Laptops vs Tablets: Making the Right Choice Before Buying

In a world that’s still advancing rapidly in terms of technology, consumers are faced with different range of products and making the right choice sometimes isn’t that easy. The world is going mobile and these days, desktop computers are mostly being used at offices and rarely being used personally at home anymore. The ease at which you can buy these gadgets at affordable prices makes them ever more  accessible and preferable. And of course, if you wish to get rid of them, it’s a lot easier with sites like OLX Bangladesh as you can always find buyers and get a new one. The desktop computer is gradually being replaced by tablets, laptops, and even mobile phones.


Making the right choice between a laptop and a tablet can be daunting task but there are certain things to consider before buying that gadget. What are your needs and what do expect the gadget to do for you? Here are basic points to weigh:


Trying to figure out exactly what you need the gadget for is the first step in making the right choice. Even though tablets keep getting better with each new one coming into the market, they still don’t have the same processing power as laptops. A tablet definitely can’t perform all the functions you can with a laptop. For example, a web designer might not really find it comfortable trying to develop a website with just a tablet. Although some professionals may find a tablet adequate, it’s still incapable when you consider things like making a presentation, serious video editing and more.

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In my opinion, having just a tablet is only ideal if you only plan to just surf the internet, read ebooks, watch movies, play games and do some other basic things. If you’re the business type, getting a laptop is the better option.


In terms of performance, laptops beat tablets in every way. Most tablets are packed with 2GB RAM… you can’t compare this with a laptop having a 8GB RAM and a core i7 processor. Multitasking on tablets isn’t the same on desktops and you should consider the processing power before deciding to buy a tablet. Is it gonna be sufficient?


Obviously, a tablet is easier to carry around that a laptop. If you travel around a lot or constantly move from place to place, a tablet is a much better better option in this case. The size of the tablet is a big plus and the light weight is something worth considering.

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Battery Life

Generally, most laptop batteries only last for only about 3 or 4 hours but in the case of tablets, you can stay up to 12 hours on battery. This is one big advantage of tablets. For those constantly on the move, a tablet is much better because it can last the whole day without charging but for a laptop, you need to stay close to a source of power supply if you’ll be using your PC for a period of time.


Are you the careless type who always drop things? If you are, a tablet probably isn’t for you. Gadgets are bound to fall but it’s a known fact that laptops are a lot more durable than tabs. A cracked screen can render a tab useless.


How much scree size do you need? Would you rather stick to the smaller tablet screen or get a laptop with a 15-inch screen with nVidia graphics?

There are other things you should put into consideration. Tablets may be just the perfect need for some people but then, there are times when you need a stronger, bigger machine. So, which one are you actually gonna go for?

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    Hey Don! Nice to see this post! As I am confused while thinking which is better – laptops or tablets, your comparison will be of a great help! I think so one more topic to consider will be the price. Please include that in your post! Thanks!

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