Google Adsense, & Addynamo: Which One is the Best?

Google Adsense as you know is one of the most reliable contextual advertising company publishers use in making money online, I guess that’s not new. Is it? Addynamo on the other hand was launched not quite long ago but is making waves on the internet. They do this not only with their contextual advertising program only, but also with their sponsored tweets program which lots of people have been benefiting from, whether you are a blogger or not. Another very strong contextual advertising company on the way is

Google adsense is facing a great competition, and if not that they’re well reputed, if not that they have lots of advertisers – one out of these two (Addynamo or would probably have taken the lead over them. It’ll be a tough job to overtake Google Adsense though, some reasons are; time of being in operation, reputation, amount of advertisers they serve, program policies… and by the way; webmasters, bloggers and advertisers using Adsense also have a natural love and trust for them, it’s just natural that not everyone will love a thing.

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Before pushing further I’d like to say that; this article is not written to condemn adsense, overhype addynamo, or vice versa. But to outline some important features of these three companies and the service they render as well as their good and grey sides.

Google Adsense

Google adsense as you must have already known, is a contextual advertising company that supports adsense for content, adsense for search and adsense for mobile. It also supported adsense for feed which was recently shut down. Among all listed products, you only make more money on adsense for content and sometimes from mobile, but even at that, you must get your fingers dirty before you can make good money from it. First, getting into Google adsense is almost as difficult as putting an elephant’s head through a needle’s eye, secondly, maintaining your adsense account is no less, they hit you once you go against their written program policies. What a horror!

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Not trying to scare or discourage you here – most especially if you don’t have an adsense account yet. Adsense may be difficult to get and maintained, but not impossible. And on the other hand their pay is highly attractive. In protecting your account, all you need do is read and abide by Google Terms of Service, adsense program policies and ask questions on forums about how you can protect your adsense account, why people were banned and how to prevent such mistakes – There are several people who’ll be willing to give you facts about it. Contextual Ads program enables web publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. The company is powered by three giant companies; Microsoft, Yahoo and Bing making it a very strong rival to Google adsense, with in the game, adsense should be very careful and should take it easy with their customers. People using the program are not complaining about their CPC cos it’s satisfactory, but adsense pays more though. Their complaints are bent on different things, some are; only accepts websites on manual review (takes 24 hours), they must manually review every single site you want to place their ads on unlike adsense that allows you to add adsense to all your web pages including your articles on web 2.0 sites (e.g after getting just one adsense account, they sometimes do not approve micro-niche sites and some other flimsy excuses… The service of this company is simply good but can’t be compared with adsense, may be that’s for now. They beat Google adsense with their live customer support though.

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Here’s something you’d like to know about, their kind of link list ad unit is built on a floating bar, see image below:

With this kind of ad placement you’ll get lots of clicks, I mean lots of it. could be a good alternative to Google, most especially for the reason that their ads are more like menus and not like Google’s format of adverts which carries “Ads by Google” of “AdChoices”, this is almost known to all internet surfers and is going hackneyed.


Reasons why I prefer Google than Google has a large network of ads; covering several niches, countries, they also pay better; is bent on accepting sites with most of their traffic coming from the US and the UK – This is not Google, Google covers more countries.

Reasons why I envy users: There’s no fear of instant lose of their accounts – No insecurity, they get good (live) customer support, the floating ad unit rocks.


Addynamo is awesome at accepting new applications, they accept any application. Even if your site is not yet driving much traffic, they accept you. You don’t also have to sweat yourself over getting banned; I have never heard that anyone got banned from Addynamo, someone may have been banned but not one that I know. Addynamo is easy to get and maintained, they equally pay publishers well. But their pay is slightly not as attractive as the one of Google adsense too. Standard websites uses them; I have seen addynamo ads on and Secondly, Addynamo sponsored tweets is fun. If you have a Twitter account, you can participate as a Twitter Publisher with Addynamo, and get paid by advertisers to promote topics you support.

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You’ll have to link your twitter account, once you’ve done that; you will receive notifications via email every time an advertiser loads a campaign for you to respond to. You can accept or decline the brief & set the price you want to be paid. It’s that simple! But I’ve had friends who testified with screenshot of making $1000+ from addynamo sponsored tweets. No rush! I know you want to go and register with them right away. But here’s what’s required, a fat twitter account, I mean you must have lots of followers. Once you have a good number of followers, Addynamo sponsored tweets will be just fun throughout.

