Geek NG is a multi-author technology blog that focuses on tech news, reviews, tech tips & advices, DIY guides & how-to’s that make life easier. Our articles are written by real life geeks and seasoned authors who earn through our Adsense revenue sharing program which you can be a part of.

Geek NG (Geek Nigeria) is based in Nigeria and a property of Don Caprio Limited.

Our aim is to be the one-stop blog for geeks, writers and readers alike. Our main objective is to keep publishing great content that is worthy to be used as reference across the internet.

About the Company

Don Caprio Limited(RC 1125625) is a limited liability company incorporated on 2nd July, 2013. We specialize in web design and development and a portfolio containing diverse designs and attractive websites.

We also into web publishing and our other websites are listed below:

  1. Radio NG (a radio and news website)
  2. A Geek’s Tech Journal (a tech blog)
  3. Don Caprio Limited (official business website)

The Team

The main thing that keeps this site going is the contribution of our great authors who put some real effort in publishing awesome content. The site is managed by Wale Adekile who is the chief editor, other editors and of course, our writers.

The list will be updated soon. :)