Giveaway #13: Win idoo Video Editor Pro Free Lifetime License

Everyone is a winner in this giveaway and what we’re giving out is a cool software that lets you edit your videos and turn them to just what you want. idoo Video Editor is a software that pretty easy to use even if you’re not a professional video editor. If you’re thinking of adding some little touches to that family video you took at the beach, this is just the perfect software to do it. idoo Video Editor Pro license costs 34 EUR but we’re giving it out free to anyone who cares to have it courtesy of idooeditor Software.

idoo Video Editor Pro 1.5.0

Even if all you want to do with your videos is just to trim some unpleasant parts off, idoo Video Editor will do the job perfectly. Among other features is the ability to add subtitles easily and make your videos easier to comprehend. Below are more features you get with this video editor:

  • You can easily and exactly split the video and audio into parts as you need: by the file size, by different or average span.
  • Cut and joint any video or audio while making advanced settings according to your own needs.
  • Crop video, remove black bars to focus area and convert video to desired video formats in one step.
  • Add special effects to your video by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation, which make your video clearer, fuller and more beautiful.
  • You can rotate your video picture by any angles (90/180/270 degrees).
  • You can watermark your video with any characters and images.
  • Add the subtitles for your videos with advanced settings and special effects.
  • Preview and capture pictures.

Download idoo Video Editor software

Get the serial key for activation

If it works for you, you can show your appreciation by sharing the post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Leaving a comment too would be great. I do not guarantee how long the serial will last since it’s a limited giveaway edition. Enjoy it while it lasts and don’t forget to share! Thanks.

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    Thanks bro! I have just downloaded and get activated! I have just trimmed some of the videos and it has help a lot..!! Visit my Blog! A highly informative blog that focus majorly on Tech, Ethical Hacking, Blogging, Tricks and Tips, Earn Money, SEO. Prince Asfi Hacks & Tricks

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    Nice one Don. This is the software I’ve been looking for. You’ve done a great job!! I think the advantages provided by this video makes it very favorable for the users. Rushikesh

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