Top 5 Reasons Why Android OS Sucks

Everyone seems to be using Android phones these days and prefer not to go with iOS because of some of the reasons listed here. In actual fact, I’ve come to realize that most of those who criticize iOS do not actually have it and never used it once. Quite unlike iOS, it’s like the Android fever is spreading and almost every dick and harry carries an Android device around.


I am a fan of iOS and I love it. Here, I’m going to list the reasons why the Androids sucks.

1. Exposure To Virus & Malware

One great thing about iOS is security and even in the App Store, there’s no single antivirus software for iOS because practically, iOS does not get attacked by virus and malwares. By downloading and installing files or plugging your phone into a computer through USB, your Android device can be infected with virus. This is the reason why you can see different types of antivirus apps in the Play Store for Android because they already know the OS is not protected from virus attack. Any one can send you a virus from the internet or through bluetooth. Sucks, right?

2. Low Quality Apps

Another sour side of Android OS is the amount of crappy apps that fill the Play Store. Anyone can just decide to create an Android application and get it approved for users to download. The play store is poorly regulated leading to loads of apps that may even brick your device. Some of these apps can even steal your personal on your devices.

3. Software Updates Not For All Android Devices

As you can see, Google might decide to launch a new OS for the Android but this will never be available for all devices at once. Someone using a Samsung Galaxy S4 may get the update while Samsung Galaxy S3 users may have to wait for some months before they can enjoy the new features that comes with the update. Even worse, Sony Xperia Acro users may not get the updtae till after 6 months. This isn’t the case with iOS that rolls out firmware update for all devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Apple TV) all at once. You don’t waste your time waiting for a firmware update while other users are enjoying it already.

4. Battery Consumption

We already know that having a good battery on mobile gadgets is the one of the ways to enjoy its functionality fully. I must confess that one of the reasons why I prefer the iPhone over Android devices is because the iPhone battery is already sealed and cannot be removed easily… this is because under normal circumstances, your battery should serve you pretty well and you don’t need an extra.

Battery consumption on Android OS can be very annoying.

5.  Less Apps And Games

It’s often said that the Play Store is about to catch up with App Store but the gap between these two applications world is more than little. The number of apps and games available for iOS is far greater than Android OS and this is one major edge iOS has over Android OS. Quite a lot of developers prefer to develop for iOS and the ecosystem even encourages development of more quality apps.

Apart from the fact that there are less apps and games for Android, the quality of those apps too is something else.

Seriously, I think Android OS sucks and it’s simply overrated. What do you think?


  1. says

    seriously cant believe you would make up all these. very well, you tried, but hey! you talk much about android apps, ummm maybe you got a point there :( but your other points are just made up points that are even very closer to pointless, its the style of iLovers once you’re using one, believe me you’re blindfolded and before your eyes get opened, that will be when you used android for a while. Android still rules

      • Thomas Scarlett says

        First of all, I have never had a virus or malware attack since owning an android phone and the security apps come in handy for those who root their phones, low quality apps? you’ve never heard of real racing 3 evidently, at least our software updates actually improves the OS and adds something new whereas ios is staler than bread from 1700, i own an xperia Z which has the back sealed as well as so many power saving options it’s unreal STAMINA mode, widgets to disable wi fi, etc faster than the iphone and lastly we get more free apps than the iShit ever heard of angry birds to name one. fuckin deal with it there’s a reason people love Android more, there’s more choice and customisability and it’s generally more reliable.

    • says

      How can facts be pointless? There is a #6 the author forgot abound. It’s Androids Major Fragmentation issue. If Android was dumped by all today, the mobile industry would greatly benefit. You need to throw out the trash B4 placing a new garbage bag in right. DROID = Failed

      • Thomas Scarlett says

        If everyone dumped android in a day, the world would have to use ios, evidently android is shit if it accounts for 51.7% of the smartphone market, and even windows phone has a sizeable share. I’m sorry that Apple have abandoned your ios and it’s gone staler than pizza crust in a teenagers bedroom but you simply cannot win, Android is more flexible and robust and adaptable…it will never cease growing and thats what makes it the best.

  2. says

    lol nicr try bro but this post goes for the layman that is stilk trying to catch with technology.all ur points are good but baseless thr worse is of battery man,what were u thinking?i used apples iphone4 and am now on galaxy s2 mehn the difference is clear its like going to a car race with a ferrari and the old beattle car(tortise car).well nice try apple lovers but only the wisest see the light on time

  3. says

    Hey dude, your comparism of iOS and Android OS i baseless. I can smell a write up by blindfolded iPrisoner… Which of the Android device have you used (or are you using)? Anyway. 1. Visus: even your laptop is prone to visus. 2. Low quality apps: because apple is ripping you off with their apps. Go to Google play and download the same app you buy for $50 from itunes for free. Is that what made it quality? 3. Software updates: does iphone 3 run on the same software with iphone 5? 4. Battery consumption: what does battery duration got to to with phone OS? If so, tell me between the batteries of iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 or S4 which one lasts longer? A phone that once its battery dies, the phone dies as well. 5. Limited apps & games: if you had made this post 3 years ago I would’ve agreed with you but as at present. Man, go make research very well before writing… Cos you don’t know what you are talking

