Free WordPress Installation and Design with Free Genesis Theme Framework


I'm offering you a free service that normally costs between $100-$150 dollars. You heard me right, I will install your Wordpress blog for you free of charge and install a theme running on the popular Genesis theme framework. Genesis framework plus theme costs $60 and I normally charge $100 for … [Read more...]

How to Use Pwnage Tool for Windows (sn0wbreeze) to Build Custom iOS Firmware


If you've previously jailbroken your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad with iOS 4.2.1 and above and also upgraded your phone baseband to iPad baseband (6.15) you won't be able to revert back to stock firmware. The only reason you need to upgrade to iPad baseband is because iPhone baseband can't be carrier … [Read more...]

Tips to Optimize Articles for Search Engines And Human Readers


As an online publisher in whatsoever field, chances are that you have heard the saying that “content is king.” This simply means that if you want people to be “reading you,” you will have to invest your time in writing quality contents. When writing this “quality content,” search engines are of … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into A Pinterest Pinboard

Pinviewer get started

Pinterest is the awesome new social network that everybody and their cat has being talking about of recent. It is an image sharing site where users pin images to boards(known as pin boards). If you are one of those that are stuck on facebook and believe that's where there online world begins, then … [Read more...]

5 Things To Consider While Using Popups On Blogger And WordPress Blogs


Popups have over the years proven to be very efficient when it comes to getting email subscribers, giving out freebies and making sells on your business blogs. While popups can be helpful to your online resources, there are some things which you must put into consideration before or while using them … [Read more...]

How to Open / Merge / Join Files with .001, .002 File Extensions


The first time I download some split files with .001,.002 and .003 extensions, I was confused about what to do with them. I first thought they were split archives and renamed them to .rar but I got nothing but error extracting the content. I googled out solutions but none made sense till I ran … [Read more...]