Putting it together

Google seems strict (they’re certainly not bad) but all that strict side of them is just to protect their business and advertisers’ interest, there’s no live customer support cos of the numbers of publishers they have. Addynamo may be a good alternative plus it looks easier to operate than Google Adsense but Adsense simply pays more. is almost as good as adsense. These three companies as you can see are all great. Your decision should be the one to use at a particular time, if Google shows off, go take If shows off, Addynamo is there to receive you anytime. They pay Nigerians in naira.

Hope someone got informed, Kindly share your thoughts on the comment.


  1. says

    Nice Post, but i think Ad-dynamo is only good for advertisers and not publishers, i used it a while ago but not anymore, i still stick to their twitter campaign though….thats the only leverage addynamo has over other ads network…….ummmmm I guess….:)

  2. says

    Personally I will not use any among these three because I usually prefer affiliates then these networks. But If I have to choose one among these then I’ll use :)

  3. says

    (First, getting into Google adsense is almost as difficult as putting an elephant’s head through a needle’s eye,) Lol After Long Day I Did Laugh. & Can’t Stop. Also See My Blog.

    • Emmanuel Obarhua says

      Lol яαjιв кнαjα but its true. I have seen someone who applied for adsense for three years yet got no approval, But he’s approved now though. By the way, I’m glad I got you laughing for days. :)

  4. says

    I got zero a day from adsense hahaha. That is…. I don’t know why all my traffic rely from search engine its been week by now and I didn’t earn anything.

    • Emmanuel Obarhua says

      Drive more traffic sir, I guess lots of traffic tips are covered herein. Also remember to syndicate all your blog posts. Regards

  5. says

    well said but i must say the truth i have addynamo account and also google but i can tell you is no where to compare with adsense, though i dont know much about Media net but adsense is far far more better to compare with addynamo

    • Emmanuel Obarhua says

      Hello Collns, thanks for the contribution. I deem your testimony is honest since you use both companies. Regards

  6. says

    thanks for this good post, this ad network are quite great you just have to find the one that suits what you offer and location…. though i use adsense i envy the users too….. my question is this. can one use adsense and on the site blog? is it safe? advantages and disadvantages

    • Emmanuel Obarhua says

      Hello Kampe, good to have you here. Google allows other contextual ads on a site that uses adsense but you must make sure they are not formatted alike. That is, it must be differentiated, preferably, let them not be in one place. I recommend you read the program policies for better understanding;

  7. says

    Nice one bro, though i know adsense is the most go to when it comes to pay-per-click ads, but i would prefer the other to adsense. Adsense is a time ticking bomb. Beware.

    • Emmanuel Obarhua says

      Reason why I’d use another ad program besides Google is cos of the no-fear of losing your account. Nice idea Shamsudeen.

  8. says

    What a wonderful post. I actually love the way you took time to elaborate on the good sides and little drawbacks on each program. You did a wonderful job Emma. Thumbs up 😉

  9. says

    Thank you for sharing nice ideas. Google Adsensence is a reliable sources of online earning and helps to make money by wrting and posting. It is all about number number.

    • Emmanuel Obarhua says

      I agree with you Googma, but don’t you think your decision is coming from the fact that your name and Google looks alike? lol. What you said is true and I know its honest. Thanks for the contribution anyway.

  10. says

    Nice Post Here. From My Observation, Adsense is the best and you shouldnt be comparing Addynamo with adsense. Addynamo is not a good company for Publishers apart from Their Tweet Ads. I cant say abt Media cos i havent used them. All the same, this is really a Great Post.

  11. says

    Nice one there, Emmanuel. Google Adsense is my number one winner any day. With that being said, I am kind of surprised that you didn’t feature infolinks in the mix. IMO, it out-performs addynamo (I don’t know about At least that’s from my personal experience. Nice compilation bro.

  12. says

    I had a question regarding the floating ad. I just got approved by and am new to their system. I was looking in the dashboard and did not see how to set up the floating ad. How do you go about doing that? It sounds and looks like a great idea. Thanks for your help in advance and for the great information.

  13. says

    In terms of earnings, Google Adsense is the best, in terms of quick payment, is awesome, Addynamo sucks and it could take you up to 6 months to make money up to the threshold especially if your blog is the type that receives like 4K pageviews daily.

