Skyline 2.0: Customized Theme for MobilePress 1.2.1 and Newer Versions

MobilePress got a major update some months ago after two years of being stagnant. This plugin happens to be one of the best and easiest ways to mobilize your WordPress blog and I used it for quite a while. The customized theme I created for it like a year ago no longer works for the latest release. MobilePress 1.2.1 came with a lot of changes. From a much better theme management, a great looking post page with comments to some other changes like the inclusion of post thumbnails, it’s only a relief that the author didn’t abandon the project completely.

mobilepress theme

Anyway, despite the changes, there were a couple of things that should be added to the theme which I tried to include in this latest release of Skyline Mobilepress theme. Features include:

  • Related posts: The new theme comes with a related post widget. Even if your site’s full version doesn’t have one, this will still show up.
  • Categories: There’s a dropdown menu at the top listing all your categories
  • Comment avatar: I guess you’re gonna like this feature. Comment authors’ avatars are shown in comments.
  • Excerpt on homepage: I think I limit this to 25 characaters but you can increase or decrease it right from the index and archive template.
  • Logo: The default theme has no logo but you can insert a logo easily in this theme.
  • Breadcrumbs: You must install RDFA Breadrumb navigation to make this appear.
  • Share buttons: Oh yeah! I just included some sleek looking share buttons.
  • Comment form: You visitors don’t need to load an extra page just to post a comment, it’s right there on the post page.
  • Improved styling: The default theme looks rather boring but I tried to make the theme brighter with CSS.
  • Author bio: Using some WordPress tags, author bio is shown below each post even if you have no such plugin installed.

It’s a whole lot of features packed into this MobilePress theme.


How to install Skyline Mobilepress theme

Before this theme can be of any use to you, you must install MobilePress first!

Download Skyline MobilePress theme

– Login to cPanel and go to file manager

– Upload the theme to …/public_html/user/wp-content/

– Extract and there you have it

– Now go to WordPress dashboard > MobilePress > Themes

– Activate Skyline and check your blog

How to change the logo and favicon

– Go to cPanel file manager

– Go to …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/skyline/img

– Upload a logo.png file with size 266 x 68 or a bit less, but not more.

– You may also upload a favicon.gif image here to replace the default M favicon

How to change the header links

– Go to …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/skyline/header.php

– Edit the file and find these: http://your-contact-page & http://your-fan-page

– Replace with your contact page and fan page URLs respectively

Thumbnails not showing?

– Go to WordPress dashboard > MobilePress > Settings

– Check Show Post Thumbnails and Show Post Tags and save

How to integrate mobile ads

I wrote a post on how to add Google Adsense to MobilePress and you can check that out here.

Having issues with the theme? You can just let me know. By the way, it took almost a whole night trying to put the theme together with all the features, keeping the footer credit will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Author: Don Caprio

Don Caprio is a full time blogger / web designer living in Nigeria and apart from blogging, my other obsession is music. I'm a self-confessed Tupac fan, an iOS lover, an Android user, a Windows 8 power user, a writer with a 5-year old unfinished novel... and the list goes on and on. You can add me on Facebook, follow my updates on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! By the way, if your blog needs a custom design, you can contact me here...


  1. says

    Can you tell you which plugin are you using for your mobile version?I have tried wptouch and jetpack’s inbuilt mobile version.Also,please answer my comment which I left on your moving from blogger to WP without losing SEO and traffic.You will find it at the bottom of your post.Thanks!

  2. says

    The only issue with mobilepress is that it doesn’t create thumbnails if photos are hosted in other website. Like what I have, all photos were uploaded in Picasa.

  3. says

    Good job but am find some problem installing the mobile press this is the error message Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

  4. says

    wao… this is so awesome, great u are nw using the mobilepress bk..but to say the fact, this is really a great design…nice work bro.

