A Guaranteed Method to Hack all Nokia Symbian Phones Without Cert & Key File and without Flashing

hack nokia symbian

The post I'm about to make is as a result of research which emanates from existing symbain hacking methods and I so much fine tuned it that I have applied it on the following Nokia phones with success: Nokia N8, Nokia E5 Nokia E7, Nokia N95 and Nokia E65. From the aforementioned phones, you should know that I have covered all Nokia symbian operating systems. Now read carefully and you will see clearly where the slight but effective changes lie. … [Read more...]

Remove / Hide Old Facebook Posts from Timeline with your Android Smartphone

remove old posts on facebook timeline with your android phone

I've written a quite a number of posts on hiding or limiting Facebook timeline recently because I personally don't like it. There are certain things you might wish remain in the past where they belong but anyone can just go to your profile now and see what you've been doing on facebook since. Not that I have anything to hide, I just don't like it and I'm assuming you feel the same way, else, you won't be reading this post. It's not a wise idea … [Read more...]

Free Blogging Apps for your iPhone

free blogging applications for iPhone

Blogging has been growing in popularity, and now blogs are one of the most prevalent types of sites on the internet. Blogging lets anyone get online and say what they think, allowing them to share both their expertise and experience.As smartphones are ending up in the hands of more and more people worldwide, it seems that more people are looking to do anything they can from their mobile devices. This includes blogging. While you could blog from … [Read more...]

Hiding Or Removing Old Wall Posts From Facebook Timeline Automatically

how to hide old posts on facebook timeline 5

Update: This no longer works. There's a better way to do this and it's posted here.You've probably posted some rather silly updates way back in 2009 or took some photos you now consider ugly. There might be a lot of things in your past that's now revealed because of facebook timeline. Anyone can just scroll down through your life to know the type of person you were before they met you. Your ex might even have posted stuffs on your wall in the … [Read more...]

Commonly-Seen Problems When Adding Video to A Blog

common problems of video blogging

More and more often, bloggers are diversifying their blogs these days by adding video posts and by looking to incorporate other forms of streaming media. They do this in order to switch things up, make their blog more varied and sophisticated, and to better appeal to advertisers, many of whom see embedded video advertising as an important online marketing frontier.But many of these bloggers are too quickly making the jump into video blogging … [Read more...]

Dare to Go ‘Blue’ with Tablet PCs


If you need a small computer for business use or personal use, tablet PCs are the best choice you can make. The color blue is universally accepted as the perfect one for sophisticated business entrepreneurs whether it is in formal attire or business equipment. The many shades that you can find in this royal color make it suitable for both men and women. A blue tablet PC makes a style statement and enhances your professional appearance at meetings … [Read more...]

Adding a 3 Column Widget Area to any WordPress Theme’s Footer

how to add footer sidebars to wordpress theme's footer

Unlike the theme I was using on blogger, the theme I started with on this wordpress blog never came with a three column footer widget area and I needed it badly. Stacking all my widgets on both sidebars isn't the best practice: Your visitors reads through your post and what next? The comment box and then, footer credit? That's so boring :) Creating a three column widget are in your wordpress theme'sfooter makes your visitors explore your site a … [Read more...]