Guaranteed Method to Change Your MTK Android Device IMEI Number


If you've been struggling to change your Android device IMEI number without success, chances are that you would've tried Mobileuncle, Terminal emulator and other similar tools. As you've probably noticed already, these tools may not work for every MTK device. I was in a similar situation till I had to get this done on a PC using a software program called MTK Droid Tools v2.5.3.Disclaimer: Please note that this will definitely void your … [Read more...]

How to Root Tecno Phantom Z Mini

phantom z mini

Tecno Phantom Z was easily rooted using KingRoot but it wasn't the case for Tecno Phantom Z Mini. KingRoot didn't work, neither did Framaroot. You need a PC to get this done.If you absolutely have no idea why you need to root your phone, it’s advisable not to do it at all.Rooting your device has a lot of advantages and at the same time, there are risks involved. To know what rooting means, the benefits and risks involved, you can check … [Read more...]

Tecno Phantom Z Mini Hands-On Review: Smart & Stylish

tecno phantom z mini

The Tecno Phantom Z being a quality product may be a bit pricey for some people but if you still want to experience more for a lesser price, the new Tecno Phantom Z Mini is made just for you. I've been using this device for close to a week and I must confess I love it. I've used the original Phantom Z but there are things about this miniature version of that device you just gotta love.The first attraction is the beautiful physical … [Read more...]

Tecno Phantom Z Mini Unboxing Video & Images

tecno phantom z mini 7

Just when we thought Tecno had released the last product for the year, it came as a surprise when Tecno Phantom Z Mini was announced late last year. If you think this is a low-end version of the last flagship product, you should think again. Tecno Phantom Z Mini isn't just another "small" device. As a mater of fact, it's another impressive flagship product from Tecno Mobile.Personally, I kinda like the build compared to Tecno Phantom Z just … [Read more...]

Working with Computers Smartphones: 26 Health and Safety Tips We Should Never Ignore

health and safety while using computers and smartphones

They have come to stay with us. We use them virtually wherever we are: whether behind the wheels, while strolling on the sidewalk, while eating, at work or even in the john. The blinking screens, the notifications & updates from social networks, the HD cameras, and the clicks of keypads excites us like the way a hypodermic needle excites a junkie. They've come to make life easier and hence became part of our daily lives. Now, we feel we can't … [Read more...]

How to Root Infinix Hot (X507)


If you're still contemplating on buying the new Infinix Hot, we did a full review on the budget phone and you can read all about it here. I tried a couple of one-click root apps on the device but wasn't able to get it done. Framaroot never worked, neither Kingroot.However, I was able to root the device easily using iRoot (formerly vRoot). You need a PC to get this done.Tools needed:vRoot PDANet+ a good USB cableSteps to root … [Read more...]

Infinix Hot Hands On Review: The Best Budget Phone Right Now

infinix hot

A couple of weeks back, Infinix released a budget phone that got people talking; that's the Infinix Hot. We took a quick look at the device last week and you can read all about that here. Having used the phone for over a week now, I think it's about time to do the full review.Infinix Hot is a budget phone and shouldn't be compared with high-end devices. Despite being a low-end Android device, it's surprising to see the device offering … [Read more...]