  5. says

    The real don.. Nice work bro, you the bomb… Buh i got some ish with this skyline mobile press, my thumbnails are not showing.. I’v even checked n unchecked those thumbnails stuff over n over again, related posts also not working… Help a brother don…thanks

  6. says

    Hi just discovered twitter sharing is via your handle which definitely looks somehow to me as you already got a footer link. Kindly respond

    • says

      For that, you need to generate thumbnails from those external images. There’s are some plugins for that, you may try “Auto Generate Thumbnails”

  7. says

    Hi don thanks for this theme its a turn arround for my Blog… 😀 but I have a little problem… I can’t see post thumbnails even after enabling it in the mobile press settings. Please help me thanks a lot in advance.

  8. says

    i customized this theme as you instructed but its not showing thumbnail, the read more is unclickable, i changed the logo img to mine and deleted the former but all not showing. don caprio kindly help me sir

  9. says

    Surestinfo, this themes are easy but tricky, I think you have messed up with some coding. Kindly reinstall the theme and while editing your codes makesure you do that from the theme folder *Skyline* in your control panel. About the thumbnail uninstall any plugin for thumbnail, (although I am nt using the thumbnail because of same issue) you can check to see how mine looks. If you still have difficulty fixing your problem I can help you. The theme is just d best thanks DON

  10. says

    @ henri, @ don caprio, my thumbnail is yet to show. I was having advanced except plugin to show read more on my blog but now I unistall it and the mobilepress now shows my post and read more button but it has removed the read more on desktop view and yet thumbnail not showing

  11. says

    @surestinfo, for your desktop view read more option check your reader settings from wordpress admin settings, the problem may be from there, or check your theme properly settings properly.. I also noticed your site post are not opening. For the thumbnail.. @Don caprio will help you with that

  12. says

    @ henry i have checked the settings and this is what is there For each article in a feed, show Full text Summary and i choose summary but still not showing the read more. rather its showing this […]

  13. says

    does it means no solution to the thumbnail not showing on my site, even if i click on view in desktop it still reload back to the mobilepress page. if there is no way out then i better uninstall the plugin

  14. henri says

    You must have checked something, check your mobile press settings to see if you enabled force mobile site. you may take a look at how my theme looks

  15. says

    @ henri and alex, I have checked your site. Its almost the same thing as mine. No thumbnail but your view desktop version is working while mine reload back to the mobile view. I did not enable force mobile view @ alex how do I set the images as featured image Kindly check my site

  16. henri says

    Surest info seems you installed your theme wrongly to correct it Go to your Admin dashboard»appearance»themes» then choose a theme for your desktop Then save.. View your site and tell me if its done. If it doesn’t work uninstall your mobile theme totally then reinstall but don’t activate.. Go to mobilepress settings» select skyline and activate it there NB activate it from mobile press settings not general theme settings

  17. says

    featured image shows when you are writing a post or editing if it is not showing you click the screen options and click it. ………………………………………………………….. heads up for everyone i installed a new theme and it started to conflict with the mobilepress plugin(whitescreen,continous loading of page) not until i clicked ‘forced’ mobile view did it resolve.

  18. says

    Master Don… I recently started reading your blog and i think i’m really impressed. There’s no day i don’t come here now. Bro please i have a problem with the mobile theme.. It’s not displaying thumbnails. I’ve double checked all the settings and it still wouldn’t show. Any suggestions please? the site

    • says

      By checking the box in your mobilepress settings, it should show by default. It’s not showing probably because you’ve edited the theme and changed what you shouldn’t have touched or you’re using a certain image plugin.

