Nokia’s Android Phone – Why Would It Be the Best Option?

Just when it was not enough for Nokia to introduce more operating systems in their smart phone list, they brought in the Android mobile operating system. Now with the Android platform, it plans to go as mainstream as it always did in the past.

Nokia Android Phone

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Where phone companies like Samsung and Apple stick to their respective operating systems, Android and iOS respectively, Nokia has sought the other path to introduce new smart phones of their brand. First Symbian, then Asha and now Android – Nokia wants to offer their customers with all variety possible. But certainly with this variety comes a price – Nokia will have a hard time breaking through the walls of Android competition where so many other smart phones are supporting this operating system.

Normandy – the name rumored to have it all. Nokia Normandy is said to have an Android operating system platform for its users. Why did Nokia decide to go Android after all? It is a question that can be answered simply by the level of its market demand. As with previous series of phones that Nokia released, it plans on releasing Normandy with different range of colors. With all the candy colors, Nokia-reliable touch screen and Android, it might not get better than this for most.

Another good news for Nokia lovers. Nokia, though planning to introduce Normandy in the coming year, is seeking to include it in its cheaper cost handset range. Nokia mobile phones are already known for their reliability and longer-lasting capabilities. But with all the smartphones, different tabs introduced into the market, and the Apple hype, it got stuck at the back for quite a while. However, the Finnish company was smart enough to get back on track and launch new mobile phones experimenting with all the operating systems possible. And at last it landed on the Android operating system.

It is yet to see how well it fares with this operating system but given the circumstances, it has high chances of faring well. Android app market has gone beyond the limits previously available. All sorts of applications are available for free and in various versions in its app store. Moreover, the recently evolving spy applications are also mainly aimed at Android operating systems. Best companies like Mobiespion and MobileSpy that are developing these spy applications features updates regularly for Android OS. Thus parents could find it beneficial to gift their children with a smart phone where monitoring them might not be a challenge at all.

Wishing well to the Finnish company, who knows what operating system they next have on their target platter!

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  1. Ifediri Dominic Eluagu says

    Truth is i had always wished Nokia was running Android OS ever since it went viral on other phones in the market, I wonder what made them so sure of their symbian os, I had to move on with some other product with Android os, which was not a Nokia. With this I hope it means they wanna start something innovative with Android, I really would like a Nokia phone running Android OS. Thanks for the info.

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