EXCLUSIVE: What We Know About The Upcoming Infinix Zero 2

infinix Zero 2

The rumor is confirmed and you should expect Infinix Zero 2 anytime soon. We had a chance to play around with the device a few days ago and it appears the few mistakes made with its predecessor, the Infinx Zero, have all been corrected.From a better battery with a much higer capacity to a faster … [Read more...]

Tecno Boom J7 Review: The Android Music Phone You Would Like

tecno boom j7 front view

We unboxed Tecno Boom J7 last week and the device was a one big surprise. Being the very first music phone from Tecno, we saw quite a lot of things we've never seen before on previous Tecno devices. From an awesome audio ouput to a totally re-engineered user interface, it's very obvious a  lot of … [Read more...]

Tecno Boom J7: Quick Specifications, Unboxing Video & Images

tecno boom j7

Tecno Boom J7 is yet another great product from Tecno Mobile and what makes it very different from previous devices is the fact that this is basically a music phone. No, don't compare this with Tecno Phantom Z in terms of technical specifications but from what I've seen so far, it's a sleek … [Read more...]

Improving User Experience on Your Ecommerce Website


On any ecommerce platform, the ultimate goal should be a great user experience as this can either increase conversion to the highest level possible or lead to a fatal loss. A good user experience goes beyond having a mobile version of your website, it involves taking into consideration every little … [Read more...]

Mortal Kombat X for Mobile Review: Not What We Expected

Mortal Kombat X fatality

Almost everyone was excited when it was announced that Mortal Kombat X was coming to mobile this April and we all looked forward to it. The much anticipated game was released for iOS yesterday and if you've been following the Mortal Kombat game releases over the years, be ready for a dose of … [Read more...]

How To Read Facebook Messages Without Messenger on Android

Facebook Messenger

When Facebook forced everyone to start using Messenger on their mobile devices, a lot of users complained but ended up using it anyway. People tried bypassing it using different methods but subsequent updates to the Facebook app patched up the loopholes.Also read: How to Read Facebook Messages … [Read more...]

Olashore Announces iPads in Classroom at Apple Summit

Derek Smith, Olashore's Principal

In its quest to be one of the most technologically advanced schools in Africa and prepare its students for the new competitive knowledge economy, Olashore International School is integrating technology fully into its curriculum and will soon introduce Apple iPads in all the classrooms as part of the … [Read more...]