#DeepDream: The Monstrous, Hallucinatory Dreams Machines Have


A few days ago, Google released the code for Deep Dream to the public and as we speak it's on GitHub. Eerily insane pictures with scary eyes started flying across the internet with the #DeepDream hashtag. The pictures may look like images from a drug induced hallucination and at times, … [Read more...]

How I Almost Got Hacked Due to an Awful Browser Setting

email security

I always thought I was too careful to get hacked but something happened last week that showed what I believed was just an illusion. You can never be always careful and the simple fact is that anyone can get hacked. I almost lost my primary email address due to phishing. Okay, I know it sounds dumb. … [Read more...]

ProfilePress Review: The Ultimate WordPress User Management Plugin

Edited Smiley profile theme

I prefer to keep things the way they are on this website as long as they're working and I'm satisfied. However, I thought I would experiment with this new user management plugin for a few days before writing a review and I decided to stick with it. ProfilePress is a new Wordpress user management … [Read more...]

How To Get Google Adsense Approval in 2015


You will agree with me that Google Adsense is the highest paying advertising network and the most common way for bloggers to make money online, but getting your Adsense application approved is not easy. Many bloggers get fed up and stop applying for adsense after several disapprovals. The truth … [Read more...]

Press Release: Yezz Mobile Enters The Nigerian Mobile Market

Yezz Billy 4.7

Yezz Mobile was designed and birthed in Miami USA five years ago and has experienced tremendous success in the Latin American markets over the last few years. This success has led the US based company Yezz to expand its distribution footprint into Europe and also Africa, a key growth focus region … [Read more...]

Tecno Phantom Z: An Accidental Drop Test

Tecno Phantom Z with parts of the screen chipped off

Tecno Phantom Z was reviewed on this blog last year and if you missed it, you can still check the full review of the device here. It's been a great device and till date, I can say its the best thing from Tecno Mobile I've laid my hands on. I hope you weren't expecting a video showing me … [Read more...]

Start your Blog With This ₦93/Month Hosting Offer From DomainKing


Planning on starting your website or blog without draining your wallet? You should definitely go for this awesome offer from DomainKing. For a limited period of time, you can get up to 30% off on all hosting plans if you take advantage of this offer. DomainKing has been helping a lot of … [Read more...]