Optimizing Website for Windows 8 Will Take Your Business to a New Level

Undeniably, Windows 8 has been the most controversial operating system. Did you know that optimizing your website for Windows 8 can fetch you better business? Probably, users are not well accustomed to this operating system currently, but it is predicted that it will become one of the most popular operating systems among the users.

If you’re a Windows 8 user, then you may aware of the fact that certain features of Windows 8 make it easier for a user to access a website—it could be pinning of the website, accessing content via shortcuts or sharing of the website.

Let us plunge little deeper, to find it in detail!

Windows 8’s Website Tile:

If a user uses an Internet Explorer app in Windows 8 system, then he can pin a particular website to the Start Screen, which will appear as a live tile icon.

To make it better for the visitor, why don’t you keep a ‘favorite’ or a ‘bookmark’ icon on your website! This icon would be the one appearing on the Window’s tile, and the name of the tile would be the HTML title tag of your website.

If you’re thinking about notifying your users about any update of your website, such as content, you can make use of pinned site notifications that will appear on the tile.

Flip ahead browsing:

Luckily, you need to add a simple set of code in your website to make this feature enable. ‘Flip ahead browsing’ is available in the app version of IE 10 for Windows 8. This feature is useful, when the content is of many pages or photo slides. A visitor can flip through the pages of your website as in a magazine. Clicking the next button should take you to the obvious content.

Customize the Sharing Content:

Users can share your website with other users, by making use of the Charms bar of Windows 8, Mail and People app. It will use the HTML title tag as the site’s name, Meta description and any image from your website.

However, if you want to display particular content when users are sharing your website content among one another, then you should place a customized code in your website to make this happen.

Perhaps, the reason behind the suggestion of optimizing website for Windows 8 is clear now. Features of Windows 8 make it easier for a user to find a website and website owner can enjoy the benefits of it.


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    Nobody will never believe such features even exist on Window 8, this post provide information and support for Online Entrepreneur to Optimize Website for window 8, great post! Kudos to the Writer

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    True talk Bro! Windows 8 is getting rampant in my school, but most don’t not the value yet. Talking about the code for optimizing; i’ll sure need a little clue.

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    Few days ago I setup the windows 8 in my computer. It can make the computer so faster then earlier which is really help me very much. It’s new feature also attract us. I suggest to my friends to try this at their own Computer.

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