10 Tips to Drive Traffic Effectively to a New Blog

how to drive visitors to a new blog

It’s easy to start a blog but the hardest part of blogging is driving traffic effectively to that blog. Many new bloggers find it almost impossible to get visitors to read their stuffs, getting less than a hundred page views daily and abandoning their blog out of frustration. Without a meaningful traffic, a blog is almost as good as useless and that is this is one of the main reasons some blogs never get to see the light of the day. New bloggers … [Read more...]

How to Block Spam Mails Flooding Your Yahoomail / Gmail Inbox


Receiving close to a hundred messages within a couple of days can be very annoying. Spam mails can be so intrusive that you lose important emails in the large pool of spam mails in your inbox. There was a time I was having close to two thousand unread messages in my yahoo mail inbox but I hardly have those crazy messages anymore since I took some measures. Even with spam guard turned on in your gmail or yahoo mail settings, these unwanted bulk … [Read more...]

Inserting Google Adsense Ads in WordPress Mobile Version

how to insert google adsense into wordpress mobile version

When a huge percentage of your visitors are on mobile phones, you definitely need to optimize your site for mobile view to encourage them to keep visiting. Also, there's need to monetize your mobile traffic by inserting inmobi, admob, buzzcity or google adsense for mobile ads to make some extra income. There are several plugins to make your wordpress blog mobile which includes WordPress Mobile Pack but the one I prefer most is MobilePress. If you … [Read more...]

Moving Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress Without Losing Traffic And SEO

how to migrate, move, copy or export blog posts from blogger to wordpress

I haven't writen a blog post recently because I just moved from blogger to wordpress and going back to the post I wrote on choosing the better platform between blogger and wordpress, I made mention of moving over to wordpress someday but I didn't even know back then it would be so soon! Anyway, I did migrate and everything went smoothly, all my blog posts were successfully imported and there was absolutely no broken links. I was rather skeptical … [Read more...]

Get a Free Gaming System with a Phone Plan

Gaming systems are popular with many people not matter what their age. Right now one of Phones4U’s deals is to offer a free gaming system as a gift for signing up for specified phone plans with qualifying mobile phone models. Four different gaming systems are being offered as this free gift. They include the Playstation 3 Slim, Nintendo DS, Kinect starter pack and the Wii. Certain gaming systems come with specific phones.In order to receive a … [Read more...]

Adding Link Tree / Breadcrumb Navigation Above Blog Posts


Just to increase pageviews, a blog must be designed in such a way to keep visitors busy, letting them explore parts of your site that might remain undiscovered without a design based on easy navigation. Just like the related post widget and numbered page navigation, adding breadcrumb navigation ( also called link tree) is just another way to keep your visitors engaged and stay longer on your blog. In case you don't know what link tree means, it's … [Read more...]

How To Stop Unwanted Facebook Notifications From Close Friends


It first looked cool and useful when it started out but when it got extremely out of hands, I had to do something. When Facebook introduced smart list, they made it very easy to group your friends according to their importance to you. It also makes it easier to keep track of their facebook activities as you get notified when they post an update or upload a new picture. The downside of the smart list is that you get tons of notifications that's of … [Read more...]