Tecno Phantom Z Hands-On Review

tecno phantom z

It took a while but we finally got the review copy of the Tecno Phantom Z, a device that has actually changed the way a lot of us perceive Tecno Mobile as a company. Till date, Tecno Mobile has produced nothing like the Tecno Phantom Z (Tecno A7), even the last flagship product can't be compared to this awesome device. I've been using this device for almost a week now and I'm impressed; I'm highly¬† impressed. The performance is as good as … [Read more...]

How to Install Cydia After iOS 8.x Pangu Jailbreak


If you followed our guide here on iOS 8 jailbreak, you're probably looking for a way to install Cydia. You can SSH the .deb file to your device and this post explains how to do it step by step.1. Open Pangu app.2. Select OpenSSH and install3. Select Manager and update Pangu (if there's an available update) then reboot your device.4. Download the latest Cydia .deb file from here and the cydia-Iproj file from here.5. Download and … [Read more...]

How to Jailbreak iPhone/iPad/iPod on iOS 8.1 With Pangu

pangu jailbreak

Recently, the same Chinese Pangu team that released iOS 7.1.x jailbreak announced the breakthrough a lot if iPhone users have been waiting for. iOS 8 has been jailbroken but for now, this jailbreak doesn't include Cydia. However, Saurik has updated Cydia for iOS 8 and it remains for the Pangu team to include it in the next Pangu8 update.Before you upgrade to iOS 8 and jailbreak your device, you should note the following:1. Your iOS 8 or 8.1 … [Read more...]

Direct Download Links for iPhone Firware Files (IPSW)


Below are direct download links to download the latest and old iOS firmware files. iPhone 6 Plus8.1 (12B411) iPhone7,1_8.1_12B411_Restore.ipsw 8.0.2 (12A405) iPhone7,1_8.0.2_12A405_Restore.ipsw 8.0 (12A366) iPhone7,1_8.0_12A366_Restore.ipswiPhone 68.1 (12B411) iPhone7,2_8.1_12B411_Restore.ipsw 8.0.2 (12A405) iPhone7,2_8.0.2_12A405_Restore.ipsw 8.0 (12A365) iPhone7,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipswiPhone 5S (Global)8.1 … [Read more...]

AnyTrans Review: The Best iOS Content Manager


The default Apple's solution for your iOS device management is crippled in quite a lot of ways. iTunes works quite okay if you're not very adventurous but performing tasks like navigating through your file system, transferring device content to PC can be a real headache.Transferring some selected content without syncing from someone else's iPhone to yours is almost impossible through iTunes but AnyTrans 4, a solution from iMobie, can be … [Read more...]

Google PageRank: We May Never See Another Update


It's almost a year since Google last updated PageRank toolbar and this has been a much discussed topic. Webmasters who started their websites after the last update have been waiting for an update and those whose ranking dropped last December too have been looking forward to an update that's very unlikely to happen.In October 2013, Matt Cutts announced that there would be no more update for the year but surprisingly, PageRank was updated two … [Read more...]

How to Create a Bootable Flash Drive to Install Windows


We recently wrote an article explaining how to install Windows 10 Technical preview and made mention of how you can easily do this from a pen drive. Following the article, we received a question from a user asking how to create a bootable flash drive, not from an ISO file this time, but from a Windows OS disc.This may be needed if you have a netbook with no DVD-ROM or the DVD-ROM on your notebook is damaged already. You can always get … [Read more...]