#GeekHumor: Apple iPhone 6 Funny Tweets & Memes #Bendgate

samsung Note 3 vs iphone 6 plus

Earlier this week, the internet responded hilariously when cases of bent iPhones were reported. It was said that these phones bent as a result of users putting them in their back pockets and actually sitting on them. However, Apple released a statement yesterday saying the phones would never bend with normal use and so far, only 9 cases of bent iPhone 6 were recorded out of millions of devices sold already.According to Apple's head of … [Read more...]

Would You Have Really Paid to Use Facebook?

pay to use facebook

Earlier this week, a report was being spread on the internet claiming Facebook will start charging from the 1st of November. It was said that a monthly fee of $2.99 will be paid by every Faceook user and a lot of people believed it was crazy. While majority of Facebook users condemned the alleged plan by Facebook to start charging its users  and argued why they would never pay to use Facebook, others confess they would gladly pay the amount to … [Read more...]

Block Websites on Google Chrome Browser Without Firewall


We all know Google Chrome is no doubt the best browser for surfing the web and with the host of extensions you can get from the Chrome Store, the browser's functionality can be extended greatly, making it the most versatile browser ever.  I'll be showing you how to block websites on your Google Chrome browser without touching your firewall settings. Though this might not be new to some people, it's still alien to some.There are lot of reasons … [Read more...]

Video: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Go Through Drop Test

iphone 6 drop test

Apart from great technical specifications, one of the things most people consider when buying a smartphone is durability-- ability to withstand accidental physical abuses. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale officially today in some parts of the world and surprisingly, we're seeing drop tests already. A Youtube user named PhoneBuff uploaded a video showing how strong the phones are.As predicted by a number of people, the iPhone 6 appears … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Proves Once Again Why Apple Is The Brand To Beat

iphone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Yes, this is another Apple vs Android article and yes there will be plenty more.A lot of people think Apple is no longer delivering the best smartphones in the market and they are just riding on popularity and a very loyal customer base. Apple announced its iPhone 6 and added two new products to its line; iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch. As usual many android users, manufacturers included jumped on their smartphones (Thank you apple) and started … [Read more...]

Top 10 Cheapest Android Phones in Nigeria Below ₦15,000

imose q2

In a market flooded with all sorts of mobile devices, making a choice can be a major headache. If you're facing a budget constraint, it gets harder getting that smartphone you really want. There are different Android devices in the market and like you probably know already, the best ones don't come cheap. You should be ready to cough out a very large amount to get a high-end smartphone with impressive specifications from a trusted brand like HTC … [Read more...]