Apple iOS Vs. Android: Statistics Showing the Better Platform [INFOGRAPHIC]


Android and Apple are known to be the two platforms presently ruling the mobile market. Other players like BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian can’t compete with these two giants. If you are planning to develop an application or launching a mobile advertisement campaign, you need to know some facts about the popularity and reach of different operating systems.

In this infographic, we take a look at how Android and Apple tablets and smartphones stack up against each other in number. Not only do we take a look at the market share, but we also see how they fare in terms of advertisement, m-commerce, app sales and other areas. These figures will help you form a clear picture of how these two competing operating systems stand in relation to each other in different areas.

Smartphone Sales - A Three Year Comparison.

Infographic designed by the team at PLAVEB – A Web Design & Web Development Company


  1. Nwosu Desmond says:

    In the next few years Android will dominate the mobile technology market, i wont be surprised if more mobile phone and tablet producers join the Android trend, Apple has dominated the market for a longer time and Android is giving it the chase for its money and let’s see in the next few years what will happen.

    • Don Caprio says:

      That’s obvious. Android is eating up part of Apple’s market share though Apple still remains pretty strong in the US.

    • Albert Vang says:

      I guess you are right… but let’s watch out for Apple’s watch. Apple has always stayed ahead of the pack by creating demand for innovative products that no one else has an answer to!

  2. I seriously love this two gadgets haven’t really set my mind on which one to Buy!

  3. I prefer Using an Android to iPhone! and every single day Android and iPhone are making updates just for one to stand out of other, well if both dominate the Mobile Market Today, both worth it, but to say the best one have to wait little more years to determine which one really maintain the Market and Stand out, both are currently engaging in battle, lets just wait till the fight finish.

    • Albert Vang says:

      I guess the winner will be Android, if we look in terms of number of users, but it is not as profitable as iPhone. So there’s that too.

  4. Akhil Pulotil says:

    The main difference between Android and iOS platforms is that, Unlike iOS, in Android we have a lot of phone with varying specs to choose from. Also Android makes software updates more frequently than iOS !! BTW, very interesting article and presentation bro !! :-D

    • Don Caprio says:

      Actually, I think iOS software updates are more frequent than Android and it applies to all their devices once it is released.

    • Albert Vang says:

      Thanks Akhil! Glad you liked it. Android’s device choice is certainly a major reasons for its market dominance. But as Don pointed out, Android OS fragmentation remains a big issue.

  5. Awesome infographic here thanks for sharing this cool informations :D

    • Albert Vang says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Anis! If you are interested in smartphone trends, you may also like to check out my other Infographic:–a-three-year-comparison-an-overview-infographic

  6. Akuneme Christopher says:

    I’m very sure android will win this battle. There are many companies producing on the android platform so there is competition but iOs no single competition

  7. Andriod is always on point. i believe at a time, There will no more competing as andriod will take over everything. Doncaprio thanks for sharing

  8. Zoya Bennet says:

    Nice presentation. I would prefer Android rather than other mobile platforms. The increase in number of Android users is the standing example for this. Have a look at the presentation below about the comparison of Android and ios.

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