How to Change Your HTC IMEI in Detailed Steps

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A similar tutorial was published here a while ago about changing your MTK device's IMEI but that method can't be applied to other smartphones. The method explained in this article was actually carried out on an HTC One X with a custom recovery, an unlocked bootloader and running CyanogenMod. In … [Read more...]

7 Features An Average Nigerian Looks Out For In a Smartphone

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A few years after Chinese OEMs started focusing on the Nigerian smartphone market--ending the Blackberry era and ushering in the Android revolution--things have really changed and Nigeria can now boast to be the largest mobile market in Africa. Just after Tecno Mobile revolutionized its business and … [Read more...]

Infographic: Comparision Between iOS, Android & Windows

windows vs iOS vs android

As long as the people still use these different mobile operating systems, this topic will continue to gain attention from enthusiasts and geeks alike. It has gotten to the stage where arguments ensue and sides are taken to defend individuals' choice of mobile OS. Comparing Windows, iOS and … [Read more...]

Injoo One HD Full Specifications


Innjoo is set to launch a new flagship device later this week and we got the review copy last week. Innjoo One is indeed a beautifully designed device, slim and yet sturdy. The full review will be published later this week but you can take a look at the full specifications … [Read more...]

Guaranteed Method to Change Your MTK Android Device IMEI Number


If you've been struggling to change your Android device IMEI number without success, chances are that you would've tried Mobileuncle, Terminal emulator and other similar tools. As you've probably noticed already, these tools may not work for every MTK device. I was in a similar situation till I had … [Read more...]

How to Root Tecno Phantom Z Mini

phantom z mini

Tecno Phantom Z was easily rooted using KingRoot but it wasn't the case for Tecno Phantom Z Mini. KingRoot didn't work, neither did Framaroot. You need a PC to get this done. If you absolutely have no idea why you need to root your phone, it’s advisable not to do it at all. Rooting your device … [Read more...]

Tecno Phantom Z Mini Hands-On Review: Smart & Stylish

tecno phantom z mini

The Tecno Phantom Z being a quality product may be a bit pricey for some people but if you still want to experience more for a lesser price, the new Tecno Phantom Z Mini is made just for you. I've been using this device for close to a week and I must confess I love it. I've used the original Phantom … [Read more...]