Are Your Backlinks Helping or Backfiring on Your Website or Blog?


With the ever rising boom in Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization, it has become essentially important to understand and know the value of links. Google’s Penguin updates have got hysteria over the negative SEO techniques, which have, quite well, succeeded in putting your precious efforts in vain. You might surely have done a bunch of good things together; however, it is not necessary you will always yield good returns for all your good deeds.

Well, if you are trying to find some relation to the context of link building and so-called “Negative SEO”, too many backlinks may actually spoil your entire SEO strategy. In fact, when you plan for any SEO strategy, trying too many good things together will always backfire. That is one obvious reason, which importantly calls for understanding the vitality and techniques to use links that enhance your website or blog.

There might be several queries running down to your mind – about whether backlinks make or break your website. Let’s look for things you need to ensure while getting a link.

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Quality Vs. Quantity:

In the war between quality and quantity, the former wins. It is more important to build quality links than to have a bundle of unnatural links turning down your SEO strategy. So, how exactly will you determine if your backlink is a quality one? Here, the golden rules of SEO:

(1) Getting a link from your niche and
(2) Quality of the website from where you are getting a backlink.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration before taking a backlink from the website.

  1. Domain Authority:

    Always check the Domain Authority of the website before taking a backlink. Avoiding such vital things can spoil your SEO strategy. Three factors will help you determine the domain authority – Age, Size and Popularity. The reason you should check for domain authority is that search engines have grown a long way to provide users with the most trusted results.

    • Age of the domain will indicate the longevity of the website.

    • Popularity of the domain will measure the number of inbound links the domain has from quality sites.
    • Size of the domain will contribute towards the amount of content that can generate inbound links.

  2. PageRank:

    We all know that PageRank is nothing but a mathematical number given to a web page that indicates importance of a particular page. PageRank is one of the most important factors in Search Engine rankings.

    One wrong step can destroy all your SEO efforts. Having spent a worthy time in the industry, I believe the most important piece of advice I can propose is ‘do not offer reciprocal links just for the sake of it’. It is always wise to get links from high PR, popular, relevant, niche sites to increase PageRank of your website.

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  3. Alexa:

    Alexa is a ranking system that ranks a website based on traffic and web usage information obtained from various sources. Alexa’s ranking system is a little complex, Alexa computes the value derived from the number of pages that has been viewed by the users on a daily basis. High Alexa rank means a low website traffic while the low the Alexa means the high website traffic. Alexa is one of the important factors to be considered while making a SEO strategy. Try to get a link from a good Alexa ranked websites which can further help you to improve the Alexa rank of your website. Having a good Alexa ranking will determine the worth of your website.

The above are the basic factors to be considered before getting a backlink from other websites. As we know, Google wants to show high quality websites in their SERPs and for that, they do 500+ algorithmic changes each year – the major ones being Google Panda and Penguin updates which rolled out in Mid-2012. They definitely hit hard to the spammers and low quality websites. Till date many websites are still suffering to come out from Google’s manual penalty that was raised to them for unnatural links.

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Google has already signaled that there are major updates on the way to be rolled out in 2013. Therefore it is very important for Internet marketers to make an effective SEO and content strategy from future prospects. We always have to stick to the fundamentals of the SEO. Google still counts backlinks as one of the important ranking factors, as I said high quality backlinks helps and low quality backlinks destroys your website ranking. I have evaluated some useful ways to get quality backlinks.

  1. Guest Blogging – While content marketing has become an undeniable buzz of 2012-13, it is necessary that you have your content posted on others sites as well. Well, having exceptional quality content, but failing to plan the right strategy to use them might put you into serious troubles. For guest blogging, choose sites that have good number of page visits and hits. This is possibly the only way your content will have high viewership. However, a wrong choice of the subject for your content or the guest site would contribute to backfire your business.

  2. Content Marketing – Content marketing has gone a long way from merely having to post blogs and article which are keyword rich but meaningless. You might come across a familiar phrase, Content is the king, throughout the virtual world. Web content has a crucial role to play in the process of link building. It is only the content of your website which will drive customers to link your site to theirs. You will find people linking to you only if they get some useful and worthy content on your site. Make sure that you look into your link building content wisely to avoid spamming, especially while planning your SEO strategies.

  3. Comments – Having a lot of comments on your posts will determine the readability of your content. This would not only fetch your site enormous traffic, but help you in the link building process, as well. However, your role doesn’t stop only at receiving comments for your posts. In fact, it is a good practice to reply to those comments for building great relations with your readers as well. Just like PageRank and Alexa ranking, the comments on your posts will lead you to great link building.

  4. Authority of Content – What contributes to the best SEO and link strategy practices is, having a content that is not only useful, but entertaining and educating as well. If content is the king, it should equally have the authority to take your websites to the top. Only and only if the content is genuinely qualitative will it arrive at the top of the heap on web search. The more useful and unique your content is, the more prevalent and long lived it will be. It is definitely a key component for determining the success of your online presence. The more authoritative and trusted your website is, the higher it will always rank.

  5. Link Juice – Link juice is nothing but a secret evaluation given by search engines to incoming links redirecting to your website. It is always better to add backlinks to a site which has more link juice. The reason is quite simple. A site with more link juice will outrank the other. Link juice is not a meticulous science but it’s a vital concept to understand that high quality links create a big difference in the optimization process.

Conclusion – Building quality backlinks is extremely important to increase your PageRank and to help your business grow to the next level. The above mentioned things are some of the important factors you can consider during your link strategy. These are things that remain untouched by Google’s Penguin updates, no matter what.


  1. Nice Post, dont know there is any Negative Results in building unnecessary backlinks, Thanks for sharing your good knowledge, Now i can understand how backlinks work and what measures I must take in Building Them.

    • It shouldn’t jeopardize your website and in order to execute this properly you must use high PR sites and do follow links so that you can create quality traffic and natural backlinks.

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    Getting backlinks right is imperative, so many over do it and shoot themselves in the foot!

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    Great article posted.. Truly mentioned that content is the king so quality must be maintained in SEO strategies. Just want to know about info-graphics?? What are the benefits of it and how it affects the website.

  10. Mubi Rana says:

    Great Post Don… Just wanted to ask you a Question… Before i had a blog with hagh quality banklinks…but recently i moved it to custom domain…. so my question is should i rebuilt backlinks or not ? becoz in alexa it show 0 backlinks for my new domain name and shows 20 for my blogspot domain name.

    • Don Caprio says:

      You have to start link building all over… it’s like startinf from the beginning again with a change of domain name.

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