  19. says

    I just noticed if i replace this code in index.php- <a href="” class=”thumbnail”><img src="” /> with this one- <?php if (has_post_thumbnail ()) { the_post_thumbnail (); } else { echo ''; } ?> it shows the numbnail but it doesnt resize it.. It comes up with the normal large image size in the post.. Maybe you could help with this hint?? You can check it out on

  20. says

    if i replace <a href="” class=”thumbnail”><img src="” /> with <?php if (has_post_thumbnail ()) { the_post_thumbnail (); } else { echo ''; } ?> <h2 it works but doesn't re-size the image

  21. neon emmanuel says

    Bro I must comment you for your good work n that theme you made, but bro why is it that the theme seems very hard to replace files on it, and if you are granted to do so, title would be showing a post title, and also your DC plugin isn’t appearing on my blog, but if I activate the DC plugin, my post structured would be destroyed, asin paragraphs and headings would merge ….only on mobilepress but d dc plugin is better on my desktop view. Look forward to your helping me my site is

    • says

      Title showing post title? I don’t really understand. As for the share plugin, I use it here on Mobilepress if you check on mobile. It’s already explained in the article how to make it appear properly on Mobilepress and I’m not seeing any formatting issues.

  22. neon emmanuel says

    Asin Don if I try add new post and I visit my blog I would see a post appearingÈ as the blog title instead of the blog title

  23. Hammed says

    @Don caprio I did what you said, I uploaded and extracted under /pulic_html/wp-content/plugin/mobilepress/themes buh its not still showing the theme in my dashboad mobilepress themes …please help bro

  24. thatpjayboy says

    @Don Caprio….Love this theme and will like to have it on my blog…Am having issue with it and don’t knw what to do….”mobilepress Stylesheet is missing.”…help me out…..PLS :crying:

  25. Hammed says

    yes bro …its not still showing see: its like dis ftp. /public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/ themes/Skyline-Theme1

  26. starchoice says

    help me wen I install the themes my index is showing me Fatal error: Call to undefined function string_limit_words() in /home/u761232525/ public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/ themes/Bluepress-mobilepress-theme-v1.2/ index.php on line 21 how will I fix it

    • says

      Hi, You already posted this as a question in the Q & A section. It appears as it you’re installing Bluepress MobilePress theme, please contact the theme author. I only offer support for themes I personally create.

  27. topexclusive says

    i got this error when i tried to check show post thumbnail Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_ thumbnail() in /home/u324818354/public_html/ wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/themes/default/ index.php on line 12 and have tried activating plugin -auto post thumbnail

  28. iNerd says

    Hi D.C, I’m in a dilemic situation here & your opinion would go a long way. Which would in your opinion, prefer I stick with? Pardom me that the are low level websites o. or ? , readers please give me your opinion too.

  29. music911 says

    Don I swear u r doing a great job,d sky is your starting point Pls guide me I’m stuck trying to change the font color in this skyline,please guide me.where do I locate the post title text colors to change it to my desired color .

  30. opzyboy says

    I’ve a problem with the logo,am i going to upload it in the img folder? And even if that’s where I should it the skyline logo is not replaced with my custom logo.

    • says

      /wp-content/mobilepress/themes/skyline/img/logo.png. That’s where it should be. Be sure to clear your browser cache before doing a hard refresh. Clearing ur cache plugin too is recommended if you’re using one.

  31. Johnson says

    Hello, I don’t know why My Google adsense Not Showing on My Mobile view… But shows on Desktop view… Please I need a help

    • says

      Johnson you need to work on your blogger template. Adsense will never show on your mobile unless you make some adjustments. Most importantly, you have to make your blog mobile friendly.

  32. vstar says

    caprio, I want to change the change the size of thumbnail, have tried all means, but it’s not working out, check

  33. EHIMOND says

    Hi Don. Thanks for the tutorial. However, im stuck on the first step. Clicked on the link to download MobilePress and i got this page about ‘Obox Mobile’ and it’s for sale. Please help.

  34. Abdul says

    Hi, I really like your blog..its cool..I have problems with commenting on all my mobile views..I really don’t know why..people can’t comment on my blog..u can try it I used using mobilepress..still nothing..pls help..

  35. phiz says

    I install mobile press, and skyline theme, everything is working correctly, but my content show with comment everything at once, check…

  36. zoza says

    COMMENT ISSUE…. when ever anyone posted a comment, only the name of the user will show BUT the content of the comment will show….. pls help

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