  4. says

    Then Android devices gives you options to expand the memory space beyond what you are given unlike iDevices memory that screws you tight with no option to expand

  5. Sammy says

    Ios 6.1.4 was released and made available for only iphone 5. Google play store has more apps than ios app store, A good android has a longer lasting battery than a good iphone. Ur reasons are invalid

  6. says

    First i can’t believe Dc published this POO… grammatical errors everywhere. Secondly your review are based on LIES… are you saying computers don’t catch virus? Is there no low quality apps in iprison?, everyone knows android battery life is better than iPhone. Please try and escape from ijail and see the light before vomiting rubbish.

    • says

      first i dont see any poo here bro, and grammatical errors “is a public disease” though i totally disagree with the title “5…….Android OS sucks” and the points, the title should rather be “why i hate android” in any way it just his point of views about android and iOS and i dont see any offense in saying ones point of view, even when they are pointless!

  7. says

    Android Os sucks??? thats ridiculous there’s no single OS or device thats perfect! I love the android OS as well as the iOS….. but that doesn’t mean the android OS sucks! Anyway you gave a few portable reasons,but I quite disagree with point 2 and point 4. Nice article tho.

    • says

      I agree with your sentiments. I think DC readers should do more research before buying their cellphones then we wouldn’t have people cursing of the same issues over and over. In a nutshell anyone seeking to switch platforms should know that Android is versatile and iOS is refined.

  8. ZaniteEagle says

    Actually, iPhone battery life is really bad. I used iPhone and after one hour it was already 50% so I don’t know why you said that androids battery life is shorter -.- pretty much all your comments are invalid. For example, you said that iPhone has better quality apps and that androids app sucks. Not true you are actually stereotyping that all android apps suck. I enjoy a lot of android apps, so research the facts before you comment. Btw I did use iPhone before commenting

  9. says

    I agree to the points here. ios plays a vital role in the usage for business purpose as well as common users. Also there involves technical risk in using android apps.

  10. says

    I’ve decided to make a daily goal to prove how much android phones suck!  #1  They get viruses and malware. How can a phone get a virus. It’s a phone not a computer. #2 reason why androids suck: They compensate phone quality for an oversized screen. Who cares about a huge screen. Hello it’s a phone not a TV. If I put that crappy phone up to my TV, I wouldn’t even notice it.    #3 reason why androids suck:    It take so long for apps to hit the google market that it’s already old on apple’s market by the time android get it.  #4 reason why androids suck: Batteries die too fast. Guess that’s why they have to carry replacements…to switch out when one dies.   #5 reason why androids suck:  You can buy something on the google market without signing in. That mean when you let your kid play Angry Birds and they download something on the market, guess what you gotta pay for it. #6 reason why androids suck:   Better not drop one or you’ll cough up some money to replace it. OUCH   #7 reason why androids suck:   Because their software is made from an open source program language(JAVA) that makes their server susceptible hackers, and even your personal account info. Yikes #8 reason why androids suck:   They have a lot of useless features like a stylus to type with. Huh! I’m not handicap. I have working fingers. Or run two apps on the same screen. That’s dumb! Why would I wanna watch a movie and read my bible app at the same time? What is this bump crap? You mean I gotta fly to NY to touch phones with someone to send something. #9 reason why androids suck:  App developers don’t make any money. Which is why the apps are so cheesy looking. #10 reason why androids suck:  Soon as a new one come out the old one is worthless. That means they don’t hold value. That’s cuz they’re trash. My 64GB iPhone 4S still worth at least $200. #11 reason why androids suck:  They’re monopolizing the economy by buying up every small market cell phone company, phone programmers, other company patents, and software. That mean they will ruin the whole market if they get too big. Just like how Microsoft in the 90’s messed up the electronic economy.  #12 reason why androids suck:  What’s the point of having multiple memory chips when you can only use one at a time. I want all my stuff in one place so I don’t have to switch back and forth to use an app or watch a video. #13 reason why androids suck:  Has no warranty. If your phone gets lost, stolen, or malfunctions, you still have to come off a $200-300 deductible to replace it. And that’s with insurance. Awful.  #14 reason why androids suck:  Even when it has the same app as Apple, it has less features, color, and functionality. For instance AT&T Uverse app has a unique remote control feature exclusive only to the iPhone. #15 reason why androids suck:  Every phone gets bigger and bigger. Pretty soon it’s gonna be a boombox instead of a phone.  #16 reason why androids suck:  People lose android phones, meanwhile iPhones are stolen.   #17 reason why androids suck:  Their phone are like Lego blocks…It’s snaps together. #18 reason why androids suck:  If Samsung had such a revolutionery superior product then please explain these numbers to me: Market Cap of Samsung Elctronics 173 Billion dollars Vs Apple Inc 657 Billion Dollars (nearly 5 times the value)?   #19 reason why androids suck: They boast on market dominance when they have 42 (not including the ones I couldn’t find) manufacturers: HTC, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile brand phone, Wal-Mart prepaid phone, Metro PCS, Motorola, Pantech, Sharp, Sony(Xperia), ZTE, Sprint’s brand phone, Kyocera, Droid,  Huawei, Coolpad, Chaser, Venture, BLU, GIGABYTE, Karbonn, Lenovo, Micromax, Google, Oppo, Philips, Spice, Alcatel, Acer, Asus, Celkon, Dell, Garmin-Asus, Ice-Mobile, INQ, Meizu, NIU, Orange, Panasonic, Plum, Toshiba, Xiaomi, VeryKool, Yezz…How can you even brag on market dominance when apple only makes one phone model. Yet Apple’s products are accounted for over 70% of the bandwidth for data tablets and cellphones. So really Apple is winning in the market share too. Source: #20 reason why androids suck: The 40+ manufacturers total to over 2,500(including tablets) products licensed by android. However, Apple only has a total of 18 products licensed. Yet Apple is worth 5x more money than android. Android ought to be ashamed to boast in this category. That’s why you don’t spend millions of dollars on phones and then give them away. The company is losing money. Source: #21 reason why androids suck:  Only Android would be dumb enough to release the same phone on multiple hardware platforms. The Droid Razr by Motorola is the Exact same phone as the Droid DNA by HTC. #22 reason why androids suck:  Because the phones are way too big, you have to carry the phone like a handbag. Maybe that’s why people lose ’em cuz they set ’em down and forget ’em. #23 reason why androids suck: Android customers buy Apple computers and tablets, but say I won’t buy an iPhone because they suck. That’s condescending, considering android makes tablets and computers.   #24 reason why androids suck:  Because they have over 40 different phone manufacturers, you don’t know what you’re getting. And none of them are on the same page. They all run different software versions. #25 reason why androids suck: You can buy something on the google market without signing in. That mean when you let your kid play Angry Birds and they hit something on the market, guess what you gotta pay for it. #26 reason why androids suck: people say iPhone cost too much, well android have several phones that cost the same, if not more than iPhones do.  #27 reason why androids suck: Android(Google) is an American company no doubt, but it is an America company that is ran and manufactured in 100s of other countries and not America. Apple is an American company planned & designed in America. Just built in foreign countries. #28 reason why androids suck: You look like an complete idiot holding a phone the size of an brick up to your head.                           They make over 40 different phone models. You don’t know what you’re getting. And none of them are on the same page. They run different software versions. An   Android(Google) is an American company no doubt, but it is an America company that is ran and manufactered in 100s of other countries and not America. Apple is an American company planned & designed in America. Just built in 3rd world countries.

