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We at Geek.NG are always keen to work with new advertisers and companies to help you bring your product to our audience.

First, you should know you’re advertising on a leading technology blog here in Nigeria. We publish only quality content on this blog and in the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards, we emerged as the best Technology Blog in Nigeria.

We offer majorly two types of advertising:

1. Sponsored Posts:  in case you want to publish a press release, video content, advertorial or any other kind of sponsored post, please check the details on this page. The price and ll you need to know can be found on that psge.

2. Banner Advertising: We also offer banner advertising in various sizes and of course, our prices are flexible. For our fixed rates banner ads:

300×250: This ad appears on the sidebar in the uppermost position. It costs ₦10,000 per week.

300×600: This ad appears on the sidebar in the uppermost position. It costs ₦15,000 per week.

728×90: This ad appears below the header just before the content. It costs ₦20,000 per week.

If you prefer to pay per impression, we do this through OIO Ad Manager and you can get stats and accurate views you get on your ads. Please note that we may rotate you ads if you choose this option.

300×250: You pay only ₦500 ($2.5) for 1,000 views

300×600: You pay only ₦800 ($4) for 1,000 views

728×90: you pay only ₦1000($5) for 1,000 views

Please note that the minimum number of impressions you can purchase is 5,000. Also, you will be able to access a statistics page showing your ad performance.

For advertising offers, send an email to caprio(at)capriofiles(dot)com or use our contact page.

Normally, we should respond within 48 hours.