How To Stop Unwanted Facebook Notifications From Close Friends


It first looked cool and useful when it started out but when it got extremely out of hands, I had to do something. When Facebook introduced smart list, they made it very easy to group your friends according to their importance to you. It also makes it easier to keep track of their facebook activities as you get notified when they post an update or upload a new picture. The downside of the smart list is that you get tons of notifications that's of … [Read more...]

FindTheBest Solves The Internet Problem


If I am planning to spend a few hundred dollars on a tablet, laptop or smartphone, I want to be REALLY sure that’s it’s the best my money can buy. Thus, when I set out to buy one of these electronics, I do my homework with frustrated vigilance. I consult many of my friends and multiple websites, surf Google’s mess of search results and read tons of consumer reviews. It’s tedious and time consuming. I call this: The ‘Internet Problem’. … [Read more...]

Using Google Plus Profile For Blogger


You've definitely run some google searches and seen some blog author's google plus profile picture right beside search results, right? In a bid to make this work for my blog, I tried lots of stuffs out of which none of them worked. Just today, I logged in to blogger in draft just to see the upcoming blogger features and saw this option at the top right of the screen asking me to switch my blogger profile to google plus. It sounded good and I … [Read more...]

Adding A Chat Box / Shout Box To Blogger


Adding a chat box or shout box to your blog is just another way to make your blog more social. It makes you connect with your visitors even more and makes your blog engaging. A simple chatbox might make your blog visitor stay longer than normal. A chatbox / shoutbox can also serve as a guestbook where visitors can leave comments and suggestions easily without the need to create a separate page for that. If you have an entertainment blog, then you … [Read more...]

New Social Media Buttons For Blogger


Social networking is an important part of getting traffic that just can't be ignored and making it easier for your visitors to find you on their favorite social networks isn't such a bad idea. Apart from using nice share buttons, bookmarking your site on different social networks also serves as a way to alert your visitors each time you post an update. The icons here are of different sets and you can place them anywhere on your blog, linking them … [Read more...]

Using Custom Links In Facebook Status Updates And Wall Posts


The first time I saw a status update with a link underneath a custom text, I thought Facebook was already supporting HTML in status updates and wall posts. I tried writing some stuff in basic HTML but was rendered as plain text and realized it's all some sort of trick after all. Of course we all know you can tag people and mention pages in your status update or comment by typing @ before writing the name but it all gets even better if you can … [Read more...]

How To Find A Facebook User Or Page ID


These days, you're sometimes asked to provide your facebook user ID when filling some forms online and some of us don't even have a clue what this is. You might even need the profile ID of a page for certain reasons and this can be a real challenge especially if the profile in question already has a username. Since most facebook profiles now have vanity URLs, you can't get the profile ID just looking at the address bar, all you're gonna see is … [Read more...]