  14. says

    Really man. AdSense has been pissing me off since past 1 year. I will straight way apply for ads! Thanx a lot for this awesome post. I hope accepts me . Fingers crossed.

  15. says

    Hello Emmanuel Obarhua, I have also a question. As you mentioned in the post above that the floating Ads are really good and get lots of clicks. I am a publisher but I didn’t find any option / I was unable to sort out as to how to put the ad on a floating social bar. Please help me out..please.. Regards, Ashwani Kumar Singh

  16. says is not too great buddy. im using it and they are giving me a rpm of 0.00$ , whats the point of serving theirs ads then. There is no money in it

  17. says

    I got my adsense disabled but now i am happy with Media.Net. No more rules and good income as AdSense. Can i go for Addynamo,I am from India?

  18. says

    I have to say that I have been using, in conjunction with Adsense, for about a month now and am very happy with the results. It took some time to optimize the ads so that the ad topics matched the keywords but when that happened things went very well. In addition, the ability to have an account rep working with you is terrific and a major step up in the costumer service from Adsense. Although, I have to admit that the reporting of your statistics, what ads got clicked, what pages those ads are on, is far better with Adsense. So overall, both can be useful.

  19. says

    Dear Manuel I wold like to let you know one thing, I found your Blog by using a solidly “Keywords” (Media alternatives) so the reason the I live this message to you is because you need a little but to review your English Content, do not take this as an arrogant contest please, is only because your blog have a lot of very relevant subject by using best topics like AdSense, Media, etc, so keep my comment if you like or delete it if you are offended, anyway, you have a very good Theme and also a very nice harmony too.

  20. says

    I think Google is being very harsh these days on small web publishers.Without any notifications they disable accounts and the publishers loses all the hard earned money. I agree is excellent alternative.But they should expand their horizon to other countries,not just in U.K and US

    • says

      It is true Google is harsh; but all that reaction is for the internet of their business and advertisers. And what you said about is true; they truly need to make their ad network global. Thanks for your great comment.

  21. says

    I have been rejected by Adsense for many times, and i am looking for an alternative. I heard that the are full time scammers, they will not payout when you have reach your payment threshold and will ban your acc by just giving the reason of “low quality traffic”…. Is Addynamo really a good alternative for Google Adsense?

    • says

      I’m presently tryin out personally and I’ve reached payout. Expecting to paid by the end of this month or early next month and it’s only then I would believe they’re truly scammers. I once tried Addynamo but it actually didn’t perform well… that was a long time ago though.

  22. says

    that’s really nice information, thanks guys

  23. says

    thax for the information. I have a Question, Can I use both adsense and on my site? i have adsense account, can i apply for ajit s.

      • says

        thanks Don for reply, I got approval from, but strangely my main domain is rejected and subdomain got selected, now i am showing ads, but rpm is too low.. its like nothing.. but good thing is there representative always there to solve my problems and he says he needs at least 1oo,ooo impressions to test my site. ajit s.

        • says

          I was told by my account manager that once a domain or sub domain is approved, you can paste your ad codes on all subdomains of that site. I suggest you contact your account manager for clarification though. Regards.

  24. says

    Since getting my adsense disable I’ve been looking for a better alternative which turned out to me, but are only great for you if your main traffic comes from US or Canada, as for addynmo they simply has no advertisers that their main problem

  25. says

    Hello Emma, I love this information it’s helpful to so many people still not sure which company to use on their sites or blogs, Thanks bro keep it up.

  26. says

    Just started using its 1 day passed and earned 0.40$ from just 1 ad placed on the site hope it will continue to serve this good now i placed in proper positions lets see what i get ! How much you earn or earned from and what do you think that is better than addynamo or addynamo is better than :)

  27. Victor Ome Umukoro says

    Talking about other money making services online, I strongly believe that they should not be compared to google adsense. Although google adsense have a very strong policy, all you need to do is to keep to the rules and regulation guiding your use of google adsense programme. Google respect people who keep to those rules. I love what am earning at [php]MyCollege[/php] Thank You

  28. Sarah Bright says ads network best in all im using on my site successfully, if u have huge traffic from Europe then you may earn in thousand. is best instead of Google Adsense.

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