So, I installed iOS 9 Beta 1 on my Old, Rusty iPhone 4s…

Updating iPhone 4s to iOS 9

It came as a surprise when Apple announced that iPhone 4s would be getting an iOS 9 upgrade which was against earlier speculations. It was already assumed that just like iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the rest devices that got dropped from getting updates at certain points in time, the iPhone 4s wasn't … [Read more...]

How to Install iOS 9 Public Beta 1 on Your iPhone / iPad

iOS 9

For the first time, anyone can install an Apple beta software upgrade without being a developer. In the past, only developers have access to beta iOS upgrades but right now, there's a public beta for iOS 9 you might want to try out. Although this upgrade is out for anyone to install, it … [Read more...]

Konga Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary With Insane Discounts on Products

konga logo

From a company that started with only two product categories to what can be described as one of the biggest online shopping malls in Nigeria today, it is clear Konga has indeed made a lot of progress over the last few years. It's Konga's third year in Nigeria and the ecommerce giant is celebrating … [Read more...]

Innjoo’s Lagos Office at Trinity Mall, Ikeja has been Shut Down by NCC

Innjoo Office (Innjoo Home) located at Trinity Mall, Ikeja

According to reports reaching us, Innjoo's Lagos office (Innjoo Home) has been shut down by Nigerian Communications Commision due to the company selling phones that are not "NCC type approved." It was said that the raid happened last weekend and Innjoo office at Trinity Mall Ikeja is presently under … [Read more...]

How to Root Innjoo Note Pro

A rooted Innjoo Note Pro

We've covered why you should root your phone on different posts and it would be redundant explaining it all over again in this article. For reference, please check this posts: Rooting your Android Phone – What it Means and Why it should be Done Disclaimer: Please note that you’re doing this … [Read more...]

Big Challenges Of an Average Affiliate Caused by Ecommerce Sites


For those of us who are affiliates, affiliate-partners or marketers, trying to make sales and get commissions is your primary goal right? And while trying to fulfill this goal, the ecommerce sites running the affiliate program are also profiting from that sales you are making for them. To cut the … [Read more...]

Some Facts About Visa Learned from Tech Bloggers Roundtable Meeting

visa logo

Unless one knows exactly what VisaNet is all about or you've had someone explain to you how things work, an average person probably has no idea how huge the technology behind card transactions could be. While most of us are conscious about our ATM card security, things are happening behind the … [Read more...]