Infinix Zero: Review, Features, Specifications & Price in Nigeria


Right now, Infinix Zero appears to be the best and most affordable mid-range smartphone in Nigeria given the great technical specifications, premium build and the surprisingly low price. The device was unveiled last month and so far, it has received a very warm welcome.Variants It's important to first let you know that there are two different variants of this device though the technical specifications are almost the same except for the … [Read more...]

Google Reveals First Cheap Android One Smartphones

micromax canvas A1

In June at Google I/O conference, a senior vice-president at Google, Sundar Punchai, introduced Google's Android One program. This is a new set of rules or reference that device manufacturers are expected to follow to create low-cost Android devices. There are low cost Android devicesin the market already but with this initiative, Google is doing all the logistics, ensuring the produced devices run Google's software smoothly.The … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now

htc one m8

Need a smartphone and confused with the number of crazy devices all over the market? We try as much as possible to list the top 10 smartphones you can buy right now in this article. The most popular devices are mostly powered by the Android operating system and but this doesn't make iOS or Windows negligible in any way. These usually cost a bit more than you might budget for but for that functionality and processing power, you are carrying a … [Read more...]

Android Security Tips: Keeping Your Android Device Safe

android security

There is no debating that the Android operating system is the one of best in the world of smartphones and as with any software, it is susceptible to harm. You need to ensure a lot of protection on your android device and with the following steps you can ensure that nothing unforeseen happens to your device.Unless you know exactly what you're doing and you're absolutely willing to take the risk, the tips mentioned below should be strictly … [Read more...]

How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat on HTC One X

htc one x android 4.4 kitkat

Earlier this year, HTC announced there won't be a Kitkat update for HTC One X. It appears Android 4.2.2 Jellybean is the last update HTC One X will be seeing officially but if you're not satisfied with this, you have the option to install an unofficial version of ANdroid 4.4 Kitkat using Cyanogenmod custom ROM as explained in this tutorial.Please note that I performed this on an HTC One X (Int'l version) with stock and unrooted Android 4.2.2. … [Read more...]

MTN Nigeria Set to Launch an Affordable Android Smartphone

MTN S620 android phone

Leading mobile network operator, MTN, is set to launch its first branded Android device by July though the launch date is unconfirmed. It is confirmed that Sm@rt Mini S620 will run on Android 4.2 Jellybean wand sport a 3.5” HVGA LCD display. Here is what the device looks like:The phone will sell at approximately $50 (8000 NGN),a retail price that can best be described as affordable. This device has a 4GB internal memory with a RAM of 512MB. … [Read more...]