions?

  8. says

    This is very valuable information on blog commenting. Would be really good if people showed respect when commenting and sharing. Thanks for your helpful advice, I have bookmarked this site and i will be back for more of your wisdom. Cheers Shell

  9. says

    Commenting on other blog is one of easiest ways to get traffic into your own blog. Mind you, you have to comment in a reasonable way, i.e a comment that add value to the article. Oscar , thanks for releasing this.

  10. says

    I really convinced from the post and agree with the point of view that blog commenting on other blogs will make the good relation with the people! Thanks for the post!

  11. says

    Thank you for letting me know, because i always think its a waste of time, not knowing i would achieve all this things you listed here from mere commenting on peoples blog, especially to those ones that has a high traffic.

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