MTN iPulse Relaunches: Lowest Data and Calls within Nigerian Campuses [Press Release]

mtn ipulse

With the increasing desire among youth, especially students in Nigeria tertiary institutions, to have access to faster and affordable connectivity, through voice and data services, MTN has repackaged its iPulse offering to match the popular yearnings among the population. This is seen as an improvement of the Pulse introduced a couple of years ago as it gives special priority to ‘iPulse Zones’, in other words, all campuses in … [Read more...]

Android Viruses: How Your Device can Be Infected & Protected Against Them

android malware

Android Viruses isn't a topic which many people discuss in my locality but there has really been complaints which some people I had met were not even able to describe. Picking up their devices I discovered they had been attacked by one form of virus or the other, that's why I had to bring us this walk-through.Around October 2013, Viruses were released which affected some users of the Operating System.  Well, these mostly included  … [Read more...]

Changing Your WordPress Domain Name Without Losing Traffic

move wordpress files

Earlier this year, I decided to changed this site's domain name from to what it is right now. I successfully did this without losing traffic and all the link juice on the former site was transferred to the new domain. There was no significant drop in traffic since I made sure the 301 redirect worked perfectly and I did notify Google about the change in address.Instead of explaining how I did it (since I do receive messages on … [Read more...]

#QuickTip: How to Increase VLC Player Volume to 200% or 300%


One of the things I loved about VLC player before version 2.1.1 was the ability to raise the volume up to 200%. Watching a movie in a noisy room without a headset can be frustrating, but with VLC player volume raised way above the normal level, the loudness makes it easier. For reasons best known Video LAN Organization, they decided to remove this feature and dropped the maximum volume to 125% right from version 2.1.1.A lot of people … [Read more...]

How to Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview Right Now

windows 10

Can't wait till next year to get Windows 10? You can be one of the first to experience the exciting new features in Microsoft's latest operating system by installing the technical preview that's already available for download officially. Before going any further, you might want to see the new features to expect by checking our previous article or simply watch this video featuring Joe Belfiore presenting the … [Read more...]

Windows 10: New Features, Technical Preview & Release Date

windows 10

Windows 9 was what everyone expected it to be named but yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its latest operating system, Windows 10. An operating system labelled the "most comprehensive platform, ever," it did came with a few surprises and a lot of Windows users already think it'll be way better than Windows 8.Judging from what we've seen do far, this OS will be received better than it's predecessor, Windows 8. Windows 10 feels more like … [Read more...]

Infinix Zero: Review, Features, Specifications & Price in Nigeria


Right now, Infinix Zero appears to be the best and most affordable mid-range smartphone in Nigeria given the great technical specifications, premium build and the surprisingly low price. The device was unveiled last month and so far, it has received a very warm welcome.Variants It's important to first let you know that there are two different variants of this device though the technical specifications are almost the same except for the … [Read more...]