How You Can Save Energy with Technology

With both a growing environmental awareness and a struggling economy, many of us have started to look for places to save energy. While technology is often considered to be of detriment to the environment, and our energy bills, it is possible to use technology for good in our journey to a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to save the planet or to save a few pennies, let’s take a look at a few ways in which to do so using technology.

energy saving

Smart Meters

Smart meters are gradually being introduced by energy companies as a bid to increase efficiency and consumer responsibility. These devices allow us to monitor our own energy consumption closely, understanding the patterns of energy usage in our homes.

Over time, the use of smart meters will allow us to address our energy consumption in an efficient and effective manner – cutting down where it counts the most. These devices provide a perfect example of how consumer responsibility and technology can come together to reduce our carbon footprint.

As well as making changes to the way in which we use energy around the home, the patterns which are highlighted by smart meters can help us to choose the right energy tariff for us. Switching energy companies is an easy task which can often save us stack of cash over the course of a year.

Recycling Unused Items

As technology develops at a constant and fast pace, most of us are quick to upgrade items such as mobile phones and televisions. While our phone companies are happy to give us promising deals on upgrades, sometimes we are left with piles of old and unused handsets in drawers throughout the house.

Not only is it better for the world around us to recycle iphone handsets and accessories, but it can actually bring us in a surprising amount of cash. If we are keen to pick up a fresh handset on a regular basis, it’s our duty to ensure that our old handsets are taken care of responsibly.

Updating Old Appliances

We are often reluctant to replace appliances that aren’t broken – in fact, many of us hang on to old machines for environmental reasons, believing that we shouldn’t throw something out unless it is unusable. With white goods such as washing machines and fridges, however, the opposite is usually true.

Older machines are terribly inefficient, drawing heavily on resources and rarely doing a good job. Today’s appliances are tailored for the eco-friendly market, always receiving an energy rating which is made clear by retailers. While making the change may seem unfriendly to the environment, the energy saved by running an up to date machine is colossal. Be sure to recycle your old machine, where possible!


  1. says

    Something like going green? We should consider renewable source of energy such as Solar Powered Technology. Recycling? Thats almost impossible in naija the best you can get is an exchange deal. Dont get me wrong, if you are sure of any company that recycle stuffs in naija please let me know.

      • says

        Hi The Best SEO, I have invested in Solar Powered Technology, is cool but expensive and to tell you the truth: products we have in Naija are not that good, so we would need the help of the Naija Government for quality and subsidized products for us to fully go green. Thank you.

  2. says

    I do have multiple types of solar panel installed at home. Basically, these module are expensive but in return saves by lowering my monthly electric bill.

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