  11. Braj Mohan says

    Android really sucks. Its just a hype now a days & everyone is carrying android device. Most of them are just limited to Watch videos and make calls. The top reasons which I and many of my friends (we all are software professionals) have observed. – Android Sucks Us by sucking battery. – Most smartphones suffers from low memory. (app sizes are nearly equal to desktop counterparts) – All devices has more or less same interface hence same user experience which I really don’t like. I find even symbian far better then android. Same functionality with low memory and battery requirements.

  12. abayomi says

    and who told u dat windows virus will affect android… oga get ur facts well no de bobo us android runs on linux and linux de kill windows virus ni

    • says

      I didn’t write this article but from my point of view, Windows virus may not actually affect Android OS but it can surely mess up the files on your SD card. He should’ve made that clear.

  13. says

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  14. says

    Very nice blog about andriod mobile phones. Here are Top 5 Reasons Why Android OS Sucks. Anyone can just decide to create an Android application and get it approved for users to download. We already know that having a good battery on mobile gadgets is the one of the ways to enjoy its functionality fully. Must read it.

  15. Glenn Harrington says

    The problem with android is that it is not made for one specific kind of hardware. With apple their hardware is made to work with their software and vic-verse. Is it perfect, no, what is, but when I turn my apple phone on it turns on immediately, when I run an app it starts the first time every time, when I want to change apps the change is now not 3 min from now. On every one of my android devices all that took more time than it should have. When I have to wait for 5 min only to reboot my Nexus 7 because it hangs that is a drag and a half. When I never have to do it on my iPad or iPhone that makes me happy. 5 android phones and one tablet vers 1 iPad and 1 iPhone and guess what my iPhone and iPad kicks the hell out of any of the android phones or tablets I have ever had.

  16. cartzedan says

    @Nathan and the writer…you both have good points but 90% aren’t true, you both are talking like apple’s fanboy… Know your facts rights… Remember android is open source while Ios is close…get a pure android os phone with same price as an iphone before you judge…then u know the power of android… Is it nexus 5 with iphone 5 or iphone 6 with nexus 6, htc m9 or the fastest now which is Samsung s6…remember Steve said apple will never make a larger phone than it predecessor but when then saw the world moving towards biger phones… They had to follow…why make an apple app for android user to move freely from android to apple if they don’t think android was a treat… U want update… Pay same amount it cost to get an iPhone then u compare before arriving at a conclution..

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