10 Tips to Fully Utilize and Optimize your Android Smartphone

10 tips to fully optimize and fully utilize your android smartphone

You don't necessarily have to wait till your android operating system crashes before learning the basic tips needed to keep it in good condition and there are certain features in your Android phone you might not be aware of. Maybe you've been using a different phone and just bought a new Android … [Read more...]

Retrieve Forgotten Memory Card Password on Nokia Symbian Phones

how to retrieve lost memory card password on symbian phones

We all make mistakes and forgetting your memory card password is not uncommon. With a locked memory card, you won't even be able to access your files even if you attach it to your computer with a card reader. However, if you're using a Nokia symbian phone, it's dead easy to retrieve your forgotten … [Read more...]

Editing a Web Page or Online Document to Create a Fake Screenshot

how to edit a website page or online document

By the time you've gone through this piece, you'll get to know how some internet marketers create fake screenshots to show their bogus earnings. And if you're just out to have fun, you can play around with this simple javascript. Did you know you can even this web page you're reading to your taste? … [Read more...]

How to Make Rage or Funny Faces on Facebook Chat / Messaging

make faces on facebook chat

I don't know whether to call this a hack or a hidden facebook feature but a reddit user posted this late last year and I kind of like it. Apart from those facebook smilies I wrote about here, you can make rage faces on facebook chat and messaging. These are little icons expressing facial … [Read more...]

Your Freedom Client Settings on Glo Nigeria (with OpenVPN)

free browsing settings with your freedom client on GLO nigeria

I've been using this tweak for almost a month now and it's definitely not new but I think posting it here would definitely be helpful if you haven't been using it. As with all free browsing tricks, there's a possibility that it may stop working soon and if you got here via google and the settings … [Read more...]

Switch Back from Timeline to Old Facebook Profile Layout Without Developer App

how to disable facebook timeline

I'm sure if Facebook takes a poll on whether people are comfortable with the timeline profile, up to fifty percent would love to have their old profile layout back. The last post I wrote on disabling timeline and getting back the old profile layout doesn't work anymore because in most cases, there's … [Read more...]