Tips to Generate Content Ideas for Your Blog

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The most effective way to gain more followers and generate traffic for your blog is to keep it up-to-date. If you don’t post content on a regular basis, your blog may hibernate and cause you to lose precious followers. So before you start a blog, make sure that you are in a position to post content regularly. Even if you are able to blog frequently, it is sometimes difficult to come up with new content ideas. Here are a few pointers on how to … [Read more...]

Free Softwares to Lock & Hide Folders on Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Lock Folder

If your friends or siblings use you computer a great deal, you may have a coupe of files you wish to keep from their view. These may range from documents, movies and other personal stuffs. I wrote a post on how to hide your folders and files on Windows XP using a batch file but this doesn't work on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Most of the software available to do this on Windows 7 are not freewares but I came up with a couple of softwares that … [Read more...]

LonelyCatGames PhotoBook v2.25 S60v3 v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x Signed -Freeware


LCG PhotoBook is digital photo viewer for your smarthone. You can view images taken with your mobile phone, cell phone or downloaded from PC. LCG PhotoBook also has a photo uploader, Picasa uploader to update your Picasa web albums, Photobucket uploader and Flickr uploader. You can share your favorite images in social networks, upload pictures directly from cell phone to an existing photo album. You'll save time and effort because it's easy … [Read more...]

Top 7 Best Free Web Hosts with cPanel

best free web hosts

There are lots free web hosts out there but the way they go off the internet all of a sudden is rather alarming. Using just any free web host for your blog or site can be something you'll regret if you fail to choose wisely. My blog and web forum are hosted with hostgator which isn't free and I'll recommend it to anyone any day if you're into any serious business. I tried coming up with the list of top free web hosts that are reliable to some … [Read more...]

Using Custom Domain with X10hosting Free Web Hosting

how to use x10 free hosting with custom domain

I don't use free any free hosting service right now but sometimes in 2010, I was using X10hosting for a personal proxy server till they got my account suspended. It was easy to use your own custom domain then as you only need to change it from your dashboard. X10hosting happens to be one of the most reliable free webhosts in terms of stability and features. You are given a free cPanel and you have a wide range of tools at your fingertip including … [Read more...]

Adding Google Plus “Follow” & “Add to circles” Button / Badges to your Blog


The long awaited google plus badge has finally come but most bloggers and website owners are not even aware. Just like the facebook like box and twitter follow button, Google+ badge is just one of those widgets you must have on your blog to improve social interaction with your blog readers. If you've created a Google+ page for your blog, then you definitely need the "Follow" button and if you do not have a Google+ page ( like me :D ), a "Add to … [Read more...]